Enduring All Things: July 2018

Thursday, July 19, 2018

Take a #MarriageMoon for your next Anniversary (+ a Recap of our Anniversary Trip)

Though I didn't particularly talk about everything Pearson and I went through in the past week here on the blog, I did mention it on social media and in my newsletter. So I think most of you readers have somewhat of an idea.
But anyway, we were planning a big trip for our anniversary. We were going to spend Thursday night and Friday night (the 12th and 13th) backpacking at Crater Lake. Then we would drive to Bend, Oregon on Saturday (the 14th - our anniversary) and spend Saturday night and Sunday night in a bed & breakfast there.

Well, my grandmother passed away on Thursday, July 5th. And her funeral was to be held on Tuesday, July 10th. So Pearson and I decided to fly to Arkansas on Sunday. On a red eye, no less, because Pearson had to work all day Sunday. Then we would come home Wednesday.
So we got to spend a few days mourning with family. The visitation was the "loudest visitation I {the funeral director} have ever seen." It was more like a family and friend reunion and everybody told hilarious stories about my spunky Nana. I got to speak at the funeral. It was really long but everybody told us they didn't care and that it was so worth it.

So leaving Wednesday was supposed to allow us still be able to make it to Crater Lake on Thursday, albeit we would be very tired.

But the "Ding on the Wing of 2018" incident decided to ruin our plans. We were sitting on the plane in Memphis, about to fly to Atlanta for a short layover and then fly to Portland. While we were sitting there, they came over the speaker saying there was a walnut-sized dent on the wing. We sat there for 30 minutes waiting to find out if the dent was too big to fly with and it was. So we had to deplane and we weren't going to be able to get out until the next day. So we decided to rent a car and drive to Searcy, Arkansas and stay the night with my aunt and uncle and fly out of Little Rock the next morning. But first we got to see my BFF's two day old baby in Memphis!
Anyway, our being stranded in Memphis was hilarious because our flight out of Memphis got delayed on our way home from my brother's wedding in March for plane maintenance issues. So we missed our connection in Atlanta and had to spend the night there. Then on our way to Memphis this time we were delayed a couple hours because of maintenance again. So they really need to update the planes they use between Memphis and Atlanta...

So we finally got home on Thursday afternoon and decided to wait till Friday to go to Crater Lake. We slept like babies that night.
We drove to Crater Lake National Park, stopped along the lake for a couple pictures, then got our back country permit from the ranger station. The park ranger we talked to informed us that there was not much reliable water in the park and that we were not allowed to make a fire because of how dry the winter was this year. Oh and that on a scale of 1 to 10, the mosquitoes were at about an 11 at the moment.
We decided to camp at Red Cone Springs, a designated dispersed camp site about 4 miles from where we would be able to park. Hiking the 4 miles to the campsite was very enjoyable for me. But Pearson's backpack kept bothering him and his back was in a lot of pain. Oh and I got about 14 mosquito bites on each of my legs. That's not an exaggeration. I sprayed bug spray all over, but apparently it didn't soak into my leggings and they bit through my leggings. My arms, which were bare except for the very short sleeves of my shirt, were not bitten at all!

We set up camp, enjoyed some jerky and trail mix for dinner, and laid in the tent talking and watching the stars. It was beautiful!
The next morning, I made sure to spray bug spray on my bare legs before putting my leggings on and I don't think I got any new bites. The hike back was more difficult for me. I'm not sure if I was just already tired from the day before or if it was more uphill on the way back or if my pack wasn't fitting right on the second day. But I didn't think I was going to make it. I did though.
We stopped along the lake a few more times on our way out of the park. Then we drove to Bend. Our bed and breakfast was perfectly quaint. The room was ornate and gorgeous. The breakfast was delicious. And they even had a hot tub on the back patio.
Bend was having "Summer Fest" which we didn't even know about. So we got to enjoy some free outdoor concerts throughout the weekend. We had some great meals at fun places like McMenamins' Old St. Frances School. And we spent a few hours Sunday morning at the High Desert Museum which was a lot cooler than I was expecting!
And during all of this, we worked through #MarriageMoon. Chelsea from The New Wifestyle gifted me her first ever physical product over a month ago, and we were just now able to try it out. Sorry it's taken me so long, Chelsea!
Chelsea and her husband travel together a lot for their business and for fun. In fact, they were the youngest couple to speak on all seven continents! Oh, and they named their daughter Atlas! So anyway, they truly believe that traveling can strengthen your marriage. So Chelsea created #MarriageMoon to help you use your next vacation to strengthen your relationship!
We LOVED #MarriageMoon! I will admit, at first glance, the morning routine seemed a little weird but after diving in, it felt so good! We opened up and communicated with each other. We focused on each other's wants and needs. We put our energy into making the other person feel loved. It was absolutely fantastic and we plan to do it again on an anniversary trip next year!

Right now #MarriageMoon is going for a special first edition price! It's $79 instead of $129. And you get the bonus adorable tote bag if you order the first edition! Chelsea's not sure if it will be included in future editions. Click here to read more and order!

What trips do you have coming up? Will you consider taking #MarriageMoon with you?
Thanks for reading!

