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Thursday, December 29, 2016

Thankful Thursday: Holidays

I bet you guessed what I was going to talk about today, didn't you?

I love this time of year! I'll admit, it's not always fun. Sometimes it's stressful. Sometimes families get on each others nerves. But it's pretty great when all is said and done, am I right?
Pearson and I had our own Christmas with each other on Tuesday the 20th before hitting the road Wednesday morning.

We got to his parents' house Wednesday night and spent the next 3 full days there. While staying with them, we had lunch with an old friend from high school, went shopping at the Mall of Georgia, and went to the Falcons-Panthers game thanks to free tickets from my great aunt! We had Christmas with his family Saturday night, Christmas Eve. Then we went to church with them Sunday morning but went home with my family.
Sunday afternoon we did Christmas with my parents and brother before heading to my grandma's for lunch. We didn't open presents over there though because we waited till yesterday (Wednesday) once all the cousins were in town. Between Sunday and Wednesday, we hung out at Pearson's favorite music store, went shopping at the Mall of Georgia again (this time with Christmas money), and we took my little cousins to the Georgia Aquarium!
Today we are on our way to Nashville to stay at Opryland because I've never been there at Christmas and have been wanting to for a while. Then tomorrow were heading to Memphis for our tradition of spending New Year's with my BFF and her husband!

I am thankful for Christmas and the holiday season. I'm thankful I get to see family and friends and make all these wonderful memories.

What are you thankful for this month? Link up below!
Thanks for reading!

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Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Meet the Maugeris: Self-Reflection // Priceless Powwows with Pearson

I'm joining Brita again today for her Getting to Know You series. She started this series up back in the summer after Guys Behind the Blog ended. Then she turned it into a link up. I joined her in October and I'm back again. And don't worry, I included some Priceless Powwows with Pearson at the bottom for you to laugh at. So let's get to it, shall we? P.S. Pearson's answers are pretty much direct quotes.

How have you become a better person this year?


I think I stopped caring so much about things. I used to be anxious and nervous all the time. I've always been a planner. But I think this year I've sort of started going with the flow more. I also started communicating my wants and needs better to Pearson.


I've slowed down a little bit. I don't work as many hours as I used to. I don't do over-nights anymore. We talked more. (He's talking about communicating with me).


What do you think about creative outlets? Do you have one, and if so, what is it?


Well, I have this blog and I think it's pretty great! I love blogging and letting my creative juices out that way.


Guitar playing.


In a perfect world, what would be your top 5 priorities in life?


One: God and His Kingdom. 
Two: Pearson. 
Three: The rest of my family. 
Four: My church family and my responsibilities there. 
Five: This blog.


One: Spending time with my wife.
Two: Down time.
Three: Spending time with friends.
Four: Sleeping.
Five: Work? I guess.


What do you want to improve about your life in 2017?


I want to continue working on our marriage and finding fun things to do together and goals to work toward as a team. I also want to be more confident. In myself, in God, and in Pearson.


Not procrastinate as much. (Then I read him what I wrote) Ditto. What you said. The first part, at least. And learn stuff together.



Back story: We were laying in bed talking about something completely unrelated to the following.

Him: Italians are weird.
Me: Did you say medallions or Italians?
Him: The second one.

*A few minutes later*
Him: Sorry I'm so tired. I think I just fell asleep.
Me: Yeah you did. And you were talking in your sleep.
Him: Really?
Me: Yeah. You said "Italians are weird."
Him: What?
Me: Yeah and I said "Did you say medallions or Italians?" and you said "The second one."

*A few minutes later I moved and he jerked awake.*
Him: Sorry. I think I was asleep again.
Me: You were. Sorry I woke you up.
Him: It's alright. If you stir you get Crock-Pot food that talks to you.

*I think he'd had a really long day*
Him: I want Liam Neeson to be my father and I want Chris Pratt to be my brother... And I want Anna Kendrick to be my sister, since we're now building a celebrity family.
Him: My students said I was nice and a good teacher but I just wasn't always prepared. I have way too much on my mind but that's okay. I'm going to attack 2017.
Me: Your word of the year for 2017 should be "organized."
Him: No my word of the year is going to be "attack!" Or some derivative of that like "ack."
So there you have another round of Meet the Maugeris and Priceless Powwows. What did you think? Does your husband ever say funny things like this? Again, I'm linking up with Brita for Getting to Know You. Check out her post for next month's questions and join us!

