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Thursday, May 31, 2018

30 Articles about Dating Your Spouse

Well, it's the last day of May is Date Your Mate month. I've talked about it here on the blog a couple times as well as on my Instagram feed a couple times, and for my "Marriage Monday" tips on my IG story (now on the "marriage" highlight). Plus I've been trying to share some articles about dating your spouse on Twitter.

Anyway, as a send off, I thought I'd do a little round up of such articles today!
For the last day of Date Your Mate month, I've compiled a list of great articles from the internet about dating your spouse! This list is split up into the importance of dating your spouse, tips for dating your spouse, and date ideas.

On the Importance of Dating Your Spouse:

  1. 5 Reasons Why Date Night is Important, Even After You're Married - guest post by Rachael Drennan on What's Up Fagans
  2. How Your Marriage Could Benefit from a few Dates at Home - by Amberly of A Prioritized Marriage
  3. If you haven't been on a Date in a While - by Amy of Freshly Married
  4. 3 Obvious but Important Reasons to Date your Spouse - by Sean of Simple Marriage
  5. The Hidden Benefits of Dating your Wife - by Greg Smalley of Focus on the Family
  6. What Makes Date Night Different - guest post by Amberly Lambertsen on Enduring All Things
  7. What Defines a Date Night? - guest post by me on A Prioritized Marriage

Tips for Dating your Spouse:

  1. The entire Dating Divas website and store!
  2. 10 Tips for YOUR Perfect Date Night by me of Enduring All Things
  3. 5 Things to Talk About on Date Night by me of Enduring All Things
  4. Elevate Your Date Nights by Amy of Freshly Married
  5. Guidelines we've Set to Make our Date Nights Count by Amberly of A Prioritized Marriage
  6. Our Favorite Date Night Resources by Amberly of A Prioritized Marriage
  7. 8 Date Night Tips for Married Couples by Amberly of A Prioritized Marriage
  8. Making Date Night Happen with Opposite and/or Busy Schedules by Amberly of A Prioritized Marriage
  9. Making Date Night a Habit in your Marriage Again by Amberly of A Prioritized Marriage
  10. Why And How To Date Your Spouse: 6 Tips For Successful Date Nights by Dr. Jamie Williamson of Huffington Post

Date Ideas:

  1. Ultimate List of 30 Date Ideas for Valentine's Day by me of Enduring All Things
  2. Spring Date Ideas by me of Enduring All Things
  3. Every Marriage Needs a Little Spring Romance by Amberly of A Prioritized Marriage
  4. 12 Springtime Date Ideas Under $50 (for ANY City) by Lauren of ModWife
  5. 7 Date Ideas for Rainy Days by me of Enduring All Things
  6. Fall Date Ideas by me of Enduring All Things
  7. Snuggle Up for a Little Autumn Romance by Amberly of A Prioritized Marriage
  8. 10 Fun Date Ideas to try This Winter collaboration by Brita and me on Enduring All Things
  9. At Home Winter Date Ideas to Keep your Love Warm by Amberly of A Prioritized Marriage
  10. Christmas Season Date Ideas me of Enduring All Things
  11. Top 10 Cheap Date Ideas by Amy of Freshly Married
  12. 365 Date Night Ideas by Amy of Freshly Married
  13. Date Night Ideas from the NICU by Amberly of A Prioritized Marriage
So there you have it. Some of the best articles/blog posts I've seen about dating your spouse. Please don't ever stop dating each other. It's so important and helpful to your marriage! I hope you've had a great Date Your Mate month and that you continue to date your mate all year!

Have you read any articles about dating your spouse lately? Share a link in the comments!
Thanks for reading!

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