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Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Reading Roundup October {2017}

You guys! I cannot believe October is over already. October is my favorite month of the year and it really got away from me this year! But that's okay because I am really looking forward to the rest of this year!

Anyway, I planned to read Frankenstein and one book from the Cormoran Strike series this month but neither of those happened. But let's see what I did end up reading this month, shall we?

Muddling Through Again by Lee Haugen Long

My good blog-friend, Brita of Belle Brita republished her late mother's book of prayers this year. Brita's mom, Lee Haugen Long, wrote and self published Muddling Through: Prayers and Reflections for a Woman's Journey back in 2000 and had been collecting more prayers for a second book before cancer took her life in 2015. Brita took the original book along with her mom's notes and published a second edition for Kindle called Muddling Through Again. She is also currently working on publishing a paperback version. Brita gave me a free Kindle copy in exchange for an honest review. To read more, visit muddlingthroughagain.com.

I have to be honest here, I'm not so sure I like the format of this book of prayers. I appreciate how the prayers are organized into sections (Thanksgiving, confession, children etc), but within those sections, there is not much separating the prayers. Each prayer does not have a greeting or a salutation like I usually have in my prayers. That is absolutely just a personal preference, of course. But for me it made the reading of the prayers a little difficult.

With that being said, I realize I have never read a book of prayers. I usually use devotional books including scripture, a lesson and a prayer at the end. I like that better personally. But I know a book like this has a purpose. And there are certainly pros to having the prayers in each category sort of run together. I can see picking up the book and turning to a certain section of the book and just reading the section completely when I need some guidance in that area of my prayer life. Each section isn't that long.

Anyway, with all that said, I still really enjoyed the book. I identified with a lot of these prayers,aAnd reading them reminded me that nothing is too small for God. Even when we don't feel like praying or we don't have much to say, we should still simply talk to Him. As I read Lee's prayers, the thought that we should turn everything over to God wa reinforced over and over. Sometimes I think that struggles I have within my own head are things I need to work on by myself, rather than asking God to renew my spirit.

Also, Lee's confession session was very convicting. She prayed about how she makes excuses rather than using her gifts to work in God's kingdom. Oh man. Also, she talked a lot about justification. She justifies her sins, just like I do!

Even the Christmas prayers moved me.

So yes I recommend this book of prayers to any Christian woman. It's a good reminder of the power of prayer and simply living a prayer-filled life even when your prayers feel "generic." And as I mentioned before, I am certainly glad to have this book on my kindle with access to it from the kindle app on my phone so I can pick it up whenever I'm feeling uninspired in my prayer life!

Murder on the Orient Express by Agatha Christie

As I'm sure you know, there is a movie based on this book coming out in November! Therefore, my book club decided to read Murder on the Orient Express this month.

I just want to say first and foremost, I'm not sure how they've made a movie out of this book. There is no action and hardly any drama. The entire thing basically happens on a stopped train. And almost the entire book is spent on Hercule Poirot interviewing suspects, making guesses and figuring out the mystery. Which I personally loved! But hollywood likes action and drama so I'm willing to bet the movie will have a lot of extra stuff that wasn't in the book.

But I digress. The book was fantastic! The twist at the end was pretty great. To be honest, I sort of thought of the answer before the end but there was still a little extra twist that made me say "Holy Cow!!"

And I will say that the wide array of characters will be fun to see on screen.

I recommend this book to anybody who likes mysteries and doesn't mind a book without action!

What have you read this month? Link up below!
Thanks for reading!

P.S. Next month, I hope to read The Not so Average Superwoman by Makeda Rodriguez, and at least one book from the Cormoran Strike series. I'm stating that here (as well as in my monthly goals) for some semblance of accountability. I really want to read more!

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Friday, October 13, 2017

13 FREE Halloween Printables

Friday the 13th in October? This is gold!

Halloween is my favorite Holiday and I feel like October is slipping away from me this year! I taught a class at a youth rally on September 30th so I spent the whole first week of October catching up on housework and other things I neglected in the previous week while preparing for the rally. And this week I've been doing a lot of work for the All Things Holiday Bundle sale. (Today is the LAST day to buy it and I promise you don't want to miss out).