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Friday, December 23, 2016

The Differences Between Georgia and Ohio

A few months ago, Tayler from The Morell Tale wrote a blog post about the differences between Utah and Texas after she had live in Texas for about a month. I thought this was a brilliant idea and knew I had to do it for Georgia and Ohio.

So I've been meaning to write it for a long time. I finally got around to starting it a couple months ago and kept meaning to finish it. I had it tentatively scheduled three Fridays in a row, but obviously I didn't make any of those dates. I think it's because it ended up requiring a lot more research than I thought and I mostly kept putting it off. Anyway, since Pearson and I are in Georgia visiting our families right now for Christmas, I thought today would be a great time to finally publish it. I hope you at least find it interesting.
When we moved to Ohio, I thought it was going to be a difference like night and day. I had never lived anywhere outside of Georgia or Arkansas and none of my family had ever lived above the Mason-Dixon Line. I had only traveled above it to visit NYC.

Also, Ohio is considered the "Mid West" as opposed to the "North." But before I moved here, I considered everything up north the "North." I especially thought that way once I realized that Ohio was in the Eastern time zone and that it's basically a direct north shot from Atlanta. Don't believe me? I didn't believe it either and most people don't when I tell them. But here's a map to prove it.
Source // We take I-75 all the way to Cincinnati then we get on I-71 to Columbus.
Anyway, I say all this to say that Ohio and Georgia are not as different as I expected. I thought I'd never hear country music or see cowboy boots again. But I was wrong. However, there are some interesting differences that people might not think of so I knew I had to write this post!


Ok so this one's a little obvious.

Funny story: Pearson and I both grew up in Georgia where it almost never snows. We went to college in Arkansas where, when it snows, the entire university has a snowball fight on the Front Lawn. So the first time it snowed here in Columbus after we moved here, we got really excited, bundled up, and headed outside to play. We threw snowballs at each other and tried to build a snowman. But it didn't take us very long to realize that we were the only people outside. And we live in an apartment complex with quite a few kids. We didn't get too excited after that.

It's weird to have to wait for your car to warm up before leaving for work. And it's weird to scrape ice off your care every time you leave. And it's weird to have to go to work with a foot of snow on the ground.

I get really depressed in the winter here when I never want to go anywhere. But that's a story for another time.

Traffic/The Size of The City 

This one is maybe not so obvious.

I think most people know that Atlanta is big. But I'm not sure most people know to what extent. The Atlanta metropolitan area is home to 5,522,942 people and comes in as the 9th largest in the country (source). Whereas the Columbus. OH metropolitan statistical area has a population of 2,021,632 (source). Under the combined statistical area model (larger than just the metropolitan statistical area), the Columbus metro is the 25th largest in the country.

Both cities have a freeway/bypass that goes around the city. In Atlanta, it's 285, or the Perimeter. In Columbus, it's 270, or the Outerbelt. These two freeways are not that much different as far as miles long, but it takes so much longer to get around 285 than it does for 270. I'm always blown away by how far we've gone on the Outerbelt.

Also, since Columbus is so much smaller and traffic isn't nearly as bad, we do a lot fun things downtown than we did in Atlanta. Granted, in Georgia we actually lived in a suburb that was pretty self sufficient. The Mall of Georgia was about a 15 minute drive from my house. It took more than an hour to get downtown with any sort of traffic at all and we basically only took that trek for Braves games. I love being able to drive across Columbus in 30 minutes tops. It's pretty great!


There are no professional sports in Columbus. Okay that's actually not true. We have a pro soccer club, The Columbus Crew, as well as a pro hockey team, the Columbus Blue Jackets. But no baseball, basketball, or football. However, there is a minor league baseball team. The Clippers. And Ohio State might as well be a professional football team. And a professional basketball team, for that matter.

It really is an interesting phenomena though. In Atlanta, there's Georgia Tech of course. But it's also not far from Athens where University of Georgia is. Both of these schools are d-1 schools. Ohio doesn't have that. So everybody is a Buckeye's fan. Everybody. And they're shocked when they find out that you're not. You just don't get that where I'm from.


