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Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Reading Roundup September {2017}

Guys, after reading a ton last month, I didn't do so well this month. I am not usually a digital book kind of person but the only books I read this month, I read on my phone whenever I had time. That just goes to show how little "real" reading I did in September. (By "real" reading I mean taking the time to actually sit down and read a physical book for pleasure).

Oh and one of the books in this post I actually read last month. But I finished it after my Reading Roundup post went live so I'm including it in this month's post.

Anyway, I am part of the launch teams for both of these books so I got a digital copy from each of the authors for free in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

The Scarlet Virgins: When Sex Replaces Salvation by Rebecca Lemke

So this was a book written by blogger, Rebecca Lemke, about the effect purity culture has had on her life. In the book, Rebecca takes a look at where our purity culture has come from, how it is a response to the American Sexual Revolution, and how the motivation behind it really isn't all bad. But the book goes on to say that the church and our culture has gone too far in the other direction. That history is a pendulum swinging back and forth between "hedonism and legalism," going too far each time. Rebecca shares accounts from her own life and tries to explain the harm that purity culture does to our youth. She also offers ideas for a better way to teach kids about sex and purity.

When Rebecca first asked me to join her launch team, admittedly, I was a bit hesitant. I have certainly been affected by purity culture, but not to the extent that some of my peers have. As I mentioned in this post, I had some great role models in my youth that helped me learn the why behind modesty and who emphasized that sex with your spouse is a wonderful gift from God. However, I know that was not the case for many young girls my age who grew up in the church.

So I wasn't sure how much I would be able to relate to this book. I wasn't sure how mad it would make me. I just wasn't sure I would enjoy it. Not that it's really a book that's meant to be enjoyed. (Read: It did made me mad. Mad about the things Rebecca experienced, the things people have said. But not mad at Rebecca herself for blaming and bashing like I thought I might be).

Anyway, I digress. I definitely recommend this book to... well really to anybody. But especially to all millennial women. Whether you grew up in a religious household or not, I guarantee you were exposed to purity culture in some way or another, as Rebecca points out in her book. I also really recommend this book to parents of girls. Or really parents in general. Especially if you have teenagers right now.

I really appreciated how Rebecca sort of defended the motives behind purity culture. And she made a distinction between "the purity movement (spurred initially by high teen pregnancy rates) that simply encourages men and women to handle their God-given sexuality responsibility - which is commendable - and the legalistic ugly stepsister known as 'Purity Culture'." The Scarlet Virgins, p.12.

So much literature that I've seen on the topic simply bashes purity culture calling its perpetrators "bigots" and "hypocrites" and "pharisees" and the like. Don't get me wrong. Some of them are these things. But I think a lot of parents and spiritual leaders are innocent in their motives and are simply victims of the pendulum swing of culture just as the teens they influence. I really appreciated that Rebecca addressed this in her book.

Anyway, I've already written too much but just know this was a powerful book and I do recommend it! You can read Rebecca's blog here. And you can get the book on amazon here.

*Side note, while we're on the 'Purity Culture' topic. Sheila Gregoire and her daughters have put together a video course to help with teaching young women about puberty, sex, and purity. You can check out the course(s) right here. (affiliate link)

Laugh It Up! by Candace Payne

If you don't know who Candace Payne is, she's the Chewbacca Mom. If you don't know who the Chewbacca Mom is, you've been living under a rock for the past year. Or at least you've been living somewhere without the internet. But somehow you're reading this.

Anyway, I digress. When I found out Candace had written a book and it was called Laugh It Up! I knew I had to read it. I so admire Chewbacca Mom's joy and I loved her heart, from what I had seen. So when she extended an application to be a part of the launch team for her book, I jumped in and applied! I was so honored to be selected!

So yes, I received a digital copy of the book for free (before it was available to the public) and I ordered a physical copy at a highly discounted price (which I will also get early) in exchange for a blog review and social media buzz. Laugh it Up! will be released on November 7th. You can preorder now

Wow. The beginning of this book was all fun and games and laughter. But around chapter 4 it gets pretty serious. Candace has faced a lot in her life. Just like most people. And she's come through some hard times with Joy by her side. There are so many things here that I can relate to. Each chapter of this book tells another part of Candace's story and how she let something steal her joy and how she either overcame it or is working to overcome it.