HOWEVER, Pearson and I have gotten to watch a few Halloween(ish) movies. We saw It last Friday and so far at home we've watched Little Evil, Practical Magic, Gremlins, Hocus Pocus, and we started season one of Stranger Things again.

BUT I haven't even decorated for Halloween. And we actually don't have plans for the actual day. We don't get trick-or-treaters. And unfortunately, this year we won't even do trunk-or-treat. So we don't even have anywhere to wear a costume this year.

NEVERTHELESS, I did buy way too much Halloween LuLaRoe. Including a Maleficent Perfect T, a Jack Skellington Perfect T and a Frankenstein Classic T. So there's that.

We are going to a fall festival in a couple weeks. We're still planning to go apple picking this month. And we will spend the weekend before Halloween watching season 2 of Stranger Things. So not all is lost.

Anyway, I feel like that was a really long intro for this post but this is the first blog post I've written in October where I could just talk. And frankly, I could talk about Halloween and October for days! But I'll stop there and get on to the point of this post. You're welcome!

Oh and sorry for all the "related" links but what can I say? I love Halloween and I blog about it a lot!

A round up of 13 Free Halloween Printables from The Dating Divas that you can use in your marriage. Date nights, parties, love notes, games, and fun prints. All FREE!!
Alright one more thing before we get to this list. I wasn't planning on having The Dating Divas* supply all the printables in this roundup but I couldn't help it. They have SO much content and it's so cute! In fact, they have about 10 more awesome FREE Halloween printables that I wanted to share, but I really wanted to keep it to 13 on Friday the 13th. So I narrowed it down to Halloween Printables you can use in your marriage - not necessarily for kids. So bring on the Halloween date nights, parties, gifts and some super cute prints! (Head over to their website and search for "Halloween" for more)

*Side note: I'm sure you're getting tired of me talking about The Dating Divas but I seriously love them. And everything in this post is free so I'm not even making money on this one at all!

A round up of 13 Free Halloween Printables from The Dating Divas that you can use in your marriage. Date nights, parties, love notes, games, and fun prints. All FREE!!

ONE || Halloween Movie Marathon Date Night

It's probably no surprise that I love Halloween movies, from the cutsie Nightmare Before Christmas to the scary Silence of the Lambs. This post not only contains a cute free printable invitation for the date night but also a great list of 50 halloween movie recommendations grouped by category: classics, kid friendly, and scary! BONUS: print out the bingo card (number six on this list) to make it even more fun!

A round up of 13 Free Halloween Printables from The Dating Divas that you can use in your marriage. Date nights, parties, love notes, games, and fun prints. All FREE!!

TWO || Halloween Party Group Date

These beautifully spooky printables are to die for! (get it?) Grave stone cupcake toppers, straw flags, and clever food labels. Oh My! And they've linked to awesome food and activity ideas for the perfect group date!

A round up of 13 Free Halloween Printables from The Dating Divas that you can use in your marriage. Date nights, parties, love notes, games, and fun prints. All FREE!!

THREE || Boo-tilicious Halloween Date Night

This "Freaky Fishing" card game is like "Go Fish" but better! The printable playing cards are the cutest and of course they've included a precious invitation to give your sweetie!

A round up of 13 Free Halloween Printables from The Dating Divas that you can use in your marriage. Date nights, parties, love notes, games, and fun prints. All FREE!!

FOUR || Haunted House Date Night

Ok I also love haunted houses. And I especially love going to a haunted house with my love, getting scared, and walking through the house holding on to him for dear life! Anyway, The Divas have an adorable invitation and an "I Survived" badge for before and after your trip to the haunted house. But they don't leave you hanging there. The "Sexy Ta-boo" game is perfect! If you've played taboo you know you have to get someone to guess a word by describing it but you can't say the word or any of the "off limits" words. So this version is taboo but the words are either sexy or have to do with halloween! So cute!

A round up of 13 Free Halloween Printables from The Dating Divas that you can use in your marriage. Date nights, parties, love notes, games, and fun prints. All FREE!!