Honestly, there isn't as big of a difference in the language as I thought there would be. Some people say "pop" instead of "soda" or "soft drink" (Let it be know, I will never call it a "coke" unless it is in fact, a coke).

Also, nobody says "y'all." And I've certainly changed here and I now usually say "you guys." But sometimes I slip up. Especially after visiting home. Once I was teaching 4th grade Sunday school and I said "y'all." I didn't even notice that I said it until one little girl raised her hand and asked if I was from Texas... Um, no! Texas isn't the only place where they say "y'all"!!


Did you know, in Ohio, you are allowed to drink in bars and restaurants if you're under 21 as long as one of your parents or your spouse who is of age is present and gives consent? Crazy, right? And in both Georgia and Ohio, you are allowed to drink under age on private, non alcohol-selling premises if your parents are present and give consent. I had no idea! (source)

In my experience, in general, the community in Ohio seems to accept alcohol so much more than Georgia. There are liquor stores inside the grocery stores. And there is alcohol everywhere. You can walk in Wal-mart and the first thing you see is a display of whatever beer is hot this season. In October there was a display of pumpkin beer on the end cap of the children's costume aisle! And most fast food type places (like Piada and Chipotle, not McDonald's) sell alcohol. I was blown away by this when we moved here.

However, in Ohio, you have to be 18 to sell alcohol in closed containers. When I was 16 I worked as a cashier at Kroger and I scanned cases of beer for customers with no problem.

In Georgia, it was illegal to sell any kind of alcohol at any time on Sunday until 2011. You are not allowed to have open containers outside in public in either state. In Ohio, people just get around this by opening a beer and pouring it in a red solo cup. I'm sure the same is true for Georgia, I just was never around it in Georgia, so I don't know.


Now, of course I only have a limited experience here, but I will say that I was pleasantly surprised with simply the number of "Churches of Christ" in the Columbus area. I always thought the "north" had like no churches. Granted, Ohio isn't really the north, but I used to consider it to be. However, a lot of churches of Christ in the North Atlanta area have 500 to 1000 members. As far as I know, we attend the largest church of Christ in Columbus and I think we're sitting at around 300.

Also, in Georgia, if you go out to a restaurant for lunch on Sunday after church, almost everyone in the restaurant is dressed like they obviously just came from church. In Columbus, I'd say about half look like they came from church and most of the rest of them look like they either just rolled out of bed or just got back from the gym. There are a few in the grey area wearing jeans and polos, but usually they're in one of those two camps.


Georgia is always a red state (except in 1992) and usually by a long shot. Ohio, however is a swing state. But this year, they were exceptionally similar in the way they voted for the president. In Ohio, 51.3% voted for Trump, 43.2% for Clinton, and 3.2% for Johnson. In Georgia, 50.5% voted for Trump, 45.4% for Clinton, and 3.0% for Johnson. According to those numbers, Georgia actually voted more democratic than Ohio did. That blows my mind!

Do you live in a different state from where you grew up? How is it different and how is it similar?

This has been a fun post to write. And it turned out to be much more informative and fact based than I originally intended, but I'm really glad. Thanks for reading!
Besides personal experience, I got my data mostly from here.

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Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Find Stuff to do Together

Once upon a time, I read the book His Needs, Her Needs (aff) by Willard F. Harley Jr. Actually, Pearson and I both read it along with a group of young married couples from our church. We met once a month to discuss.

One of "his needs" that a lot of the women (including me) admitted they hadn't understood before reading this book was his need for companionship. We all assumed that our husbands would much rather go to a sporting event with his buddies. We thought he'd want to spend time with other guy friends and when we said we would stay home, we were actually doing him a favor. We thought, when he said he wanted us to be there, he was just "trying to be a good husband."

But we were wrong.
It turns out, companionship with one's partner is really important. Especially to men. I was really taken aback by that. I never would have guessed that Pearson actually wanted me to like the stuff he does and to go with him to whatever event he wanted to go to. I thought he was content to hang out with someone else who appreciates whatever they were doing as much as he does. But no, he wants me specifically. He wants to share things with me, his wife. It's actually really sweet.