Believe it or not, I found a way to relate to each chapter and each entity that pushes Joy aside: Shame. Comparison. Fear. Pride. Discontentment. (just to name a few). This is a book I will keep around and pick up often when I need a little refresher for the pain of whatever I'm going through. 

The chapter about her marriage: Saying Never, Meaning Always really hit home in particular. I identified with her insecurities so much. Why is it so difficult to trust the man who promised to love me forever? Well because our society and my (and Candace's) past experiences tell us otherwise. Because Shame and Comparison have entered our minds and are very resistant to being thrown out.

But I don't want to give away any more specifics.

We all need joy in our life. Joy is different from happiness. It is a permanent entity, not reliant on circumstances. But we let other things take over and we forget about the joy. I also love that while yes, Candace is a Christian, she doesn't impose her beliefs on the reader. In fact, I don't think she even markets this book as a Christian book at all. While scripture talks about most of what she addresses in her book, and she does mention a couple verses and hymns, she doesn't spend a lot of time there because non-Christians need to experience Joy as well.

I recommend this book to literally anybody and everybody! Oh and I should mention that it is safe for readers of all ages as many sensitive details are left out. So feel free to read it with your kids or as a family.

What have you read this month? Link up below!
Thanks for reading!

P.S. Next month, I hope to read Muddling Through Again by Lee Haugen Long, Frankenstein, and at least one book from the Cormoran Strike series. I'm stating that here (as well as in my monthly goals) for some semblance of accountability. I really want to read more!

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Friday, September 22, 2017

5 on Friday: Life Lately (+ an announcement)

Well guys. It's been a while since I've done a 5 on Friday post. But I think it's time I caught you guys up. If you saw my Instagram and Facebook posts on Monday with an exciting announcement, you know it's time too.
It's time for a life update: We're moving to Oregon! But first, we're going to Disney World.

First of all, it's FALL!!

Today is the first day of autumn and I could not be more excited! This fall is going to be crazy busy for us (more on that below), but I'm still excited for it. Halloween, cooler weather, changing leaves, football.

This year I'm especially excited because it's our last in Columbus and I want to try to experience everything we can. We will be apple picking, doing a fall festival with friends and so much more!

OH! And I'm in a fantasy football league for the first time in my life. Sarah of Venus Trapped in Mars manages an all girls league every year and I literally got the last spot this year! And I am currently 2-0 right now, thank you very much! #VTIMGirlSquad2

Secondly, we're moving to OREGON!!!

So I'm sure this part you already know, but Pearson is graduating with his PhD in December! Y'all. It has been 5 long, terrible years. But we're almost there. Gah I can't wait! I'm planning some awesome stuff!

What you may not know (or maybe you do because I didn't do a good job of keeping it a secret) is that he accepted a job at Intel in Portland, Oregon and we're moving there in January! He finally got the official offer at the end of last week and accepted at the beginning of this one. We knew he was getting an offer seven weeks ago, but didn't want to say anything publicly until it was official.
I Googled my symptoms. Turns out I just need a trip to Disney World. So we're going!
This is a picture of a picture that my mom took on our trip to Disney World back in 2001!! #FlashbackFriday

Thirdly, we're going to Disney World!!

Don't tell Pearson, but this might be the news I'm most excited about! I've been dying to go to Disney World, just the two of us, ever since we got married. And it's finally happening! We will be celebrating graduation, our 5th anniversary, and my birthday (we will actually be there on my birthday) in the Happiest Place on Earth!!!!

I've spent the last few days planning everything for Disney down to what socks I'm going to wear with each perfectly planned outfit I have for each day we're there. Oh and I should mention that we'll be there for 6 full days and 2 of those will be spent at Universal. We gotta see The Wizarding World of Harry Potter while we're in Orlando.

