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Monday, July 30, 2018

"Your Marriage Today... and Tomorrow" (Book Review + Giveaway)

I received a free copy of Your Marriage Today... and Tomorrow by Crawford & Karen Loritts in exchange for review and another free copy to give away. All opinions are my own.

I was contacted at the beginning of June about a possible partnership and to see if I would be interested in reviewing Your Marriage Today... and Tomorrow by Crawford & Karen Loritts. I accepted because the book sounded interesting and I thought I could give a copy away during my anniversary month celebrations. And then, like I always do, I procrastinated.
Anyway, to be honest, this book was much better than I thought it would be! But I'm getting ahead of myself. Let me first share a little "bio" about the book. Here is what the original email said asking me to review the book:
Dr. Crawford and Karen Loritts have been married 45 years and have spent the last 30 years speaking on marriage. This book contains their most successful, proven material. Interlaced with personal stories and letters from their four children this book will teach you: 
  • the biblical and theological foundation for marriage 
  • godly disciplines and habits that will improve your marriage 
  • how to use your marriage to shape future generations
So you see, I thought this book might focus on out-dated gender roles in marriage. I also thought it might get preachy about how the point of marriage is to "be fruitful and multiply." And then when I got the book and saw that it was only 150 pages long with pretty large print, I thought it was going to be a fluff piece with no tangible tips.

Boy was I wrong.

The book does focus quite a bit on leaving a legacy, but they talk about leaving your legacy to future generations in the church as well as your own children.

And yes there are chapters on the most important "gifts" we can give our spouses separated by gender. The number one gift for a wife to receive is love and number one for a husband is respect. The wife chapter also lists that we need provision, protection, and leadership, for example. But below is a direct quote from the "provision" section.
No, we are not suggesting that a certain lifestyle needs to be maintained or that there are not difficult times that we will all face.
The authors went on to tell a story from their own life when the husband was in school and the wife worked full time. When they had trouble paying bills, the husband started looking for work in addition to the wife's job. That is what is meant when they say the husband should provide. That he should put in effort and run form laziness. Not that men have to be the sole breadwinners.

I was very pleased with the use of scripture throughout this book as well as the acknowledgement that living a Godly life does not guarantee that your marriage won't face any problems nor does it guarantee that your children will remain faithful to God.

I also thought they had a great balance with what the Bible says about marriage and how men and women are different but also acknowledging our changing culture.

And lastly, each chapter had tangible steps to take and I felt very convicted. Especially in the resolving conflict chapter.

I recommend this book to anybody wanting to strengthen their marriage!
Do you think you could benefit from this book?
Thanks for reading!

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