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Friday, September 30, 2016

What I Read in September

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Hey guys! It's the last day of September. Can you believe it? Tomorrow starts my favorite month! At the beginning of this month I talked about my reading plan for the rest of the year and how I really want to buckle down and meet my resolution to read 17 books this year with 7 of them being non-fiction. As part of that buckling down, I'm going to start recapping what I read each month at the end of the month with mini book reviews.

So lets see what I read this month, shall we?

Reshaping it All by Candace Cameron Bure

Technically I read this one in the last week of August, but I wanted to include it because it was so life-changing! I may talk more about it in a later post when I talk about my fitness journey. I'm making slow progress so be looking for a few posts in the next few months.

But anyway, back to the book. As I said basically, this book changed my life. I've been looking at food the wrong way all my life. It's either my best friend and my comfort or my worst enemy. But food shouldn't be either of those things. It's purpose is to fuel your body. Candace talks about eating until you're satisfied but not over stuffed or even "full." She talks about eating foods that fuel your body and making the right decisions. She talks about being active. But she doesn't push a strict diet or exercise program. It's a lifestyle.

One of my favorite aspects of her book is the religious side, where she talks about turning to God instead of food and leaning on him to help you change your lifestyle. Another favorite aspect is the grace aspect. One of the biggest things I struggle with when I'm trying to be healthy is getting down on myself and giving up after I make a mistake. But Candace emphasized giving yourself grace, forgetting about yesterday, and keeping it up.

And lastly, one of my favorite quotes from the book is "Belief in oneself can carry a man to the top of a mountain. Belief in God can move that mountain aside." It's so true. I think many of us fail at our goals because, at least on a subconscious level, we don't truly believe we can succeed. And even more of us fail because we don't believe in God or at least we don't truly believe we can do anything through Him and with His help.

To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee

I decided to read this one again before finally getting to the "new' (it's been out for over a year now) novel by Lee, Go Set a Watchman. It's been a long time since I was forced to read TKAM in school. I remember liking the book a lot. And I remember being baffled by the treatment of blacks. But I didn't remember just how bad it was. I cried at times. I got really angry at times. And I realized that we have come a long way even though we still have a long way to go. Our court system is still very flawed. And racism is still a major problem.

Atticus is my hero. And so is Miss Maudie. I'm a little hesitant to read GSAW now because I've heard that it paints Atticus in a very negative light and that he's not the hero we all knew. I admire and respect the character now and I don't want that to change. But, of course, I'll read it. Because, duh.

Boundaries in Marriage by Dr. Henry Cloud & Dr. John Townsend

I didn't actually finish this one but since I'm doing an entire review next month as a collaboration with Amberly, I thought I'd include it in this month's "What I Read" post. Before reading this book, all I thought "boundaries in marriage" meant was setting strict rules like "you can't go out to lunch one on one with a co-worker of the opposite sex." which didn't set well with me. Especially when I was working from home. Then it felt like I was just being a jerk and putting all these rules on Pearson because I didn't trust him.

However, that's not exactly what the book is saying. In fact, the first chapter explains that the book was written with the purpose of setting boundaries in a marriage so that one partner doesn't dominate the other. That I can certainly get on board with. It's not about fixing or punishing your mate. It's about taking responsibility for your own feelings and actions. Boundaries help us to see where both our countrol and our spouse's control begin and end.

I'm excited to continue reading Boundaries in Marriage next month and to explore it with Amberly on the blog.

I'm also looking forward to reading Go Set a Watchman in October as well as a fun, spooky Halloween-y book!

What did you read this month? Have anything to recommend?
Thanks for reading!

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Thursday, September 29, 2016

Thankful Thursday: Fall

You guys! September is almost over and Fall is here! I know I sound basic when I say this, but I don't care... I LOVE FALL!!! And that is no secret here on the blog. In fact, here are just some of my fall posts on this blog for your reading pleasure...
I love the cooler weather, football, boots, sweaters, scarves, leaves, pumpkins, apples, bonfires, Halloween, everything. I'm so much happier in the fall. The season points us to the holidays. It's the sign of a year winding down. The crisp morning air feels so fresh and clean. It gives me the feeling of new life. Which is ironic because it's really when everything starts to die. 

So I dare you to try to argue with me that any other season is better. It's just not true. Of course, I kid. Sort of. But anyway, that is what I'm thankful for this month. Fall. Or autumn if you're fancy.

What are you thankful for this month? Link up below!
Thanks for reading!


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Friday, September 23, 2016

Date Swap with Amberly of A Prioritized Marriage

Back in May, Amberly of A Prioritized Marriage and I swapped blogs to talk about a marriage topic we had been discussing. We did the same thing again in at the beginning of July and decided to commit to a monthly collaboration of some sort. I was and am super excited about this because I consider Amberly one of my best blog-friends and we have a lot of the same views about marriage. And we co-administrate a wonderful "Wife Support" group on Facebook. You should totally join!