So yeah. Pearson graduates on December 17th. All the family that will be here for graduation will leave the next week. Then we'll spend Christmas here in Columbus packing, selling furniture and getting ready to move. At the end of December we'll fly out to Portland to look at apartments. Then we'll come back, pack everything up, ship our stuff off to Portland, and leave this city for good! Then we'll drive to Orlando, spend a week there, and then spend two weeks driving across the country to Oregon!! It's gonna be crazy. Pray for us!

Number four, FULLER HOUSE!!!

Fuller House season 3 comes to Netflix today!! You're probably thinking "this one doesn't belong in this list." You're right. It's not quite as exciting as some the other things in this list, but it's pretty close! Wanna make bets on how long it takes me to get through the season? I'm thinking tomorrow around 3:00 pm at the latest.

And lastly, I need some Hashtag Help!

So hashtags. Pearson and I usually use a hashtag for all of our trips. And even my trips without Pearson. I used #MrsMaugeriAtUniversal when I went to Universal with my roomie a few years ago. We use #MaugerisHolidays2K16 (with different years) at Thanksgiving and Christmas every year. #MaugerisDoCali was when we went to Southern California in 2016 and #MaugerisDoOregon was when we went to Portland for Pearson's first interview. I always used to use #MrsMaugeriInTheOffice whenever I went to Atlanta for work.

Maybe that's a little excessive but I like it so I don't care.

So anyway, should I use a hashtag for the entire two months to include graduation, Disney, our road trip to Oregon, etc. Or make a different hashtag for everything. Or both? And help me pick the hashtag(s)!

#MaugerisDoOregonTrail? #MaugerisFinishGradSchool? #MaugerisAtDisneyWorld? #MaugeriHolidayRoadTrip2K17? #MaugerisBigMove?

So there you have it. Lots of updates! Lots of very exciting changes going on over here!
As always, thanks for reading!

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Thursday, September 14, 2017

How to have a Weekly Couple's Meeting

Do you have regular meetings with your spouse?

Some people call them "business meetings." Some people call them "coffee breaks." Some people call them "companion inventory." Some people call them "about us dates." I call them "couple check-ins."

Y'all, these meetings are so important. In fact, I've seen article after article about them lately. Basically every marriage blogger, coach, or counselor on the internet (that I've found) talks about these meetings in some way. And Pearson and I could definitely be much better about them.
The weekly couple's meeting (or check-in as I like to call them) is a very important tool for your marriage. Taking time each week to be intentional about your marriage and to work on communication and bettering yourself as a spouse and just to be on the same page is a game changer!
So today I'm breaking them down for you. I'll give you a definition, what all it entails, why it's important, and some tips. I'm doing the research and writing this to help our marriage and I thought I'd share it with you as well.

Definition of a "Couple Check-In":

A couple check-in (or whatever you want to call it) is a regularly scheduled meeting that only includes the two of you during which you discuss the state of your marriage as well as anything else that needs to be discussed.

Or put another way, it's a weekly status or business meeting to discuss the business of your marriage. No, it doesn't sound very fun or exciting or romantic. But you can make it fun, exciting, and romantic. And it's so important. Read on. Trust me.

What a "Couple Check-In" Should Include:

During this "business meeting" you and your spouse should discuss your schedule and plans for the upcoming week. These are things you need to be on the same page about. Bring your planner along and take note! There's nothing worse than unspoken expectations and thinking your husband was picking the kids up like he always does on Tuesdays but he forgot to tell you he has a meeting this week. Am I right? Just get on the same page.

You can also use this time to plan your next date night. Dating your spouse is so important and often gets put on the back burner. Be intentional about making it happen! Plan that time to connect.

Next, ask how each other is doing. Share your highs and lows for the week. Rate how you are doing emotionally, physically, spiritually, and mentally. Share that with each other, and listen to one another. Just being there for your spouse and listening when things aren't going so great is very powerful!

Talk about the state of your marriage. Yeah this one might seem a little scary but it doesn't have to be. Talk about the six forms of intimacy (emotional, physical, intellectual, spiritual, financial, recreational). Discuss how you each feel you're doing in each of the categories. Talk about how you can improve that. Also, ask for examples of how you've been a good wife or husband this week and how you could improve. Take the constructive criticism and don't get defensive. Remember this is how they are feeling. Take it seriously. They still love you.