FIVE || Ghostbusters Movie Date Night

You guys! These printables are so cute! You know I love a cheesy date night and this pack is perfect for just that. I mean... It even has popcorn boxes, drink and other treat wrappers and a game for you competitive couples!

A round up of 13 Free Halloween Printables from The Dating Divas that you can use in your marriage. Date nights, parties, love notes, games, and fun prints. All FREE!!

SIX || Scary Movie Bingo

How fun does this sound?! You know almost all scary movies have silly cliche's right? So play bingo and see who can spot them all! I just plan to print these tomorrow and start using them over and over for the rest of the month! Oh and they'd go great with the marathon date at number one on this list!

A round up of 13 Free Halloween Printables from The Dating Divas that you can use in your marriage. Date nights, parties, love notes, games, and fun prints. All FREE!!

SEVEN || Halloween Pizza Party

I think this one is pretty self explanatory, but the pack includes an invitation (of course), a kids (or adults) activity placemat, straw tags, and a party favor bag printable! And they even have a super cute idea to cut your pizza into witch fingers! So fun!

A round up of 13 Free Halloween Printables from The Dating Divas that you can use in your marriage. Date nights, parties, love notes, games, and fun prints. All FREE!!

EIGHT || Ultimate Halloween Party Pack

And when they say ultimate, they mean it! This pack actually has multiple invitations to choose from. The pack also includes water bottle wrappers, straw tags, a "Happy Halloween" banner, cupcake toppers, utensil wraps, precious photo booth props, and goodie bag toppers! I seriously can't believe this pack is free!

A round up of 13 Free Halloween Printables from The Dating Divas that you can use in your marriage. Date nights, parties, love notes, games, and fun prints. All FREE!!

NINE || Pumpkin Win It in a Minute Games

I think the name says it all here. But in case it doesn't, think tossing rings on pumpkin stems, balancing candy corn on it's end, cup stacking and more. All with a little halloween twist and of course, complete with frightfully adorable printable instructions for each game!

A round up of 13 Free Halloween Printables from The Dating Divas that you can use in your marriage. Date nights, parties, love notes, games, and fun prints. All FREE!!

TEN || 10 Free Halloween Love Notes

It should also not be a surprise that I love love notes. Any cutsy little thing I can give Pearson to cheer him up is gold in my book! So I printed these out when I found them this week and plan to surprise him with them for the rest of the month. Shh, don't tell him!

A round up of 13 Free Halloween Printables from The Dating Divas that you can use in your marriage. Date nights, parties, love notes, games, and fun prints. All FREE!!

ELEVEN || Halloween Gift Basket for your BOO

I kid you not when I say the printables in this pack are ghoulishly delightful! They've included the most adorable gift tags saying things from "Smell My Feet" for a pair of socks to "For your favorite sand-WITCH" to attach to a Subway or Which Wich gift card! So cute!

A round up of 13 Free Halloween Printables from The Dating Divas that you can use in your marriage. Date nights, parties, love notes, games, and fun prints. All FREE!!

TWELVE || You've Been Boo'ed

This super cute kit helps you "boo" your neighbors! Basically you ring their doorbell, leave a little treat and some ghosts in their yard and run away! The neighborhood I grew up in did this every year in the month of October and it was always so fun! You were supposed to pay it forward and once you were "boo'ed" you put a sign on your door (we didn't include the ghosts) and pick a couple houses to "boo" the next night! This pack has the signs and gift tags and everything ready for you to print out at home!

A round up of 13 Free Halloween Printables from The Dating Divas that you can use in your marriage. Date nights, parties, love notes, games, and fun prints. All FREE!!

THIRTEEN || Free Halloween Prints

You guys, these are some of the cutest Halloween prints I've seen on the internet. And I'm not just saying that because it's The Dating Divas*. I actually printed 3 of these last night and put them in some frames because I hadn't decorated much for Halloween yet, as mentioned above, and couldn't believe I hadn't come across these FREE prints!!

See? I told you The Divas are awesome! I'm already using number THIRTEEN and plan to at least use ONE, SIX, and TEN before October is over! Which ones are you planning to use? They're all free so you have nothing to lose!
Thanks for reading!

