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Thursday, July 26, 2018

Amazing Anniversary Products from the Dating Divas

Of course, I can't let anniversary month go by without sharing a post about all the awesome produces The Dating Divas have created for anniversaries.

Anyway, so some of these products were actually made for anniversaries, some I just think would be great to use on your anniversary, and some are even FREE!

Before I share anything else though, you absolutely have to download their FREE Anniversary Guide. The guide has all things anniversary: gift ideas, sexy bedroom ideas, and themed date ideas (all linked directly to the PDF download)!


The Anniversary Printable Pack

Everything you could need to make your next anniversary the best yet! This pack has banners, signs for photo shoots, love notes, a journal, decorations, a pre-planned date night, and even matching iron-on t-shirt designs!

The Anniversary Printable Kits

I talked about these on Monday when I suggested making some traditions for your anniversary. Basically they are awesome kits to be used on your first five anniversaries (you can buy them separately or in a bundle of all five). Each year's pack comes with a fun picture frame, a traditional anniversary gift, a creative anniversary gift, and bonus anniversary ideas!

The Anniversary Countdown

We used this super cute countdown banner on our anniversary last year! It's a banner that you print out and put together (I just taped each letter to the mantel because I couldn't find any string). Each letter is a pocket and has a fun activity hidden inside. Then each day of the week leading up to your anniversary, you pull a fun little activity out of the pocket and enjoy! I won't tell you all the activities, but one was a fun little scavenger hunt! So cool!


The Year of Date Night Kits

The Dating Divas have several "Year of Dates" kits. Basically you download and print off everything you need to make a binder of 12 done-for-you dates. One for each month of the year. I think this is perfect for an anniversary gift because you (or the couple you give it to) can use it in their next year of marriage! It doesn't have to be started in January. 

Here are the Different versions they have:

The 7 Days of Sex Challenge

We've already established this month that sexual intimacy is important in marriage. And what better time to ramp up your sex life than around your anniversary! I challenge you to take the 7 days of sex challenge on the week of your next anniversary!

The 7 Days of Spoiling Challenge

And while we're talking about celebrating your anniversary for an entire week, why not use this time to spoil your spouse rotten? Take the Divas' 7 Days of Spoiling Challenge too!

The 30 Days of Love Challenge

We also did the 30 Days of Love Challenge leading up to our anniversary last year! If I'm being honest, we didn't actually finish the challenge. Maybe we should attempt it again. Anyway, this challenge is great any time and the Divas originally issues it leading up to Valentine's Day, but I think doing it around your anniversary would be perfect!


The Anniversary Interview

This is a fun little pack of cards with questions on them to ask each other on your next anniversary! These questions help you reminisce and lead to deeper connections!

The Not So Newlywed Game

How well do you know your spouse? Dare to find out? Pearson and I played this recently and we didn't do as well as we thought. Though I'll admit we actually got a few right that I was really surprised about. And that made me feel good about our relationship!


So you see? The Dating Divas are basically brilliant and always have the perfect thing for any couple, for any occasion!

Do you love The Dating Divas as much as I do yet?
Are you going to try any of these on your next anniversary?
Thanks for reading!

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