And lastly, ask some fun getting to know you questions. You don't know everything there is to know about your spouse, I promise! There's always more to learn. The Dating Divas have some awesome conversation starters you could use here!

Why a "Couple Check-In" is Important:

I don't think I have to tell you but making your spouse a priority is so important. I feel like our society puts marriage on the back burner these days. Either that or they flat out neglect them.

The other day I heard someone say "If you need a book to tell you how to be married, you probably shouldn't be married." What? No! There are self help books out there for all aspects of life. If you're reading a parenting book, does that mean you shouldn't be a parent? No! If you're reading a confidence book does that mean you shouldn't be confident? No! Nobody is perfect and there is nothing wrong with trying to better ourselves. And marriage is no exception! In fact, I think marriage is our most important relationship and the most important aspect in our lives. Why not try to make it the best it can be?

That's not to say marriage is particularly difficult. It really isn't any more than any other part of life. But life is difficult. And you are two different people trying to join two different lives together. You have different personalities, values, experiences, and emotions. So the least you can do is set aside some regular time to make sure you're on the same page, right?

That communication is vital! So many arguments and issues in marriage stem from miscommunication or unmet (often unspoken) expectations. Not to mention keeping emotions pent up inside. Make a commitment to getting them out!

Tips for Your Next "Couple Check-In":

One: Make it consistent! If every week doesn't work for you, fine. Do it once a month or every other week or whatever works. But keep it consistent so you can count on yourself. Make it important. Write it in your calendar in pen. Trust me, if it's not consistent and it's not a priority, it won't happen. Maybe it will for a little bit but then you'll eventually get out of the habit if other things keep taking priority.

Two: Put away your phones! (Unless you use them for your calendar - and maybe for emergencies if you left the kids with a babysitter). This time is for you and your spouse only. Give each other your undivided attention. Let each other know they are the most important person to you. You can go an hour or so without your phone, I promise!

Three: Go out! Sometimes it helps to get away, you know? Go to dinner or a coffee shop or a park. Change your scenery. Get away from your stresses and distractions. Relax. Maybe even do something while you talk. Perhaps you could go for a walk. It's sometimes easier to talk when you're not just sitting there in your living room or bedroom.

Links for More Reading About Couple Meetings:

I have a FREE Couples Check-In cheat sheet! All you have to do is sign up for my bi-weekly newsletter to get it!

Tony and Alisa from One Extraordinary Marriage interviewed The Social Media Couple in one of their early podcasts. In the interview, Kelli talked about these dates, how they do them, and why they're important. Oh and Jason and Kelli call them "about us dates."

The Power of a Weekly Marriage Meeting - ArtOfManliness.com
The Weekly Meeting {A Happy Marriage Secret} - CreativeHomekeeper.com
Should You Have Weekly Meetings for a Better Marriage - PsychCentral.com
Marriage Meetings for Lasting Love by Marcia Naomi Berger
The weekly couple's meeting (or check-in as I like to call them) is a very important tool for your marriage. Taking time each week to be intentional about your marriage and to work on communication and bettering yourself as a spouse and just to be on the same page is a game changer!
So you see, these meetings could really be a game changer! I'd really like to make it more of a priority with Pearson. We've had a hard time making it consistent (as I talked about above) because Pearson's schedule isn't consistent. Here's to doing better!

Do you have weekly "couple check-ins"?
How often do you have them?
Have they improved your marriage?
Thanks for reading!

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Tuesday, September 5, 2017

My Favorite Online Marriage Programs

In the middle of August, I shared a blog post full of my favorite marriage related Instagram accounts. I thought today I'd share all my favorite online marriage courses and clubs.

Pearson and I have joined some great clubs and courses lately. It's so important to continue learning and growing in every aspect of life. And of course, I believe your marriage relationship is the most important aspect of your life. Besides your faith. And your marriage is and should be a big part of your faith. But that's a post for another time.

Anyway, I just had to share these resources with you because we've loved most of them so far. Yes some (but not all) of these have affiliate links. I will tell you which ones. And no we are not members of all of the ones listed here. I will tell you which ones we are and aren't members of as well. All the ones that we haven't tried ourselves, I've heard great things about from other people. I'm not just sharing them because I have an affiliate link.
Some tried and true awesome online marriage clubs and courses because you should always be working on your marriage even if it's going great right now!