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Posts on this blog may contain affiliate links. 
If you click on a link and make a purchase, I might get a little money. 
All opinions are my own.
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Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Introducing The All Things Holiday Bundle

Wahoo!! The holidays are right around the corner aaaand...

The Dating Divas have put the very BEST Holiday ideas & FUN all in one place!
And of course there is a KILLER deal for you so you can get in on all that awesomeness. {Trust me when I say you DO NOT want to miss out on this one!!}

But, you see that lovely little timer below? Well it's ticking down FAST! And when it hits zero, this deal DISAPPEARS!!

They are hooking you up with EVERYTHING you need for...
Thanksgiving, Christmas, AND New Years!

The Divas teamed up with 32 extremely talented bloggers and designers (INCLUDING ME) to create the ULTIMATE Holiday bundle!
This bundle is so full of festive fun, we don't even know where to begin.
Wait for it...
What you're looking at is OVER 480 PAGES of printables for you, all in one handy dandy holiday bundle. And OF COURSE, they slashed the price! So much that you'll think it's a typo. It's not. The deal is THAT FREAKIN' AWESOME.

TONS of crazy, cute printables—ONE crazy, low price!
You can get over $300 worth of ADORABLE items for only $15-$20!
We’re NOT KIDDING! Holiday decor, countdowns, activities, planners, gift ideas, and MORE all from your favorite bloggers! You’re waiting for the catch, right? Well, there is a teeny, tiny one...

You'll have to ACT FAST—this deal only lasts for THREE DAYS!


This is a 3-Day sale, but the price goes up a little each day. Here's the breakdown...
  • Buy on the 11th for only $15
  • Buy on the 12th for only $18
  • Buy on the 13th for only $20
  • After that, this deal is GONE FOREVER!
Buy early and SAVE BIG. But wait too long {like after the 13th at midnight MDT} and this deal will be gone FOREVER!

And now, here's what you've been waiting for: THE BIG REVEAL.


This baby seriously has EVERYTHING you could ever WANT or NEED for the holidays {AND MORE!} Including...
  • Thanksgiving Countdown
  • Thanksgiving Planner
  • Thanksgiving Table Decor
  • Christmas Countdown
  • 12 Days of Christmas
  • Christmas Memory Pages
  • Christ-Centered Christmas Service
  • Cookie Exchange Party Printables
  • Holiday Gift Bags and Gift Tags
  • Letters from Santa
  • New Year's Goal Planner
  • AND SO MUCH MORE! {See all the goods below!}
Um, one of those ALONE can be around $20 on Etsy! And you get ALL THAT JAZZ for the same price? This is a no-brainer!


Thought so! We are seriously obsessed with Every. Single. Thing. in this whole dang bundle. Just wait until you see all of the festive printable goodness...

1. Dia De Los Muertos Party Pack by Mod Podge Rocks - Get everything you need to host a colorful and FUN party for Dia de Los Muertos! Do this as an alternative/in addition to your Halloween festivities. Included is a printable banner, favor bag toppers, candy bar wrappers, cupcake toppers, water/soda bottle labels, photo booth props, and a decorative sign. This all in one party kit allows you to focus on the food since you'll already have the decorations!

2. Thanksgiving Countdown by A Lively Hope- A 12 page kit with everything you need to make a darling and memorable countdown to Thanksgiving! Includes an activity idea for each day (plus extra blank cards so you can include your own family traditions). This is the perfect way to help your family express gratitude for your blessings and make the most of the days leading up to Thanksgiving.

3. 2 Thanksgiving Countdowns PLUS 30 Gratitude Prompt Cards by Timesavors - Countdown to Thanksgiving with this darling turkey or fall tree advent calendar! Simply print, cut, and you're ready to go! Each day, say something you are grateful for as you by using the included prompt cards to stimulate ideas and dinner conversations. Happy Thanksgiving!

4. Thanksgiving Table Printable Bundle by Paper & Taigh - Impress your guest with these swoon-worthy Thanksgiving Table Printables! It's everything your table needs for an inviting Thanksgiving dinning experience!

