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Saturday, January 28, 2017

Let it Snow

I am so tired of rain.

I am so tired of clouds.

I am so tired of Columbus.

I am so tired of Ohio.

Did you know that (according to this list) Columbus is the 7th cloudiest major city in the US and the other two major cities in Ohio (Cleveland & Cincinnati) are also in the top ten?

This list puts Columbus at 11 with Cleveland and Cincinnati in 4th and 5th place respectively for the dreariest cities in the country.

Can you see why I have seasonal depression? In 2016 the weather combined with other factors made for a very bad year for me emotionally.

And I like that I can blame it mostly on the rain. And snow.
What's strange though is that I used to love rain. Growing up, I used to sit on my front porch and do homework or read or simply just watch during a thunderstorm. My absolute favorite place to be during a thunderstorm was always my grandma's back deck. She lives on a mountain and I loved watching the beautiful view become even more beautiful in the rain and lightning. I remember spending many hours there with a Harry Potter book in my hands. And in college I can recall sitting outside the door to my apartment, barely under an overhang, trying to study while keeping all my papers dry from the rain.

But not anymore. I still love thunderstorms, I guess, when they creep up every once in a while in Spring. But I hate the constant dreariness and mundane rain. We finally saw the sun for about an hour on Thursday afternoon and my office practically threw a party.

I also used to love really enjoy snow. I grew up in Georgia and went to college in central Arkansas so I rarely saw snow. Whenever we did get some, it always meant no school, snowball fights, sledding, and snowmen.
Since moving to Ohio, snow has become a nuisance. Especially three years ago, during the polar vortex. When everybody was experiencing their worst winters in years, we literally didn't see the ground from Thanksgiving to Valentine's Day. That year it also snowed on both Halloween and Tax Day. I'm not exaggerating. It pretty much ruined snow for me.

But now I'm three years removed from that dreaded winter. And while I certainly haven't forgotten it, I've let loose of my grudge against snow a bit. And this year, it's safe to say that I even miss snow a little. I love the way it covers everything in a white blanket and makes nature beautiful again. And snow even brightens things up, which helps with the cloudiness and dreariness of this area!

So right now, though it sort of seems contrary to my usual beliefs, I would gladly trade this rain for snow. I'm even surprising myself when I say this, but I want it to get colder. Why can't our temperatures get below freezing again so this rain can turn to snow?

Snow, I miss you!

Let it snow!
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Thanks for reading!

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