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Monday, June 4, 2018

5 Simple Father's Day Gifts - Especially if you're Long Distance

Happy first Monday of June, guys! Did you know Father's Day is two weeks from yesterday? Yep. It snuck up on me this year. I feel like there is so much to celebrate in May with Mother's Day, graduations, weddings, and lots of birthdays in our family. And then June just sort of sneaks up. But there is a lot to celebrate in June too, my mom's birthday, mine and Pearson's dating anniversary. And Father's Day.

In a lot of ways, I think Father's get the short end of the stick. They work hard and share the responsibility of parenting! And especially if they work outside the home, they don't get the recognition and the perks of watching their kids grow up that most mothers do even if she works outside the home. And the holiday just doesn't seem to get as much attention as Mother's Day.

Anyway, because of all of this, I didn't want this Father's Day to go by without my acknowledging it. So here is my Father's Day gift guide, just like the one I wrote for Mother's Day last month.

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I live super far away from my dad and Father-in-law so I always try to make Father's Day special from a distance. Here are 5 simple Father's Day gift ideas for when you live far away!

Oh and by the way, if you don't know, my husband and I moved to Portland, Oregon this year. Which is almost as far away from our parents as possible while staying within the continental US. Both of our families live in Atlanta, Georgia. So all of the things on this list (as well as on my Mother's Day list) can be easily given across long distances!

ONE || BrightBox

You guys, Shea from Bright Box is a genius! She's created a company that will send someone you love a fun and super cute little box for only $5 (plus shipping - $8 total)! Each box comes with one main surprise (think candle, lip scrub, jewelry, socks), some candy and a cute card with your message on the back (can be anonymous)! She even has some guy oriented boxes. AND for Father's day, they have a special $15 box with some extra goodies! All you have to do is type your message and she does the rest!

TWO || A Trip

With all the travel agents and travel packages out there these days, planning and booking a trip completely in advance is easier than ever. So plan a fun trip for you and your dad to take in the next year. Or maybe for him and your mom to take. Try an all inclusive package from somewhere like Getaway Today to take all the stress of planning off of him! Oh and Costco has great travel packages too! I'm not sure if whoever books has to be on the trip though so just be aware of that.

THREE || Entertainment Subscription

Whether it's MoviePass, Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime or whatever, your dad will love you forever. Or at least mine would. We live in a world of constant entertainment and it's all going the way of monthly subscriptions! Most of these companies have gift options where you can specify how many months to give. AND they even work if your dad already has a subscription. Now he just won't have to pay for a few months. It could not be easier to give!

FOUR || Broquets from Amazon

For my Mother's Day gift guide, I suggested ordering either flowers or edible arrangements for delivery from Amazon. Well Amazon has the men covered too! Have you heard of Broquets? They're a company who makes "bouquets" for men! They package up manly things in a perfect little box as a great alternative to flower bouquets if your dad isn't into that. They have packages with jerky, hot sauces, sodas, and even shaving sets! They come at many different price points and most options are on Amazon prime. Click here or shop below!

FIVE || A Care Package

And lastly, if you live far away from your dad, like I do, there's nothing better than putting together a care package of all his favorite things to tell him you love him! Just like I did for my and Pearson's dads a couple years ago! Gather some of their favorite goodies: candy, silly toys, k-cups. Be sure to include some homemade baked goods. Decorate the box with The Dating Divas' free Father's Day Care Package Printables. And you're golden!

So these are my Father's Day ideas for long distance. I'm still not sure what Pearson and I are going to do for our dads this year but it will be something special for sure.

Do you live far from your dad? How do you make Father's Day special? What are your favorite Father's Day traditions?
Thanks for reading!

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