One Extraordinary Marriage's Position of the Month Club

Full Disclosure: Pearson and I are both members of this club (POTMC). In fact, we were founding members! These are NOT affiliate links. The club is ongoing and you can cancel at any time. It's $20/month.

I don't think it's a secret around here that I love Tony and Alisa of One Extraordinary Marriage. I started listening to their podcast (again) from the beginning in August and I'm on episode 20. These guys are incredible. I love their passion for marriage. I love their honesty and openness on their podcast. And guess what! They're even more open and honest with the members of POTMC.

So anyway, you can read all the details here if you want. But basically, every month you get a new position to try. Yes a sex position. Because sex in marriage should be fun and exciting. Even though the club is called the Position of the Month, that is not even close to all you get!

POTMC perks:
  • Monthly position paper complete with pictures (of wooden dolls), a write up explanation, and an area for you to give each other feedback.
  • Access to the members only private facebook group. Such a great and supportive community.
  • Monthly Inspiration. Some from the past were a list of dates under $20, coloring inspiration cards, and an "intimacy wheel" to help facilitate conversations between spouses about the state of each of six the forms of intimacy in your marriage.
  • A monthly live call with Tony and Alisa to answer any and all questions. Plus other random shorter facebook lives throughout the month each to discuss specific aspects of the club.
  • A monthly book club. These are not always books directly about marriage, but rather personal development. In the past we've read and discussed Never Quit by Edwin Cole, The One Thing by Gary Keller, and Traveling Light by Max Lucado.
  • Quarterly challenges. Right now they have the "no screen challenge" going on. It's such a great way to connect!
  • Unique quarterly gifts delivered right to your home! This quarter, they're giving a paperback copy of their book, The 7 Days of Sex Challenge, which is normally $16.95. Join by September 8th to get it! We already have this book, so we'll probably be giving the new copy away. But guys, this book and challenge is everything! (And that's all I'll say about that...)
  • An exclusive discount on their entire shop. This one is another great perk! Though we haven't taken advantage of it yet, I'm sure we will soon. I've been dying to read both Connect Like You Did When You First Met and Stripped Down.
Y'all, I can't say enough about this club. Pearson and I have gotten so much inspiration out of it. I love connecting with others in the facebook group and talking to Tony and Alisa one on one after reading and listening to them for so long!

And guys, the free copy of The 7 Days of Sex challenge is good enough reason to join in the next couple days!
The Position of the Month Club is one of my tried and true awesome online marriage clubs. You should always be working on your marriage even if it's going great right now!

Sheila Gregoire's Boost Your Libido Course

Full Disclosure: I have only done the first module of this course and read a little bit of the ebook that comes with it. These are affiliate links. It's a one time cost of $39.00 and you have access to the course forever.

Let me start by saying that I absolutely love everything I've ever read from Sheila. I completely agree with everything on her blog (To Love Honor and Vacuum) about Purity Culture, sex in general, how to deal with conflicts in marriage. Everything.

That's why I bought this course. And why I ultimately became an affiliate for it before even completing the course.

Sheila is very passionate about contradicting our culture when it comes to many things. Not just sex, libido, porn, and purity culture. In addition to marriage, she writes a lot about faith and parenting. She even wrote about why gen-x women don't like Hillary Clinton.

So all this to say that I trust Sheila and I've learned a lot from her many posts about women's libido on her blog. So when I found this course, I knew I had to check out. Even though I don't necessarily think I have a problem in this area, I wanted to learn more about it!

You can read more about Boost Your Libido here. The first module has already been very eye opening as she explains in it what libido actually is. And how it's not what we think it is. Especially for women.
The Boost Your Libido Course is one of my tried and true awesome online marriage courses. You should always be working on your marriage even if it's going great right now!

The Dating Divas:

Full Disclosure: The following three programs are from The Dating Divas. Yes these are affiliate links and I've only been a member of one out of three. But I've only heard great things about them!