5. Printable Thanksgiving Planner by Peoples Life On Paper - This 23-page kit includes everything you need to plan and host a successful Thanksgiving dinner. From planning checklists and recipe organizers to menu planners and cooking schedules, you’ll stay organized and stress less!

6. Apple and Cherry Pie Favor Box Set by Piggy Bank Parties - Send your guests home with a slice of pie without having to turn on the oven! These yummy full-color digital favor box templates are great for holiday gatherings, backyard picnics and afternoon playdates. We love filling these mouth-watering slices with wrapped caramels and sour cherries!

7. Kids Table Manners Kit and Thanksgiving Bonus by The Little Inkspot Co. - This Table Manners Kit is perfect for teaching basic table manners to kids and toddlers (ages 3 - 10). Kit includes 2 printables, 1) 11 x 14 poster to hang by the dining table and 2) 8.5 x 11 table manners reward chart to help kids and parents keep track - a great way to help make family mealtimes less stressful and more enjoyable for the whole family and teach basic beginner table manners that will last a lifetime! Add these adorable Thanksgiving Tags to fresh baking, james, or your garden's harvest and give as a thoughtful token of thanks to neighbors, friends, and family!

8. Christmas Town Advent Calendar by Little Paper Racoon - This beautiful paper Advent calendar is also a great Christmas decoration and a great construction game ! Once the boxes are filled with chocolates or trinkets you can create your very own Christmas town. Each box has its own design, and represents a piece of building (window, door, roof) or a Christmas tree. These building boxes let you choose between two colors, red or light brown to create different houses or buildings, so the combinations are endless!

9. Christmas Advent Countdown Activity Jar by While He Was Napping - Ever wish you could simplify Christmas, focus on family and make memories instead of your stress taking over during the holidays? Then you need this Christmas Countdown Jar because that's exactly what it will do. Make lasting memories with your whole family during the cold countdown to Christmas with easy and fun activities that focus on the important things - each other! Use the activities as an advent calendar by choosing one per day or use them as boredom busters over the winter break.

10. 12 Days of Christmas Service Idea by The Dating Divas- Tis the season for giving! Get your family in the holiday spirit with our 12 Days of Christmas. Each night for the 12 nights leading up to Christmas, you can use this festive printable pack to leave little surprises for a lucky recipient. We have created not one, but TWO options for your holiday service spree. We have an entire pack of tags, poems, and more for gifting a neighbor, as well as an entire set of poems designed specifically with your spouse in mind! This Festive Pack Includes: Shopping List and Organizer- Gather ideas for gifts in advance and keep track of them all with ease! Bag Covers- Give your Gifts in Style! Your service recipient will look forward to these colorful bags night after night! Gift Tags- Each tag coordinates with a day and includes a poem. There are two versions available in this pack, one for your neighbor and one for your spouse-be sure not to mix them up!

11. Camp Christmas by 4 The Love of My Heart - Celebrate Christmas with the family in a new fun, creative way with Camp Christmas! This bundle has everything you need to plan your "camp" with crafts, activities, care packages, and more for the entire month of December. Who doesn't love Christmas, and who doesn't love camp? When you combine the two together, just think of all the fun your family will have this Christmas!

12. Christmas Memories Printable Pack by A Girl and a Glue Gun - Keep track of all those fun Christmas memories with these great printables! There are printables to help you remember the food you ate, movies you watched, songs you sang, how your Christmas tree was decorated, people who visited, and presents you gave and received! Print it year after year and your kids will have a blast reading about all the fun things they have done over the years! (I wish I had this growing up! Don't you wish you could remember what you got for Christmas when you were 10!!)

13. Disneyland Holiday Bundle by Beauty, Baby, and a Budget - Thinking about taking your little elves to Disneyland for Christmas this year? Or maybe even giving them a Disneyland trip for Christmas (because who wouldn’t love that?). Then this is the perfect bundle for you! It comes with a 2017 Disneyland Holiday Checklist which includes 25 things you MUST do at Disneyland during the holiday season. It also comes with a Disneyland countdown and a “We’re going to Disneyland sign” perfect for a photo op with your cute family!

