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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Dear Portland

Dear Portland,

I love you!

You've welcomed us with open arms.

We've already made several friends and I can't wait for those friendships to grow even more.

We've been on a couple different hikes even though it's been winter and the weather's been iffy (more on that later).

(These pics below are from the Tillamook State Forest on Sunday)
We've dined at some wonderful places, tried some amazing food and drinks, and experienced a small sampling of the "weirdness" of Portland. I think the 90's really are alive here and I think you cater to millennials really well, just like everyone assumes (just not as dramatically as everyone assumes).

I love that we actually live in Hillsboro which is so far out from Portland that we don't get a lot of the weirdness and it just feels like a more hip and modern version of the places we've lived in the past.

I love that everybody walks here. Or rides a bike.

I love that it's so dog friendly here. There are dogs everywhere. Our apartment complex will pay us to adopt from a shelter. Our apartment complex has a dog park and there are two more public ones within walking distance. Most places of business near us allow dogs inside.

I love that everybody goes hiking and trail walking and other outdoor stuff.

I love that there are so many awesome places to do that kind of thing close by. And there are mountains, forests, and the coast all really close! It's gorgeous here!

And I love that it's popular to wear athletic clothing all the time. I don't feel so bad when I do it now.

And I love that it's only snowed once since we got here.

And I love that this winter has supposedly been more mild than usual when it comes to rain.

(The below pics are from Silver Falls State Park about a month ago)

Portland, I have a bone to pick with you.

It's supposed to be spring today. And yes, some would argue that your 40° - 60° weather IS spring. But when it's 35° in the morning when I walk Pip, I'm not a happy camper. I think you spoiled me with your 70° a few weeks ago. You little, tease!!

And what's more... It's supposed to snow here this week. WHAT? You're supposed to have mild weather. You're not supposed to get snow in March!

*Yes I know this is the case everywhere, not just Portland. And I know I'm asking for a lot on the first day of spring. But I just wanted to rant.

Does it feel like spring yet where you are?
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