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Monday, January 2, 2017

Monthly Goals for January {2017}

Happy New Year! Well, a day late but that's okay. I don't like posting on Saturdays and Sundays if I can help it. Anyway, Pearson and I are currently driving home from our long Christmas vacation. We stayed in 4 different places, opened lots of presents, and drove 34 hours (counting today - which is actually pretty low). Read this for more details about our trip.

This trip was refreshing and it was fantastic to see everyone. But I'm ready to hit the ground running in 2017. I've set some goals that I'm really excited about and I'm determined to follow through. But first, lets see how I did last month.


Word of the Year ("present"):

  • Stay organized and ahead with Christmas shopping and blogging so that I can be present in the season.
  • Do something "Christmasy" with Pearson every day. Even if it's just enjoying hot chocolate together in the evening with Christmas music in the background.



  • Drink 80+ ounces of water every day.
  • Get moving at least 4 days per week. (Beach body workouts, Blogilates workouts, walk/jog/run/elliptical for more than 15 minutes. Anything less doesn't count)
  • Limit sweets to one per day, if that.
  • Only eat one plate of food at all Holiday celebrations. No seconds. Period.

Mental (affiliate links):


  • Do all of our Christmas traditions (in addition to our daily "something Christmasy" from above): 
    • Decorate our tree and sleep in the living room under the tree.
    • Bake and decorate cookies.
    • Drive around looking at lights.
    • Go shopping at Easton.
    • Go to Wild Lights at the Columbus Zoo.


  • Publish at least 2 posts per week.
  • Share my old Holiday posts on social media.
  • Schedule all blog posts and social media through our vacation before we leave (we will be gone from December 21st through January 2nd visiting Pearson's family, my family, and our friends from college).


  • Take initiative and look for work when there isn't anything instead of wasting time.
So I'd say about 50/50. That's not too bad I suppose. But I'm definitely doing better this month. Are you ready for my goals and my new word of the year?


Word of the Year:

My word of the year for 2017 will be... Drum Roll Please... Confidence.

I want more confidence in myself. At work, as a friend, as a lover, as a lovable person who brings value to people's lives.

I want more confidence in God to take care of me and guide my life. To give me what I need to get through this life.

I want more confidence in Pearson. To love me like he promised. I want to trust that he's telling the truth when he tells me he loves me and that I'm beautiful and a great person and fun to be around.


  • Attend Church every Sunday and Wednesday this month.
  • Pray with Pearson before bed every night.


  • Drink 80+ ounces of water every day.
  • Work through the Country Heat program again.
  • Only eat out on weekends - and be conscious of what I eat then.

Mental (affiliate links):


  • Go on one intentional date per week and we can't repeat any this whole month.


  • Publish at least 2 posts per week.
  • Read through the guides and start to step up my Instagram game.
  • Update my about page and my Amazon store.


  • Take initiative and look for work when there isn't anything instead of wasting time.

Home (I added this section this month):

  • Un-decorate for Christmas
  • Deep clean the kitchen
  • Keep up with the dishes

30x30 (I also added this section this month):

  • Stick to our budget. We've been pretty terrible about that for the last few months (this is in the 30x30 list because several of my 30x30 items involve saving money).
  • All my "physical" goals could also be in this category.
  • My "mental" goals could also be here.
  • Keep up with our German lessons on DuoLingo.
Have you made any resolutions or goals for January? I wanna know what they are!
Thanks for reading!

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