14. Christ-like Christmas Service by Chicken Scratch n Sniff - Light your Christmas with acts of service this year with over 40 pages of adorable and festive printables to help you fill your season with acts of love. Sprout candy canes in your friend’s yard, leave random acts of love behind, say Thank You to those with the most festive houses. From bag toppers and advents to gift tags and candy wrappers; you’ll discover what you need to make this the best Christmas yet.

15. Cookie Exchange Party Printables by Everyday Party Magazine - The Printable Rustic Cookie Exchange Party Collection Includes the following: Cookie Box Labels, Recipe Cards , Voting Card, Favor Hang Tag, Folding Label, Party Circles, and Editable Invitations. Instructions and printing recommendations are also included.
16. Holiday Cookie Exchange Bundle by How Does She - Have you ever done a holiday cookie exchange? It's one of our favorite traditions and a great reason to throw a party with your BFF's. This bundle includes everything you need to throw a mean cookie exchange...well, everything except the cookies!

17. Printable Holiday Gift Bags by Homemaking Organized - Three printable Holiday Sparkle gift bags give you a PERFECT way to present your tokens of appreciation this season.

18. Letter from Santa Printable by Hoot Invitations - Create some magic and surprise your child with a personalized letter from Santa this holiday season! Let them know Santa is watching and on his way with this 8" x 10" PDF editable letter from Santa. All text in main body can be edited. Just print at home on a color printer - fits on 8.5" x 11" paper or A4 paper.

19. Vintage Santa Letter Kit by The CreativiDee Workshop - This stylish Vintage Santa Letter Kit has everything you need to create fun holiday memories for everyone! From Wish Lists and Letters to Treat Labels for Christmas Eve, your family is sure to have a great time with this festive collection.

20. Holiday Jam Labels & Matching Cards by Our Kerrazy Adventure - These cute jam labels make it so easy to give gifts to neighbors and teachers. Print and place them on your canning jar. You can even print out a coordinating card to write sweet note. Our printables make gift giving a breeze this holiday season!

21. Christmas Gift Name Tags, Wish Lists, & Treat Gift Tags by Papers & Plenty - These adorable, buffalo plaid Christmas gift name tags are fun and easy to use! Set includes 8 tags, personalize them with a name(s) or special message on the back, the perfect addition to any Christmas gift! Then, make Christmas shopping a little easier on Santa this year with these adorable, kid-friendly, buffalo plaid Christmas wish lists! These fill-in-the-blank lists are fun and easy to use for kids and adults! Finally, dd these adorable, buffalo plaid Christmas treat gift tags to any special holiday treat! Set includes 6 tags, write in a name(s) or special message at the bottom, fun for kids, neighbors, teachers and more!

22. Fun Holiday Gift Tags by Pretty Paper Violet - Give your family and friends a smile this holiday season with this collection of printable gift tags. Perfect for your DIY gifts and anything else that lands under your tree. Print as many as you need for this year and next!

23. Holiday Fun Coloring Pages by Printable Crush - Enjoy Coloring these Holiday Coloring Pages for adults or kids! Includes 10 pages for the major US Holidays. Print these pages over and over again and try new coloring styles for gorgeous holiday art.

24. All Inclusive Holiday Binder by Thirty Handmade Days - Get ready for the holidays with this awesome All Inclusive Holiday Binder. Not only is it fun and colorful but it will help you stay organized during the chaos. You can download party prep, calendars, checklists, budgeting sheets and more!

25. New Year's Photo Booth Props by Simply Everyday Me - You'll enjoy ringing in the New Year with these whimsical & kooky photo booth props by SimplyEverydayMe. This kit consists of 45 DIY printable props including: Top Hat, Happy New Year’s Hat, Bowler Hat, Party Hat, Party Crown, Champagne Bottle with Cork, Champagne Glasses, Martini Glasses, Father Time Beard & Mustache, Sickle, Pocket Watch, Hour Glass, Big Clock Face, Baby New Year Hat/Hair, Baby New Year Sash, Baby New Year Mouth, Binkie, Glasses, Star Glasses, Bow Tie, Pearl Necklace, Party Blower, Party Blower Fringe, Camera, Snap Burst, Fizz Burst, Pop Burst, Mustaches, Lips, and Instructions. Plus information for materials needed & paper suggestions.