So The Dating Divas have three awesome programs for three different levels of need in marriage. So there's the Reclaim your Marriage program for if you need some serious help. The Marriage Master's Program for when your marriage is feeling a little boring. And Marriage Club for when your marriage is going great and you want to keep it that way!

If you're not sure which one is best for you, you could take this free quiz! In case you're wondering, the quiz told me to try Marriage Club.
Find out which of The Dating Divas' tried and true marriage clubs or courses is best for you. You should always be working on your marriage even if it's going great right now!

ONE || Marriage Club:

For couples who already have a good (or great) marriage, The Divas recommend their DATING DIVAS MARRIAGE CLUB! It is a monthly membership club created with married couples in mind.

Basically, it’s a quick and easy way for couples to be more intentional about their marriage and make sure it stays a priority. Think of it as car insurance or getting your oil changed- it’s helps you keep up the maintenance so you can avoid costly repairs down the road! When you become a Marriage Club member you get access to…
  • His and Hers Checklists with quick & easy romance tips & ideas for husbands AND wives!
  • Romance Ideas for special occasions like birthdays and anniversaries!
  • Tracks with interactive lessons and action steps based on popular marriage topics!
  • Club Credits you can redeem to unlock more tracks or purchase products from The Diva Store!
  • Discounts and Deals to make dating and romancing each other easier!
  • Monthly Webinars covering in-depth marriage topics!
  • Audio Seminars from marriage and relationship professionals!
And it’s $14.97 per month. (or $149.70 if you purchase an annual membership, so that's two months free!)
The Dating Divas' Marriage Club is one of my tried and true awesome online marriage clubs. You should always be working on your marriage even if it's going great right now!

TWO || Marriage Masters Program:

The MARRIAGE MASTER PROGRAM, on the other hand, was created for couples who feel like things have gotten a little boring or routine. Maybe the honeymoon feeling has started to fade or they miss that “spark” they used to have in the beginning of their relationship. It’s for couples who are ready to up the ante in their marriage! It is a 26-week course designed to help couples rediscover the fun in their marriage and get back those sparks- all the way from A to Z. (They like to call it "the done-for-you way to date your spouse!") 

They provide you with weekly, printable checklists that include: date prep, conversation starters, intimacy tips, and more! 

It's a 26 week program at $9.97 a week! That may sound like a lot but compared to marriage counseling, it's really not.
The Dating Divas' Marriage Masters Program is one of my tried and true awesome online marriage clubs. You should always be working on your marriage even if it's going great right now!

THREE || Reclaim Your Marriage Program:

And finally, the RECLAIM YOUR MARRIAGE PROGRAM is perfect for couples who are facing serious struggles in their relationship, and may even be considering separation or divorce. It is a comprehensive 10-week course that dives deep into the 10 most common "pain points" or crucial marriage topics and struggles that most often lead couples to divorce. They recommend this program for anyone who really is serious about improving their marriage, but especially for couples who are facing real obstacles and need help and answers. It was created to help couples tackle the tough issues they may be facing in their marriage. 

At only $47 a week, it's a lot more affordable than marriage counseling! (Plus, they’ve found that many couples love that they can do it anonymously from the comfort of their own home.)
The Dating Divas' Marriage Masters Program is one of my tried and true awesome online marriage clubs. You should always be working on your marriage even if it's going great right now!

Free Wife Communities:

ONE || For Better & Forever:

This is a free Facebook group run by The Dating Divas. The community is all about loving on our spouses in a busy world and making sure we have fun while we do it!

TWO || My Wife Tribe:

This is a free Facebook group run by my Kailei of Two Best Friends in Love Blog. This is a place where we can share and find ideas to make our marriages rock.

THREE || Freshly Married Wives Community:

This is a free Facebook group run by Amy of Freshly Married. The idea of this group is to have a safe, non-judgemental, helpful, and encouraging place where you can ask questions about all aspects of marriage.

FOUR || Sweet Wives Community:

This is a free Facebook group fun by Chelsea of Living the Sweet Wife. This is a support group and community of married Christian women.

