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Thursday, August 10, 2017

Mental Health and being a Dating Divas Partner

Ok I know you guys are tired of me talking about The Dating Divas. But they're seriously awesome! They're strengthening marriages one date at a time. You know I'm all about that. And yes, I am a referral partner which means I get some affiliate income if you guys purchase any of the products through my links (including links in this post). But I only share stuff I absolutely love!
I am an affiliate referral partner for The Dating Divas and lately, that has been helping my mental health. My blogging game has been a lot better lately and I've stopped comparing myself to other bloggers.
Today I wanted to share a story with you about how The Divas have helped with my mental health in the last couple months.

So much of my self-image is tied up in how "successful" I am in every area of my life but especially my blog. While that can be motivating, it can also be very discouraging.

So this summer, I decided to not really work so hard on the blog for a while. I sort of un-officially declared a break. I'm working full time and getting ready to move once Pearson graduates in December. And once he's done with school and we move, I won't be working anymore and can focus more on my blog. I'll just wait till then.

But then, in early June, The Dating Divas hired a new Referral Partner Director. Her name is Mary and she is awesome!

Since Mary was hired, she's done some awesome stuff!

First she headed up a week long campaign for referral partners to recruit a bunch of new partners at the end of June complete with daily deals and giveaways.

Then we had the 4th of July flash sale.

And then, July 10th through the 15th was "Anniversary Week" with The Dating Divas! The Divas featured an anniversary product every day with discounts and all kinds of fun things. And Mary helped us partners behind the scenes the whole time. And guess what, that just happened to be mine and Pearson's anniversary week too!

And lastly, Mary put on a referral partner boot camp from July 16th through the 21st with live trainings and challenges every day. You guys, I learned so much!

So what does all this have to do with mental health?

Well, you guys, I'm suddenly very proud and confident in my blog. Like, I just told both Pearson and my therapist last week that I'm feeling really good about my blog for the first time in... Well, ever.

I've met a few goals lately (like 5,000 Instagram followers) and I've done really well with actually making some money with The Dating Divas even though I have had a crazy busy summer and I'm working full time.

I've stopped comparing my blog and social media presence to others. I think I've finally realized that I'm me. I'm unique and different and that's okay. That's good, actually. And is what blogging is all about, right? Being yourself and sharing your unique story and take on life.

Y'all comparison is something I've struggled with all my life. But I can honestly say, right now, in this one area of my life, I am at peace and am no longer looking to other bloggers with sadness and jealousy!

I'm still not writing as much actual blog content as I would like but I'm giving myself grace for that. Right now I'm working more on my social media game and that's great too!

And it all started when The Divas hired Mary and she started doing all this extra training and such with us partners! It got me excited to work on my marketing skills and it has been awesome!

You can sign up to be a partner right here!

What's an area of your life where you've been feeling good lately?
Do you find yourself comparing yourself to others?
Thanks for reading!

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