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Monday, August 14, 2017

My Favorite Instagram Accounts for Marriage

So if you haven't noticed, I've been spending a lot of time on Instagram lately. Finding new accounts to follow (mostly related to marriage), interacting with people, posting pretty pictures and mini-blogging, sharing silly videos on my stories. You get the idea.

So, through all of this, I've found some great marriage related accounts and thought I'd share my top 15 with you. Yes. 15. I've found a lot more than that. I narrowed it down.

So anyway, here they are! In no particular order.

ONE Extraordinary Marriage

The Dating Divas

Fierce Marriage

True love is impossible without intimacy, and true intimacy is impossible without love. They're inextricably connected. Love requires intimacy because it is the deepest level of knowing another person. One cannot love fully what he doesn't fully know. The fullest levels of love require total honesty and transparency. Intimacy requires love because only love still chooses someone despite their imperfections. Intimacy on every level (physical, emotional, spiritual, intellectual) will make your imperfections visible—it will make them known. Only love provides the safety necessary for total intimacy. Aside from Christ, this is impossible. But thankfully we can go to God. Only in Christ will we find the grace to love well, the confidence to be honest, and strength to love each other through it all. ​ ​ ​ May your love be the kind that sticks around when your spouse's ugly is showing.​ ​And may your marriage be marked by Christ's radical love and pursuit of you despite your imperfections. We're praying for you, stay fierce! ~ Ryan & Selena #fiercemarriage #love #covenant #marriage
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Beating 50 Percent

We are the most critical of the people we spend the most time with. Your spouse is probably that person. Our humanness is bent towards correcting others, rather than humbling ourselves. Maybe today, you criticized your husband or wife for something he or she did. I sure did. I am quick to point out what Jeremy did or said that was wrong, rather than compassionately asking a question about his words/actions. Compassion is the key word. Sure, I could ask Jer a snarky question with an offensive tone… For example, “How come you always have to interupt me when I’m talking!?” These kinds of questions initiate arguments, rather than facilitate productive conversations. I might as well have critically accused him of never listening.  When you ask your spouse a “compassionately curious” question, they won’t feel like the question itself is an accusation. The best way to do this, is to ask a question about you. To do this, your pride has to go out the window and over the fence. For example, “Hey babe, do you feel like I let you talk when we are having a discussion, or am I sometimes overbearing?” This kind of question comes from a place of humility, rather than offense. If we are going to initiate conversations with our husbands and wives that may come across as critical, we must be willing to start with humility.  We must be more concerned with progress, than proving a point. Compassionate curiosity - without an agenda - has the power to foster intimacy, increase communication, stimulate growth, heal wounds, breed peace, and deepen love. Be more compassionately curious. #beating50percent #stayingido #compssionatelycurious ๐Ÿ“ท @dawn_photo
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Dave and Ashley Willis

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Marriage More


"I can't do this, like this, anymore." They'd been married nearly 8 years when Rebecca, standing in their master bathroom, said those fateful words to her husband Zach. The next year and a half was no cake walk, as they shared with us on the latest episode of The #staymarried Podcast (S3, E21), but they made it through and are about to celebrate their 20th Anniversary! You can catch their story on The #staymarried Podcast on #itunes or your favorite #podcast app, and you can always find it quickly at the link in our profile. ALSO, don't miss the free gift Zach is offering our #staymarried community, his fantastic resource: 20 Questions for Deeper Connection ๐Ÿ“’ You can grab that at the link in our profile, too! ๐Ÿ’›๐Ÿ’› ๐Ÿ“ฑ
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Marriage 365

Chelsea Damon

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A Prioritized Marriage

Freshly Married

Two Best Friends In Love

I really hope you'll check out these accounts and get some marriage inspiration from them. I'm loving that my Instagram feed is full of these brilliantly beautiful people!

Who has been inspiring you in Instagram lately?
Thanks for reading!

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