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If you click on a link and make a purchase, I might get a little money. 
All opinions are my own.
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Friday, September 1, 2017

Monthly Goals for September {2017}

Ah September. One month closer to Pearson's graduation and our big move! This month is the beginning of fall! I see lots of football, pumpkin everything, falling leaves, sweaters and boots in the near future! And I've given up my hold on the end of summer. I don't care anymore. Bring on autumn!!!!

Anyway, enough of my gushing over fall. It's the first day of the month which means it's time for some goals! Let's start with how I did in August.
Monthly Goals for September


Word of the Year (confidence):

  • Not work myself so hard. Spread out my to-do lists and schedule my tasks (including self-care and workouts).
    • Meh. I guess you could say I did okay on this. I need to find a better way to make this goal measurable.


  • Attend Church every Sunday and Wednesday this month.
  • Finish working through the devotional, Becoming One by Madison Weaver


  • Complete the 21 Day Fix EXTREME program.
  • Get out of bed by 7:00 am every work day.
  • Drink 80 oz of water per day
  • Don't go through any drive throughs this month. I did it for Lent. I'll do it again!
    • I went through a drive through about 3 times. Much less than I had been.




  • Update pictures and SEO in at least 10 old posts (I have a list of posts I want to update)
  • Reach 2,000 Twitter followers
    • I can't seem to get over the 1800 hump. It didn't help that the app I use to manage twitter was supper glitchy this month. I also could have spent more time on it but it just wasn't a high priority.
  • Complete the 3 guest posts I'm currently working on and submit them
  • Create and submit my content for a blogger bundle (I don't want to reveal too much yet)
  • Promote my old college and back-to-school posts and products
  • Work on my Facebook game - post more, promote my page, get engagement
  • Watch all of Helene's free Instagram Workshop videos
  • Bonus: 


  • Keep our home relatively clean (especially the dishes)
  • Bonus:
    • I decorated for fall
    • I printed out some prints I've been meaning to display in our house
    • I pulled out all our fall candles and started using them.
    • I actually baked for the first time in forever! I made cinnamon apple cupcakes!


  • Catch up and stay within our budget.
    • Only eat out on weekends
    • Cheap at-home dates (besides the Irish Festival)
    • Don't spend any "spending money"
  • Start using DuoLingo again for German and French.
So that's how I did in August. Not too bad. This month I'm cutting back on blog goals. I'm going to try to focus more on actual blog content rather than meeting other behind-the-scenes and social media goals. I'm also increasing my focus in other areas like physical health, mental health, and budgeting. We'll see how I do!
Monthly Goals for September


Word of the Year (confidence):

  • Not work myself so hard. Spread out my to-do lists and schedule my tasks (including self-care and workouts). Any tips on how to make this goal measurable?



  • Do a Beachbody on Demand workout at least 3X per week
  • Walk on my lunch break at least 3X per week
  • Get out of bed by 7:00 am at least 3X per week
  • Drink 80 oz of water per day
  • Don't go through any drive throughs this month.


  • Read Laugh It Up! by Candace Payne (I'm part of the launch team for this) 
  • Read Into the Water by Paula Hawkins
  • Write down 3 things I'm thankful for everyday
  • Listen to at least three episodes of the One Extraordinary Marriage podcast per week on my commute to and from work.


  • Work through Sheila's Boost Your Libido eCourse
  • Go on one date per week even though Pearson will be super busy in September.


  • Reach 2,000 Twitter followers
  • Watch all of Helene's free Instagram Workshop videos
  • Post at least one good-quality, content-based blog post (lists, roundups, and sponsored posts don't count) every week


  • Light at least one candle every day to make it feel cozy
  • Switch out my summer clothes for sweaters and boots
  • Do the #Shelftember challenge with Jordan of funcheaporfree.com


  • Do a French lesson on DuoLingo 3X per week
  • Only eat out on weekends
  • Actually save some money this month in preparation for our vacation and move in January
So there you have it. It looks like a lot of goals. And I guess it is. But I'm feeling really good about it!

  • So what are your goals for September? Let me know some of your biggest goals in the comments.
  • Did you write a blog post about them? If so, share the link in the comments! Let's support each other, cheer each other on, and hold each other accountable!

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