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Friday, October 19, 2018

Fall Bucket List {& Some Fall Date Articles you need to Read}

Happy Friday, Friends! Well, we're more than half way through October. And that means, while not technically true, it feels like we're more than half way through autumn. Ugh. This is my FAVORITE season and I haven't done a while lot to celebrate. We went to the Oregon coast twice in September and were busy with a lot of other things, but we haven't done much of anything outside the house in October. Why???

So I sat down and did a little research to make a bucket list. We may not get to everything on this bucket list this year just because it's already so late in the season. But regardless, I wanted to share my fall bucket list with you as well as some of the great articles I got ideas from!
Fall is such a fun season with a ton of activities to do. Especially on a date. I've compiled a bucket list of autumn date ideas I want to do with my husband. I've also shared a round-up of articles all about fall activities that you don't want to miss out on this season!

Date Ideas

First I want to share with you some articles that I found all about fall date ideas. I'll be honest, some of the ideas are a bit redundant. They're things Pearson and I have done before and they're listed on every fall date idea list out there. But when you're in a rut, sometimes you just need to be reminded of things you already love to do.

Snuggle Up for a Little Autumn Romance by A Prioritized Marriage
Fall Date Night Outfit + 10 Fall Date Night Ideas by Living the Sweet Wife
30 Romantic Fall Date Ideas by Coming Up Roses
10 Fall Dates That Cost Zero: Date Night Ideas That Fit Tight Budgets by Snail Pace Transformations
50 Fall Date Ideas by Domestically Blissful
25 Fall Date Ideas to make the Most of Fall by Friday We're in Love

Bucket Lists

Here are some fall bucket lists from around the web. Or more accurately, from around my spear of the web. These aren't as redundant as the date ideas. They're all super fun!

My October Bucket List by Modwife.co
Autumn Bucket List 2014 (and What I Wore) by Belle Brita
Have the Best Autumn EVER With Our Ultimate Fall Bucket List by PopSugar

My Own Blog

Here are some blog posts from my own blog. One is a list of date ideas, but the other two have great ideas too! Oh and the first one in this list is a great guest post so check it out!

Sweater Weather Couple’s Activities
How to Enjoy the Beautiful Fall Season Outside
Fall Date Ideas

Specific to the Portland Area


Another great thing to do if you're in a rut and looking for fun activities in your area is to schedule a date with Date Crescent! They're a dating concierge service for couples. You just have to sign up for their service and tell them a little about your likes and dislikes and then your availability and budget etc. Then they do all the research for you and come up with a unique date idea in your area! They have different price tiers so you can have them do all the bookings and everything or just have them find something for you. We did a beer festival with them back in June and it was awesome!

You can use this code for 50% off a date proposal: 12B85AAA49

If you don't want to schedule a date with them just yet, you can check out their blog to see if they have suggestions of what to do in your area this time of year. They're really good about updaating that!

My Bucket List

Ok on to my bucket list! Most of these I would like to do as a date with Pearson but I didn't really consult him for all of these so I'm calling it my bucket list instead of our bucket list.
  1. Take a long drive among the fall foliage.
  2. Go apple/pumpkin picking.
  3. Do some baking with those apples and/or pumpkins.
  4. Do a cider tasting.
  5. Go to a fall/harvest festival complete with a hay ride. Bonus points for a corn maze.
  6. Go to a bonfire complete with roasting marshmallows. Unfortunately we can't really host one because we live in an apartment. One day!
  7. Go to a football game. Even if it's just high school.
  8. Have a picnic and throw football in the park.
  9. Have a scary movie marathon
  10. Have a "silly" Halloween movie marathon. We'll watch Hocus Pocus, The Nightmare Before Christmas, Halloweentown and anything else we find and have access to.
  11. Have a Harry Potter Marathon. I don't know why the Harry Potter movies (and books) are better in the fall.
  12. Create a blanket fort in our living room (perhaps to watch any of the marathons listed above)
  13. Create our Halloween costumes and decorations for trick-or-treating. We will pass out candy to kids in our community at our Church building. I think we're gonna be pirates!
  14. Have a coffee shop date.
  15. Do either a haunted house, escape room (I've always wanted to do that but never gotten to), haunted ghost tour, and/or Haunted Pub Tour
So I'm really hoping all this research and creating this list will get my butt in gear and I'll be excited for fall! I think this weekend we may actually cross several things off this list! Particularly, numbers 2, 3, 5, and 14!

Have you created a fall bucket list? What's on your list? What do I need to add to mine?
Thanks for reading!

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