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Thursday, August 18, 2016

Throwback Thursday: Stupid Things I did in College that I would Never do Now

Well guys, colleges will be back in session soon. Ohio State classes start on Tuesday. Harding classes start on Monday. Sigh. I miss college. I've been feeling really nostalgic lately for some reason so I thought I'd take this opportunity on Throwback Thursday to reminisc a little.
Here are some things I did in college that I would never do now that I've graduated and matured.
  • Eat Taco Bell every day. Wait I still do that.
  • Play Pokemon Go. Ok I didn't do this in college because it didn't exist. And because I didn't have a smart phone. But I totally would have. But it doesn't belong on this list either because I do it now.
  • Stay up super late for no good reason. Yeah I still do this too.
  • Eat Raman Noodles when I'm too lazy to leave the apartment and get food. Still happens.
  • Binge watch Netflix when I'm procrastinating. Still on an almost daily basis.
  • Never have time to read for fun. It's still a problem and it's still so sad.
  • See a movie premier at midnight on a school/work night. Marvel, Harry Potter. The Hunger Games. Yep.
  • Stay up late talking to Pearson on the phone after spending all day with him and having to leave each other at curfew. This actually doesn't happen anymore. Instead we stay up late talking in person in our apartment. It's an improvement.
  • Stay up late just laughing and talking with my roommates. This doesn't happen anymore because I live far away form my roommates. :(
Ok so I actually still do most of these things. Oops. The difference is, I don't do them as often anymore and I don't live with all my closest friends. And the consequences are a little more severe because a) my body is older and can't handle some of these things as well as before and b) I have a job and more responsibilities now. Sigh.

I really don't know why I've been so nostalgic lately. I mean, yeah people are going back to school right now but they do that every year and I haven't been this sad about it since the first year after graduation. I talked to my brother on the phone last night for almost 2 hours and most of that conversation was about college. The good old days.

Anyway, enough of my rambling. Here are some Throwback Thrusaday pictures for your enjoyment. Sorry some of them are blurry. Our cameras were old. Some I even took with my iPod Touch.
SprIng Sing
Pledge Week Roll Call
Pledge Week Messy Night
Famous Couples Function. We went as a HP group. Left to right: Ginny, Harry, Nevil, Luna, Ron, Hermione
On one of our many hikes
Rough Night
Another hike
A ChiO's Formal
Another ChiO's Formal
All the friends who stayed to watch me graduate
My family in front of the science building at graduation.

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