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Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Should you Renew your Wedding Vows?

Today I have a wonderful guest post about vowel renewals. I think renewing your vows after being married for a while has a lot of great benefits. But for now, I'll turn it over to Megan.

Some married couples reach a point in their lives together where they feel a pull to re-new their wedding vows and reseal their promises to each other. Often vow renewals mark an important milestone anniversary. Other times, a vow renewal may be used to welcome a new beginning in a marriage.

Whether you should or shouldn’t renew your vows is entirely a personal decision. Not every couple feels the urge to re-proclaim the promises they made years before, and it certainly isn’t a legal requirement in any state.

Vow renewals are more for sentimentality and for the couple’s desires than for any other reason. Many couples enjoy the ceremony and the intimacy of exchanging vows—and rings—once again.

Renewal ceremonies can be big or small and may include extended family and friends or just immediate family. Some couples even choose to host a party after the ceremony—like a second reception. You may also choose to renew vows in a private ceremony with no guests present.

When deciding to renew your vows, create a ceremony that is unique and meaningful for you. Don’t feel obligated to go big—like your original wedding. Although, if your wedding was small (or you eloped), a vow renewal may also be the ideal time to have the big wedding of your dreams!

Here are some tips and guidelines for vow renewal ceremonies and celebrations:

Set the Guest List

Decide who should be invited, and make the decision as a couple. If you want to invite extended family and friends, figure out the final number. This will help you determine a budget.

Just a Ceremony?

Couples should also decide if they want to host just a vow renewal ceremony or an after-party, too. If you plan to invite lots of guests, you should host a small after event for light food and drinks. Of course, you also can rent a venue and host a big dinner…complete with dessert.

What to Wear

Some couples wear their old wedding formalwear…if the gown fits, wear it! Others seek out a new dress in white, ivory or even a favorite color. Wear flowers in your hair, a hat or even a veil. Fascinators also make a lovely choice.

The Invites

If you plan to host a big renewal ceremony you will need to send invites. However, the wording will be different the second time around. The Knot recommends using the following verbiage: "The honor of your presence is requested at the reaffirmation [or renewal] of the wedding vows of Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Smith [or Susan and Jonathan Smith]."

Gifts…or No

According to the site, gifts are a no-go for vow renewals. Guests should not be obligated to shower the couple with gifts, as a vow renewal is not a wedding. Gifts are traditionally bestowed upon newlywed couples to help them as they begin their new life together. If you’re renewing your vows, you’ve already established your life together.

New Rings

Couples can choose to exchange rings at their renewal ceremony. If the renewal is in conjunction with an anniversary, the anniversary bands would be a fitting choice. Or choose rings that reflect your life together as a couple; add birthstones of your children, diamonds for each year of marriage or choose plain bands.

Many couples choose to re-seal their vows to mark a milestone in their marriage. However, vow renewals are not legally binding. Of course, this also means that the couple may choose anyone to officiate the ceremony—even their kids! Vow renewals should be a reflection of the love between the couple…so plan a ceremony that celebrates the two of you and your amazing marriage!

Megan Scott is a writer, event expert and mother of two beautiful twins. She wants to use her knowledge and expertise to help others lead a better life. Megan enjoys doing research on interior design for both homes and businesses. Her hobbies include writing, long distance running and traveling with her beloved family. Follow her on twitter as @meganscotts!
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