26. Make Over Your Year Course by Money Saving Mom - Make Over Your Year is a simple, effective 4-week, hands-on course to help you take your big dreams and ideas and turn them into realistic goals and a doable action plan. When you download this course, you'll get immediate access to 4 group coaching session videos, a 47-page printable PDF workbook, weekly projects to break down the goal-setting process & set yourself up for success, and printable worksheets to take you step-by-step through each of the projects in the course.

27. New Year- New Marriage Pack by Enduring All Things - Commit to making this year the best yet for your marriage! We make all kinds of resolutions in the new year, why not add your most important relationship to that list? The New Year - New Marriage Pack includes a cheat sheet to use for weekly couple check-ins, a list of fun holidays to celebrate together this year, a template for a date night bucket list and more. Use these to bring your marriage back to the top of your priorities this year!

28. Couple's Journal by The Happy Life Balance Co. - Bring positivity and kindness into your relationship with this Couple’s Journal. In this journal, you will complete a series of daily and weekly exercises which are designed to help you gain a deeper appreciation for each other and learn to enjoy the time you spend together more.

29. Printable Goal Planner by Jessica Marie Design - Stay organized and keep up with your goals with this printable Goal Planner. The printable planner can be instantly downloaded and printed at home or a local print shop. The Goal Planner is perfect for organizing and keeping track of your goals. The Goal Planner includes 10 unique pages including yearly overview pages, goal overview pages, a goal breakdown page, and goal tracking pages. Simply download the PDF files, open them in Adobe Reader, add text to the fillable sections, print on Letter size paper, and insert into a binder. Use the files over and over every year!

30. Clean & Colorful Cooking by Ashley's Fresh Fix- 32 deliciously colorful recipes made exclusively with whole, real food. All are dairy free, sugar free, and grain free! Including a variety of breakfasts, entrées, light fare items, dips, and desserts! Perfect for helping you stay on track during the holidays and into those New Year's resolutions.

31. Printable Meal Planner by Carrie Elle- This printable meal planner has everything you need to take control of dinner once and for all! Plan your weekly meals and also holiday gatherings and parties with this pretty and functional planner.

32. 11x17 Themed Table Setting Placemats by Linda Winegar - Themed Table Setting Placemats meant for families, teens & kids! Perfect for at home practice, at a restaurant as a reminder, while teaching an Etiquette Class or for table setting relay races! Patterned after the official standards of etiquette which The Emily Post Institute continues to teach for proper Table Settings. Each theme adds a special flare to your table!
There's a BONUS!
If you buy the bundle from me (just by clicking the "Add to Cart" button above or below - it's an affiliate link), then I will also send you my "365 Ways to Show Love to Your Spouse" calendar!

This PDF is a full 2018 calendar. And every single day of the year shows a fun little way for to show love to your spouse that day. They are gender neutral ideas so husbands, this is for you too! And while the PDF is totally printable, a few days in each month have links you can click on for further explanation and free printables!

I got all of these ideas from my own experience, some blog posts I've written, and some friends on social media. I will admit, there are a few repeats because of course you can (and should) "Pray for your spouse" and have a "Couple's Meeting" multiple times in a year. But there are ALMOST 365 different ideas!

The bundle sale lasts from today through Friday and this little bonus freebie will be in your inbox no later than Monday morning!
WHEW! So there you have it. Pretty much everything you could ever want for the holidays. I am dying from all that goodness and I just CAN'T WAIT to get my hands on it.
And for only 15-18 bucks {for OVER $300 worth of goodies?!} SHEESH! Sign. Me. Up.
Three super, duper important things to remember:
  • The price JUMPS tomorrow!
  • It's only available for THREE DAYS!
  • Midnight MDT on the 13th, this deal is gone FOREVER!
What are you waiting for?!
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Posts on this blog may contain affiliate links. 
If you click on a link and make a purchase, I might get a little money. 
All opinions are my own.
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