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Tuesday, January 17, 2017

A Timeless Valentine's Gift for My Manly Man

I received a Jord Wood Watch in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are mine alone.

You guys! I've found the perfect Valentine's gift for my husband who has everything he needs and doesn't really appreciate cutesy romantic gifts! It's a men's watch made out of wood from Jord Wood Watches!
Now, Pearson doesn't love watches and he definitely doesn't wear any kind of fashionable jewelry. He doesn't even wear his wedding ring when he's working on the laser. But he was super psyched when he saw these wood watches online and even more excited when I got one for him!
You see, he absolutely loves things made out of wood. I don't really know why, but one day he even wants to have a woodworking shop once we aren't renting an apartment anymore. He also wants to do woodworking as a hobby once he has more time, like Ron Swanson. When his Jord Watch came in the mail, he immediately put it on and said "I love wood. Things made out of wood are so cool looking but they also say 'I'm a freaking man.' Especially if you made whatever it is yourself."
So, I think I did pretty well with my early Valentine's Day present! I got him the Dover Series: Zebrawood & Dark Sandalwood watch. It's such a unique watch with the different colors of real wood and the gears showing in the face.
I thought it was a cool idea to give him a watch because to me it says that my time always belongs to him and that I appreciate the time he gives to me. I'm so proud of everything he's doing in grad school and for keeping his head up when things get tough. He loves me so well and puts so much effort into our relationship even when he doesn't really have the time to do so because of his crazy work load. I just wanted a way to show him how much I appreciate him. And you know what, I don't even care if you think that's cheesy because that's what Valentine's Day is all about, am I right?
Now I just need to find something just as cool to give him for our anniversary this year. Especially since the traditional gift for year five is wood! Maybe I should have saved this watch for then. Oops! Oh well, I'll think of something.
I've loved working with Jord not only because they make some cool watches but their customer service was excellent! They used the measurement I gave them to size the watch to fit Pearson's wrist before they sent it. I was surprised by how quickly the watch was delivered and it came in a really cool wooden box.
So now that Pearson has a super cool watch, I'm a little jealous and dying for one myself! Their women's watches are just a fantastic as their men's. Maybe I can hope to get one of my own as a Valentine's gift... Hint hint, Pearson... I know you're reading!
*The Giveaway has ended* 
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