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Wednesday, September 7, 2016

5 Tips for Handling Finances as a Married Couple

Recently, Pearson and I have both been spending too much. I revamped our budget this month to help us head into the holidays. But one thing that's really bothering me is the fact that we "never have enough to give much." Then I read this article and I was so convicted (btw, I love reading the blog tolovehonorandvacuum.com. It's a great marriage blog).

I thought Sheila explained the concept of how God "blesses" those who give really well. And it made me want to revamp our budget again and give a lot more. But it's tough. We've been way over spending the last few months and I took a pay cut with my new job. Maybe I shouldn't be telling you all this but I don't care. I like to be pretty open on my blog.

So where am I going with all this? Well, as I revamped our budget and talked to Pearson through the whole process, I came up with a few tips for other couples either struggling with money issues or who just want to take control of their finances as a couple.

I don't know if you remember, but back in November I conducted a couple surveys here on the blog. One about the blog in general and one specifically about marriage (I would love if you would take the marriage one if you didn't back in November). The "biggest struggle" that most people listed in their marriage was some form of balancing time together. But the second most popular answer to that question was some form of financial difficulties.

Finances can put a strain on your marriage. That's no secret. So let's work together to try to prevent some stress and heartache, shall we?

5 Tips for Handling Finances as a Married Couple

  • Before anything else, you both need to change your priorities and consider God's intention for you. If you're looking at money in a selfish way, then you'll always be frustrated with it. There will never be enough. But if you look at money with the attitude of "how can I use this to bless others and do God's work." Things will be much different.
  • Sit down together regularly and work on your budget. Work together to prioritize where you want to put your money. Make goals (individual goals and as a couple) and keep a mind set of looking forward and working toward something big rather than instant gratification.
  • If one or both of you have trouble staying within your "Spending budget," use the envelope system with cash or put money on some kind of a declining balance card. Pearson likes to use his student ID for that since most places around here accept it.
  • Don't use credit cards. Unless you really do pay it all of each month. There's just no point in spending money you don't have. Don't do it.
  • Remain in constant communication with each other. You both need to be open about what you're spending. You're finances are tied together now. You can't keep secrets. And you also don't want the tension to build up when you need to confront the other. But at the same time, try not to be condescending or lash out. Finances are stressful enough. Just try to be kind.
We honestly haven't had any problems in our marriage like arguments or resentment in this area (yet) and I think it's because we communicate well about it. Yeah we can be better about where we spend our money, but we're on the same page. We're on the same team. And we're tackling our finances together.

What tips do you have for handling finances in marriage?
Thanks for reading!

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