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Thursday, September 14, 2017

How to have a Weekly Couple's Meeting

Do you have regular meetings with your spouse?

Some people call them "business meetings." Some people call them "coffee breaks." Some people call them "companion inventory." Some people call them "about us dates." I call them "couple check-ins."

Y'all, these meetings are so important. In fact, I've seen article after article about them lately. Basically every marriage blogger, coach, or counselor on the internet (that I've found) talks about these meetings in some way. And Pearson and I could definitely be much better about them.
The weekly couple's meeting (or check-in as I like to call them) is a very important tool for your marriage. Taking time each week to be intentional about your marriage and to work on communication and bettering yourself as a spouse and just to be on the same page is a game changer!
So today I'm breaking them down for you. I'll give you a definition, what all it entails, why it's important, and some tips. I'm doing the research and writing this to help our marriage and I thought I'd share it with you as well.

Definition of a "Couple Check-In":

A couple check-in (or whatever you want to call it) is a regularly scheduled meeting that only includes the two of you during which you discuss the state of your marriage as well as anything else that needs to be discussed.

Or put another way, it's a weekly status or business meeting to discuss the business of your marriage. No, it doesn't sound very fun or exciting or romantic. But you can make it fun, exciting, and romantic. And it's so important. Read on. Trust me.

What a "Couple Check-In" Should Include:

During this "business meeting" you and your spouse should discuss your schedule and plans for the upcoming week. These are things you need to be on the same page about. Bring your planner along and take note! There's nothing worse than unspoken expectations and thinking your husband was picking the kids up like he always does on Tuesdays but he forgot to tell you he has a meeting this week. Am I right? Just get on the same page.

You can also use this time to plan your next date night. Dating your spouse is so important and often gets put on the back burner. Be intentional about making it happen! Plan that time to connect.

Next, ask how each other is doing. Share your highs and lows for the week. Rate how you are doing emotionally, physically, spiritually, and mentally. Share that with each other, and listen to one another. Just being there for your spouse and listening when things aren't going so great is very powerful!

Talk about the state of your marriage. Yeah this one might seem a little scary but it doesn't have to be. Talk about the six forms of intimacy (emotional, physical, intellectual, spiritual, financial, recreational). Discuss how you each feel you're doing in each of the categories. Talk about how you can improve that. Also, ask for examples of how you've been a good wife or husband this week and how you could improve. Take the constructive criticism and don't get defensive. Remember this is how they are feeling. Take it seriously. They still love you.

And lastly, ask some fun getting to know you questions. You don't know everything there is to know about your spouse, I promise! There's always more to learn. The Dating Divas have some awesome conversation starters you could use here!

Why a "Couple Check-In" is Important:

I don't think I have to tell you but making your spouse a priority is so important. I feel like our society puts marriage on the back burner these days. Either that or they flat out neglect them.

The other day I heard someone say "If you need a book to tell you how to be married, you probably shouldn't be married." What? No! There are self help books out there for all aspects of life. If you're reading a parenting book, does that mean you shouldn't be a parent? No! If you're reading a confidence book does that mean you shouldn't be confident? No! Nobody is perfect and there is nothing wrong with trying to better ourselves. And marriage is no exception! In fact, I think marriage is our most important relationship and the most important aspect in our lives. Why not try to make it the best it can be?

That's not to say marriage is particularly difficult. It really isn't any more than any other part of life. But life is difficult. And you are two different people trying to join two different lives together. You have different personalities, values, experiences, and emotions. So the least you can do is set aside some regular time to make sure you're on the same page, right?

That communication is vital! So many arguments and issues in marriage stem from miscommunication or unmet (often unspoken) expectations. Not to mention keeping emotions pent up inside. Make a commitment to getting them out!

Tips for Your Next "Couple Check-In":

One: Make it consistent! If every week doesn't work for you, fine. Do it once a month or every other week or whatever works. But keep it consistent so you can count on yourself. Make it important. Write it in your calendar in pen. Trust me, if it's not consistent and it's not a priority, it won't happen. Maybe it will for a little bit but then you'll eventually get out of the habit if other things keep taking priority.

Two: Put away your phones! (Unless you use them for your calendar - and maybe for emergencies if you left the kids with a babysitter). This time is for you and your spouse only. Give each other your undivided attention. Let each other know they are the most important person to you. You can go an hour or so without your phone, I promise!

Three: Go out! Sometimes it helps to get away, you know? Go to dinner or a coffee shop or a park. Change your scenery. Get away from your stresses and distractions. Relax. Maybe even do something while you talk. Perhaps you could go for a walk. It's sometimes easier to talk when you're not just sitting there in your living room or bedroom.

Links for More Reading About Couple Meetings:

I have a FREE Couples Check-In cheat sheet! All you have to do is sign up for my bi-weekly newsletter to get it!

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The weekly couple's meeting (or check-in as I like to call them) is a very important tool for your marriage. Taking time each week to be intentional about your marriage and to work on communication and bettering yourself as a spouse and just to be on the same page is a game changer!
So you see, these meetings could really be a game changer! I'd really like to make it more of a priority with Pearson. We've had a hard time making it consistent (as I talked about above) because Pearson's schedule isn't consistent. Here's to doing better!

Do you have weekly "couple check-ins"?
How often do you have them?
Have they improved your marriage?
Thanks for reading!

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