Anyway, we decided for our collaboration in August we would swap dates. I would pack up all the supplies and instructions for a summer themed date night and send it to her and she would do the same for me. Well, her little one, Emmy, decided to make a surprise appearance at 32 weeks gestation and threw everyone for a loop! Needless to say, we postponed that collaboration for a month and that's what I bring you today! Make sure you head over to Amberly's blog to read about the date I planned for her too!
When I got the box from Amberly in the mail, I was so excited and I was even more excited when I opened it to find the cutest little skillets and sidewalk chalk! 

Amberly's first instructions were to make dinner (or lunch). She suggested grilling kabobs with barbecue sauce. That sounded delicious! But since I never know Pearson's schedule very far in advance I wasn't sure when we'd be able to do this date. So on the day we decided to have the date, we were pretty hungry and didn't want to put the kabobs together. Also, I didn't have all the ingredients. So we grilled burgers instead. I still want to try the kabobs sometime though.

While our burgers were cooking, we played with the chalk. This may have been my favorite part of the date!
Of course Pearson drew DNA. And I wrote my typical I <3 PTM. I never grew out of that.
I also drew stick figures of us.
And Person drew that weird pointy S thing from middle school for good measure.
After we ate our delicious burgers, we started on our dessert. Okay, maybe this was my favorite part of the date! We made skillet cookies on the grill! Amberly suggested making the cookie dough but she's more patient and better in the kitchen than me. I bought a tube of chocolate chip cookie dough. Okay maybe it's just that I'm lazy. Anyway, we also ate some of the cookie dough raw while these were cooking.
We pressed a cookie-size amount of dough in each skillet and put them on the top rack of the grill for about 10 minutes. You can read about these skillet cookies in more detail here along with the hot fudge recipe Amberly included in this box!
They came out looking absolutely delicious and they tasted just as amazing as they looked!
We let them cool a bit and then topped them with ice cream and chocolate sauce. We enjoyed the delicious dessert on the patio before going in to finish out date.
The last activity Amberly planned for us was a game of Golf! I've heard of this game but never played so I was excited to give it a try. Pearson is not really a fan of card games but he actually really liked this game. I love that it's easily played with two people (not true of most card games) and there is some strategy involved but not a whole lot.
I tried to be a good blogger and play on the coffee table so that I would have some natural light to take pictures. But I didn't think about the fact that the table is clear and I also didn't think to move stuff more out of the way than I did. Oops. #BloggerFail
Anyway, it was such a fun date and I was very impressed with what Amberly put together for us! We already have a fun collaboration planned for next month but I think we might swap dates again in November!

Have you ever made skillet cookies or played the card game Golf? Have you ever swapped dates with someone like this? I thought it was a great idea!
Thanks for reading and don't forget to head over to Amberly's blog and see the date I planned for her!

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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Favorite Fall Must Haves

This post contains affiliate links. All opinions are my own.

You guys. Fall officially starts tomorrow and I couldn't be more excited! Last year, I shared my fall wish list with you guys and it was consisted of mostly Zulily products (if you're not on Zulily, you should be - sign up here). This year, my list will be mostly Amazon products with one Dating Divas product that I'm super excited about! You're going to love it!

So lets get to it, shall we?

ONE || Fall/Halloween Coffee Mugs

I'm loving this Wicked one. The back says "Don't make me call the flying monkeys!" Perfect! Also, isn't this fall themed mug so cute? I'm so ready for warm drinks to become the norm again. Don't you just love curling up with a good book and cup of coffee or hot coco?

TWO || Halloween T-Shirt

It's no secret that Halloween is my favorite holiday. I have a couple halloween t-shirts but they're old and stained. I need some new ones and this Hocus Pocus one is perfect. Also, Elphaba is my favorite so I have to have the Flying Monkeys shirt!

THREE || Fall Nail Polish

These autumn OPI colors are beautiful! I love switching to dark, rich colors in the fall.

FOUR || Combat Boots

I've been eyeing booties with crochet details for a couple years now. I don't know what it is about them. Maybe it's the masculine boots with feminine details. Whatever it is, aren't these super cute?

The biggest sale on the favorite fall must-haves!

FIVE || The Dating Diva's Fall Bundle

What if I told you that The Dating Divas teamed up with 20+ other extremely talented designers to create the ULTIMATE fall bundle with ALL of our fall must-haves?! ANNND that we're totally hooking you up with a crazy, killer not-gonna-believe-this type of deal?!

Yep, that's right! They've gathered over 350 pages of printables for you, put them all in a fun bundle, aaaaand slashed the price! But you'll have to act fact because this is for three days only!

This is a 3-Day sale, but the price goes up a little each day. So, you can snag the whole bundle (a $200 value) for ONLY $15 today! but the price is going up tomorrow! Here's the breakdown...

Buy on the 21st for only $15
Buy on the 22nd for only $18
Buy on the 23rd for only $20

CLICK HERE to learn more (and see everything that's included) and take advantage of this deal!
The biggest sale on the favorite fall must-haves!

What are your must haves for fall? I wanna know what you gotta have!
Thanks for reading!

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