So, I learned this a few years ago when we read the book, but I forgot it again. Both Pearson and I sort of dropped the ball on companionship this year. We stopped going on intentional dates. He worked a lot. As in 80+ hours per week including several over-nights and never being home before 10:00. We hung out with people separately a lot. And when we did get time together, we usually spent it sitting in front of the TV because he was exhausted from work and I was depressed.

It took a toll on our relationship. It really really did. We discovered we weren't best friends anymore. We discovered we didn't have a lot in common anymore. And we decided to change that.

So, first we started talking and communicating a lot more and figured a lot of things out including the fact that we stopped doing things together. Then, we stopped watching TV. We started making each other the most important people in our lives. We set a goal to go on one intentional date every week and we can't do the same date twice in one month. We also set a goal this month to do something "Christmassy" together every day. And we made a plan for next year to learn German together and to make another Date Night Bucket List and actually stick to it this time.

This is only going to be the beginning. I know we're going to form hobbies together and keep adventuring together. Our marriage will only get better with time as long as we keep nurturing it, keep the friendship alive, and make each other a priority.

I have a list of activities on my phone for us to do together. Some include watching bad movies and making fun of them, bowling and putt-putt, trying ethnic foods, video games, and attending live theatre. There are lots date idea lists on the internet. A few that I've written include: Date Ideas for a Rainy Day, Spring Date IdeasFall Date IdeasWinter Date Ideas, Christmas Date Ideas, and At Home Date Ideas. And Sheila of To Love, Honor, and Vacuum recently published a list of 79 hobbies to do with your spouse! And be sure to sign up for Amberly's newsletter to get Seasonal Date Night Bucket Lists!

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Friday, December 16, 2016

Carry-On Essentials for Holiday Travel

This post first appeared as a guest post on Love, Pasta and a Tool Belt in April.
I travel a lot. In fact, I used to travel from Columbus, Ohio to Atlanta, Georgia every other month for work. But I always booked direct flights on those trips. And the flight each way is only about an hour and a half. I just read the whole time.

However, back in the spring, Pearson and I went to California!!! I had an almost five hour flight to LA, a two and a half hour layover there, and then a short flight to San Diego. Then on the way back we flew from non stop from LA on a five hour red eye.

Let's just say, packing my carry on well was essential to surviving those long flights. So today, since it's about time for all your holiday traveling, I thought I'd share my carry-on essentials.

For your carry-on:

  1. A couple books (or a Kindle). This is always the first thing I pack. I get my best reading done on planes because I don't have internet distractions.
  2. A Magazine. For when you get tired of the books.
  3. Your phone. To take awesome pictures out the plane window and to jot down blog post ideas in the notes section. Does anybody else have great blog ideas when you can't get to a computer or the internet? Like when you're driving or in the shower? Every time!
  4. Your phone charger to at least use in the airport on your layover.
  5. Headphones.
  6. Your laptop. You're not allowed to put a laptop in your checked bag and why would you want to? I want my baby with me at all times.
  7. A water bottle. Remember it has to be empty to get through security, but you can fill it up in the airport. Hydration is so important.
  8. Protein bars. Or another healthy snack.
  9. Tissues. Even if you're not sick or anything. You never know.
  10. Cough drops. Again, you never know when you might get something caught in your throat.
  11. ChapStick. This goes with me everywhere.
  12. Pain killers. These also go with me everywhere. I get headaches so bad.

Other flying essentials:

  1. A big, practical bag. I love this Rosetti one that I got from Target several years ago. It holds a lot of stuff and the shape even allows it to hold my Chromebook while still looking sleek and stylish!
  2. Comfy Shoes. This is something that isn't really all that important on my short trips. But my feet were killing me after walking around LAX trying to figure the place out. And they got super swollen during the long flight home. Side note: in the winter, wear your biggest and bulkiest boots so that you save room in your luggage.
  3. A pillow or jacket/sweater you can use as a pillow. Side note: in the winter, wear your big coat so that you don't have to pack it. Though you would probably want to anyway.
  4. Make sure you get a complementary blanket if they have them.
So there you have it. My flying essentials. And that's coming from a somewhat experienced traveler. What would you add to my list? Thanks for reading!

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