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Wednesday, June 28, 2017

When Your Self-Care Routine Looks Different

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I think when we think of self-care, our minds usually automatically go to bubble baths or some kind of spa treatment. But that's never really been relaxing to me. I like getting my nails done because then my nails are pretty and last a while. But I don't necessarily love the process of getting my nails done.
Some people's self-care routines do NOT look like a relaxing bath. And that's okay!
And taking a bubble bath is more stress than it's worth because I have to clean the nasty tub first and make sure the water is warm enough. I can't stand it cold. But in order for it to be warm enough for me to relax at all, it's too warm to stay for too long. I've gotten dehydrated from staying in hot water for so long before. And then the tub isn't even comfortable. I've tried putting a towel behind me and I thought about getting a tub pillow but I just don't think it's worth it right now. Maybe I'll feel differently one day when we have a house and a nicer bathroom and tub.
Some people's self-care routines do NOT look like a relaxing bath. And that's okay!
But everybody seems to love taking a bath to relax. And everybody seems to love bath bombs. I mean, people absolutely rave about them on the internet, right? I love the idea of reading in a tub. Or taking a romantic bubble bath with Pearson. So I keep trying.

I decided to try some fun bath bombs and give the relaxing bath thing another shot...

Some people's self-care routines do NOT look like a relaxing bath. And that's okay!
I LOVED the packaging of this Cute & Young Bath Bomb Gift Set. Isn't it so pretty? And when I opened the box, the wonderful smells were overwhelming. In a good way. I decided to try the "Lush Life" bomb because it seemed like a good neutral. I don't think it really had a specific purpose like the "Sweet Dreams" or "Don't Worry" ones. Anyway, it smelled amazing! And I would even say that the smell was pretty relaxing. Even when the bomb was in the bath water. BUT I still couldn't get comfortable in the tub. And I got a little over heated.
Some people's self-care routines do NOT look like a relaxing bath. And that's okay!
So, I think I'll continue to stay away from baths for now.

But all of this got me thinking a little more about self-care and how some of the things that I like to do for self care, might not do anything for someone else. And that makes sense, right? We're different people. We enjoy different things. As Gretchen Rubin said in her book, Better Than Before, people are different and we should embrace that and not try to be like others nor should we press what works for us onto others.
Some people's self-care routines do NOT look like a relaxing bath. And that's okay!

So, I thought I'd share a list of some of the things I like to do for self-care. Things that relax me. Things that I enjoy and I always feel better after doing. And maybe some of these are a little weird and not very common. Then again, maybe they aren't. Maybe a lot of people like the same things I do but just don't talk about them.
  1. Writing - but not behind the scenes/maintenance blog stuff - just writing.
  2. Live theatre. Especially musicals.
  3. Binge watching Netflix by myself.
  4. Walking outside.
  5. Biking on a trail.
  6. Listening to Disney music.
  7. Driving with the windows down.
  8. Taking a nap.
  9. Singing. Especially worship songs with a small group.
  10. Watching a thunderstorm.
  11. Reading with NO distractions and NO time constraints. (This NEVER happens)
  12. Enjoying coffee or soda on the patio.
  13. Simply walking around a bookstore. A library will do, but not it's as good as a bookstore.
  14. Buying new books.
So basically, I'm most relaxed and happy when I don't have time constraints or deadlines to meet and I can take my time with something I enjoy. I think a lot of times I try to do some of these things and I can't enjoy it because I'm constantly thinking of what I need to do next or what I should be doing instead. But I suppose that's part of learning the art of self-care. It's important to let go and take some time for yourself to recharge. Here's to doing it more!

What do you like to do for self-care? Anything out of the ordinary or not very popular? Do you enjoy relaxing baths?
Thanks for reading!

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