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Friday, July 6, 2018

Let's Make Anniversaries a BIG DEAL Again

Do you make a point to celebrate your wedding anniversary? I think, for some reason, anniversaries become one of those things we stop celebrating after a while. If you've been with your spouse for a while, it starts to seem silly to celebrate another year, you know? Kind of like how birthdays stop being a big deal for most people after a while. I think a lot of couples just maybe grab a bouquet of flowers on the way home. Or maybe go out to dinner on that day. But that's it.
A lot of people stop celebrating their wedding anniversaries after a while. Or at least, it's not a big deal as it used to be. But I'm a firm believer in celebrating everything and your anniversary might be the most important holiday to celebrate all year!
But you see, I think anniversaries are something to be celebrated! Marriage isn't exactly easy. I mean, in some ways it is and should be. But life is hard. And combining two lives together forever is hard. Especially when our society seems to encourage throwing away marriage at the first sign of trouble or the first time you feel unhappy. So when you've made another trip around the sun with your marriage in tact, celebrate!

I am a big believer in celebrating everything. Being happy in your marriage involves being happy with each other. Being happy with each other involves having fun together. And one great way to have fun together is to celebrate everything!

So why wouldn't you celebrate your anniversary? In fact, I think your anniversary might be the most important holiday/accomplishment to celebrate all year!

So here's to going all out! Here's to making it a big deal! Here's to making memories and traditions for your little family's birthday! Here's to planning ahead for it, looking forward to it, and using it as an excuse to completely spoil your spouse, spend some much-needed time together, and rekindle the love in your marriage!

As I mentioned last week, I'm going to take this month to focus on all things anniversaries here on the blog and on my social media (complete with celebration ideas, gift ideas, GIVEAWAYS, and more)!

Pearson and I are celebrating six years of marriage on the 14th with a trip to Crater Lake and Bend. We're spending two nights camping and backpacking around the lake and then two nights in a bed-n-breakfast in Bend, Oregon and I couldn't be more excited! I'm looking forward to getting away from our normal routines, spending some uninterrupted quality time with each other in the middle of God's beautiful creation, and working through our #MarriageMoon together as we strengthen our relationship! (I'll be posting more about #MarriageMoon in a couple months!)

So, are you in? Let's make anniversaries a big deal again!
Thanks for reading!

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Monday, July 2, 2018

Monthly Goals for July {2018}

Happy July! We are officially more than half-way through 2018! Can you believe it? Also, is it just me or is this summer just flying by? It's already time to be thinking about back-to-school! Crazy right?

Anyway, this month is our anniversary month. As I mentioned last week, that means I'm going to be focusing on anniversaries here on the blog as well as my social media. There will be gift guides, celebration ideas, and giveaways! So get excited!

Oh! That reminds me!

Let me know in the comments...

Would you like to see giveaways here on the blog, on Instagram, or somewhere else? Where would be most convenient for you?

Alright let's move on to my goals, shall we?

How I did in June:


  • Read (or listen to) Matthew chapters 1 through 4 at least three times per week
  • Get up in time to go to Sunday School class every Sunday
  • Do the reading and homework for Sunday School class every week


  • Stick to a healthy diet, only eating out on the weekends (we stopped Keto because we were both having stomach issues. I am now currently on a modified low FODMAP diet and Pearson got really bad acid reflux from all the fat)
  • Work out at least 4 times per week (hiking and walking on the weekends counts)



  • One intentional date or trip per week
  • Spend intentional time in the evenings talking over dinner rather than turning on The Walking Dead as soon as Pearson gets home
  • Finish planning our anniversary trip


  • Post on the blog twice per week
    • I did this all but one week
  • Read through the Instagram Monetization guide by The Social Media Posse.
  • Plan out my anniversary month series for the blog


  • Deep clean our apartment
  • Finish decorating and setting up everything. 
    • We still haven't put up curtains or gotten a picture for behind our kitchen table


  • I organized our guest room closet, our outdoor storage closet, and our kitchen
  • We bought a bed for the guest room and set it up
  • I created several "systems" - Cleaning schedule, meal plans, and routines for my work day (I just haven't stuck to them well yet)
  • We hosted a game night at our apartment.
  • I created a printable pack and submitted it to a blogger bundle
So I did pretty terrible on these goals but I did do some bonus stuff, so that's good I guess...

Resetting in July:


  • Work through this month's lesson and bible reading plan on the SHE Refined program. I'm super excited for this!


  • Stick to a healthy diet, only eating out on the weekends
  • Try the SHE Refined program juice recipes once per week.
  • At least do the 4 SHE Refined workouts for the month every week




  • Publish all the posts I have planned for my Anniversary Series on time!


  • Put up curtains
  • Get the picture for our one still blank wall printed and hung up
My goals for this month may seem a little more complicated than usual. That's mostly because of a few programs I've enrolled in that I'm super excited about: SHE Refined, the 10 Minute Marriage Challenge, and Productivity Boot Camp. I really think these three programs will help me to reset every aspect of my life as we head into the second half of 2018. Here's to making it great!

Do you set monthly goals? Share your link in the comments or just tell me a few of your goals! Let's support each other!
Thanks for reading!

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Posts on this blog may contain affiliate links. 
If you click on a link and make a purchase, I might get a little money. 
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