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Sunday, April 29, 2018

5 Simple Mother's Day Gifts - Especially if you're Long Distance

Happy Sunday, Friends! I hope you've had a wonderful weekend! We saw Avengers: Infinity War on Thursday night and spent all weekend recovering! Oh and we also went hiking at the coast yesterday so that was fun too.

Did you know that Mother's day is just TWO WEEKS from Sunday? Yep. Why do these holidays always sneak up on me? Anyway, even though I don't normally post on Sundays, I wanted to go ahead and get my little "gift guide" out there asap so there is still time if you want to use some of my suggestions!

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I live super far away from my mom and mother-in-law so I always try to make Mother's Day special from a distance. Here are 5 simple Mother's Day gift ideas for when you live far away!
FYI, if you're new around here, my husband and I live in Portland, Oregon. Both of our parents live in Atlanta, Georgia. We are almost as far away from them as possible while still in the United States. So for holidays like Mother's Day, we don't get to see them. It's always a little sad but we try to make up for it by sending thoughtful gifts and calling or video chatting with them on these days.

So anyway, all of the ideas in this list can easily be shipped across the country. Just like the time I made these fun care packages for my dad and FIL for Father's Day (though we were living in Ohio then, but still far away).

Oh! And before I get to my list, the Dating Divas have a free gift guide that includes gift ideas for your mom, grandma, MIL, mom friends and for YOU! And they're not all Dating Divas products. Some are, because they're awesome! But they also have some cute shirts and all kinds of other things! Here is the blog post where you can get the FREE download!

Ok now on to my list!

ONE || BrightBox

You guys, Shea from Bright Box is a genius! She's created a company that will send someone you love a fun and super cute little box for only $5 (plus shipping - $8 total)! Each box comes with one main surprise (think candle, lip scrub, jewelry, socks), some candy and a cute card with your message on the back (can be anonymous)! AND for Mother's day, they have a special $15 box with some extra goodies! All you have to do is type your message and she does the rest!

TWO || A Trip

With all the travel agents and travel packages out there these days, planning and booking a trip completely in advance is easier than ever. So plan a fun trip for you and your mom to take in the next year. Or maybe for her and your dad to take. Try an all inclusive package from somewhere like Getaway Today to take all the stress of planning off of her! Oh and Costco has great travel packages too! I'm not sure if whoever books has to be on the trip though so just be aware of that.

THREE || Flowers from Amazon

Sending a gorgeous bouquet of flowers to your mom is always a good idea, right? But they can get pretty expensive whether you do it from an online retailer or a local florist. Did you know you can have flowers delivered through Amazon? It's true and much cheaper! And if you have prime, delivery is free and only 2 days! Search "flowers for delivery prime" on Amazon (or shop below) and you'll get several options!

FOUR || Edible Arrangements on Amazon

The same concept from flowers above is true for "edible arrangements" as well! Ordering from the actual Edible Arrangements can be expensive and a hassle (though beautiful and also a great option). I prefer getting these from Amazon as well. Because, well, I buy everything from Amazon. Anyway, search "edible arrangements fruit delivery prime" on Amazon or shop below!

FIVE || A Care Package

And lastly, if you live far away from your mom, like I do, there's nothing better than putting together a care package of all her favorite things to tell her you love her! Just like I did for our dads, as I talked about earlier, buy all her favorite treats and maybe a fun water bottle or tumbler. Include a baked good of some kind and The Dating Divas' Mother's Day Care Package Printables, and you're golden!

So these are my Mother's Day ideas for long distance. I'm still not sure what Pearson and I are going to do for our moms this year but it will be something special fro sure.

Do you live far from your mom? How do you make Mother's Day special? What are your favorite Mother's Day traditions?
Thanks for reading!

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