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Wednesday, June 20, 2018

How To Be Creative About The Time You Spend Together in A Relationship

Wow you guys! I haven't published a blog post in over a week! You may have seen on Instagram on Friday that I just have not been inspired lately. Well, that is going to continue for a little longer. I'm not even blogging today. Instead, I'm bringing you a wonderful guest post from freelance lifestyle blogger, Laura Burton.

I hope you enjoy what she has to say!

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Life’s getting busier and busier and the reality is that many couples are spending more time at work away from each other.

When they do spend time together, all effort is directed towards making those moments as unique and memorable as possible.

A lot of modern couples are doing normal things differently in a bid to make each other feel loved. I guess a new adage – a couple that’s creative together, stays together – should be coined.

Looking for creative ideas to put a spin on the way you and your partner spend romantic time together? We’ve got a few.

ONE || Make Exciting Secrets Together

There is something thrilling about having secrets with someone. Imagine having some deep secrets just between you and your partner! Won’t you feel bonded at a deeper level if you created a few secrets together that no one else knows of?

Making your own secrets need not be tricky. Simply slip away from a party into a dark corner and make out passionately. You may even try something bolder like making your way into a park after closing hours. The idea is to do something together that nobody else knows about. It’s sure to give you both a shared adrenaline rush.

While I don’t advocate breaking rules or laws, it does help couples to be daring, do something out of the ordinary and thrilling to add chutzpah into their relationship.

TWO || Gastronomical Duet

This can be as exciting as you make it, especially for new couples. Cooking with your partner can tell you a lot about them. The way they choose, handle and transform simple ingredients into something delectable - you need to make mental notes!

Preparing your favorite food together can be great fun. Of course, there will be the occasional touching of hands and meeting of eyes, which can spark something electric between the two of you. Now you’d surely want to douse that fire together while you’re still indoors!

THREE || Let the Stars Shine for You

Got a warm blanket? Is it going to be a clear sky and a starry night? If the answer to both these questions is in the affirmative, let these factors work for you. Head to the terrace or an open space, wrap yourselves in the blanket and let the constellations do the magic!

FOUR || Play Mode: On

This idea will work well for couples who are into video games, and can be an interesting and comfortable way to spend the evening together indoors.

Let’s face it, playing video games becomes a rarity once work and other responsibilities take over. So, this weekend (or whenever you have time), get those gaming consoles out and go all out with throwing impossible gaming challenges at each other. Sounds like a lot of fun!

FIVE || Laugh a Little; No, a Lot

Plays can be unexciting, movies can be over-the-top, but local live comedy shows are always fun – even if they’re bad!

Most standup comedians are really impressive, and if you and your partner have a particular favorite, make sure to get a ticket to their next show and laugh your head off during your evening of fun.

SIX || Bond with Music

I’m referring to making the classic mix tape as it is commonly known. Sit down together, go back in time and list down all the songs that you’ve loved listening to ever since you were a kid. Also include your current favorites.

Let nostalgia infiltrate your senses as you remember when you first heard the songs on your playlist. Sharing such memories is nothing short of precious!

SEVEN || Get Spooked

Horror is one theme that does not go with romance in any way! But what if you did mix the two and ended up having a gala time together?

Head to the nearest haunted house and make a date of it. With the extra dose of adrenaline running through your body after the scare-fest, you will want to spend that energy at home!

However, if the haunted house is not your scene, try going to an amusement park or a shooting range instead. The possibilities are endless.

EIGHT ||  Act Like a Teen

Mountain climbing, rock concert, movie marathon, pizza eating contest – wanted to do all these fun things in your teens, but didn’t get the chance? You may not be a teenager anymore, but that does not mean you can’t do some of these things at your current age, regardless of how silly they feel.

No time is better than now, so pick your favorite activity and do it with your partner. Go back to feeling like rebellious teenagers for a night by doing something you both think you’re “too old” for.

NINE || Play Dress Up

If it’s been a long time since you dressed to impress your partner, now may be a good time to put some conscious effort into doing so.

Ditch your regular clothes and go glam for a night out (or in). Dress the way you know your partner will love to see you (or dress each other up) and become the object of their desire once again! This is a great way to turn up the heat in your heart for each other.


The great thing about trying new ideas is that you may just figure out unique ways to do the things you enjoy. If you like spending time with your partner, you will probably try at least a couple of these ideas. How did they work out for you? Got any other fun ideas to add to the list? Let us know in the comments section.

Author Bio:

Laura Bruton is a freelance lifestyle blogger, keen on human psychology and chocolates. When not writing about relationships and lifestyle, you can spot her in the cosy corner with the WE, SHE or HE books, by Robert Johnson along with her warm baked cookies and a cold glass of milk!
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