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Friday, April 6, 2018

Our 2018 Date Night Bucket List

Well guys, we've been living in Oregon for about 2.5 months. So I thought it was time to make a Date Night Bucket List for this year. We made one last year and the year before, and we checked almost everything off the list last year! I didn't make one in January this year because we were moving and didn't have a good idea of what we wanted to do this year in Oregon. Now we've been here long enough to create a list. So here it is!
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ONE || Visit Seattle

Visiting Seattle has been on my bucket list since before moving to Portland was ever even a possibility. So now, Seattle is only a few hours' drive away and we're making it happen this year!

TWO || Go to Crater Lake

Crater lake is a GORGEOUS lake and national park in southern Oregon. We hope to make it this year.

THREE || Attend an OMSI After Dark Event

OMSI is to Portland, OR as COSI is to Columbus, OH. It's a children's science museum but it hosts adult only events in the evenings once or twice a month. We went to a dinosaur one at COSI and loved it!

FOUR || Have lunch at the Adler Street Food Trucks

I'm sure you probably know how much Pearson and I love food trucks and we've been told that this food cart pod is pretty great. So we're excited to check it out!

FIVE || Tour the Tillamook Cheese Factory

Y'all Tillamook cheese is everywhere here! It's delicious and it all comes out of the factory west of Portland. We're excited to tour the factory once the new visitor center opens.

SIX || Experience Wunderland

Wunderland is a nickle arcade and discount movie theater. There are several locations in the Portland metro area and a few of them even have laser tag. We will probably go to the one in Beaverton soon to see a movie and play some games.

SEVEN || Visit Powells Book Store - Again

Powell's City of Books is the world's largest independent bookstore. It's in downtown Portland, takes up a whole city square, is 4 stories high, has nine rooms and 3,500 different sections including a Rare Book Room. Oh and it has it's own parking garage. Basically, it's my heaven!

EIGHT || Go see the Columbia River Gorge

This is a gorge that separates Oregon and Washington. It's just another must-see that we want to do in our first year here. Unfortunately, a lot of it is still closed to the public because of forest fires, but not all of it!

NINE || Visit the Rice Northwest Museum of Rocks and Minerals

This is a fun museum just down the street from us! Pearson has loved rocks and minerals all his life and that has rekindled recently for a couple reasons. One being Hanks mineral obsession in Breaking Bad.

TEN || Hike Saddle Mountain

    This is one of the first hikes we were told about by friends when we moved here. It is pretty strenuous but if you can go on a clear day, the views are apparently to die for! We want to go in a couple months when the weather is more reliable and we're maybe a little more in shape.

    Have you ever made a Date Night Bucket List? What dates would be on yours for this year?
    Thanks for reading.

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