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Thursday, October 20, 2016

RocksBox Number 2 (Review & Coupon Code)

I was given a 3 month complementary membership of the Rocksbox subscription service in exchange for review. All opinions are my own.

About a month ago, I shared that I received my first Rocksbox in the mail. I loved everything in that box but didn't purchase anything because I didn't have a budget for it. Well, it's time for another review because I got my second box in the mail the other day!

If you haven't heard about Rocksbox, let me try to explain it a bit. It's a monthly subscription box. You pay $19 per month and they send you three pieces of designer jewelry. You wear the jewelry as long as you want and then send them back and get more.

You could send it all back the day after you get it if you don't like any of the pieces and get three new pieces immediately. Or you can keep them as long as you want. Just remember, you're charged $19 per month. The good news is, if you like a piece that much, you can purchase it!
The first piece in this box was this gorgeous Melanie Auld necklace! The pictures don't do it justice! I'm in love! I'm very tempted to buy it. We'll see if I give into the $89 price tag (originally $105).
The earrings are super cute and I love how well they match the necklace even though they're a totally different brand. Karen London, to be exact. At $42 (regular $50), I probably won't buy these just because I have plenty of cute studs. But, who knows, maybe if I buy the necklace, I'll buy the earrings too.
Now, I'll be honest. The bracelet didn't do anything for me. I don't even know why. It's just not my style for some reason. I think I'm more attracted to bangle type bracelets. Anyway, it is Gorjana brand and $59 (originally $70). And I will definitely not be purchasing it.
So those are my thoughts about what I got in my box this month!

If you want to try Rocksbox, you can sign up at rocksbox.com and use code charlenemaugerixoxo at checkout to get your first month for FREE! There's no obligation. Try it for a month completely free of charge.

So what do you think of my pieces? Would you keep any of these pieces?

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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

All Things Halloween

Well guys, Halloween is less than 2 weeks away! It's my favorite holiday and yet, sadly, I haven't written much about it this year. This year has been a little weird for some reason. It doesn't even feel like October. I haven't watched any Halloween movies, cheesy or scary. It hasn't been consistently chilly outside yet. We haven't gone apple picking or done much baking.

But we are going to Hocking Hills this weekend. And we might stop by Lynd's on the way home! We're also going to a Halloween party on Halloween weekend. And we won 3rd place trunk-or-treating this past weekend. More on that below!

But today I wanted to share some of my favorite fall and Halloween resources. All of these come from The Dating Divas because they are awesome! (The headings and images below are links)

Fall and Halloween Date Ideas:

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Scary Movie BINGO Date Night

Haunted House Date Night

Couple Halloween Costume Ideas:

50 Last Minute Costumes for Couples

Halloween Costumes for Two

25 Quick & Easy Costume Ideas for Couples

Fall and Halloween Printables:

Fall Love Notes

65 Fall Printables

101 Free Halloween Printables

Other (aka last, but not least)

120 Creative Trunk or Treat Ideas

Speaking of trunk or treat...

As I mentioned above, on Saturday our church had our annual Trunk or Treat. That's when we all go to a parking lot and open our trunks so the kids can trick or treat from car to car. We all decorate our cars and dress up. And there's a competition. The Maugeri Center for Mad Science won 3rd place!
Are you as excited for Halloween as me? How are you celebrating?
Thanks for reading!

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Wednesday, October 12, 2016

10 Reasons you feel Disconnected from your Spouse

In my opinion, one of the biggest problems marriages face is feeling disconnected from each other. I haven't done any research specifically about this, but I know we've struggled with it. And I've heard of others struggling with it. And I feel like so many other problems stem from this.

We feel disconnected so we keep pulling away from each other. It's easier to drift away. And then drifting or pulling away can cause us to look elsewhere. Or simply to argue all the time and feel stuck. Then we resent each other. It's a terrible place to be.

Well today I want to share with you 13 reasons you might feel disconnected. Hopefully these will help some people out there to reconnect. I always think it helps to know where the problem comes from before you can fix it.

ONE || You're not Intentional About Quality Time

Quality time is my number one love language. I know that's not the same for everyone, but how can you feel connected if you're not spending time together? And I know it's easier said than done. We're all busy. We have jobs and kids and homes to take care of. But it's so important. Sometimes we think quality time will be easy and just happen like it did when we were dating and first married, but that's not the case. We have to be intentional about it and schedule it these days.

TWO || You're in a Dating Rut

Do you do the same date over and over again. Maybe you go to dinner and a movie every time you go out. Maybe you go to the same restaurant week in and week out. There's nothing wrong with tradition and ritual. In fact they can be a good thing. But when there are no surprises in your relationship, or when there's no variance at all, you might start to feel disconnected. Part of experiencing life with your spouse is experiencing new things together, learning together, and growing together.

THREE || You Avoid Deep Conversation

I'll admit, I've been guilty of this often. Why are we often so afraid of opening up? Even to our spouse? It's crazy! But you know what, it may be difficult and painful at first, but after I have one of these conversations with Pearson, I always feel so much better. I feel so connected to him. When I share my feelings with him and open up, I feel so loved.

FOUR || You Keep Things to Yourself

This sort of goes along with the last one. Often, I get frustrated or upset and I don't tell Pearson about it. It just makes him angry. Keeping these things from him is not a great way to strengthen our relationship. In fact, it harms it.

FIVE || You Assume You're on the Same Page

One of the things I struggle with the most is not communicating my expectations. After all, Pearson is not a mind reader. Sometimes I forget that he doesn't think the same way I do. We can all be a little selfish that way, can't we? We assume people think the same way as us because we can't imagine another way of thinking. But that's not the case. We have to communicate what we want and need and expect.

SIX || You Think Only Mostly of Yourself and Your Own Needs

And you expect him to change if you have an disagreement. You cannot change another person, no matter how close you are to them. Only God can do that. The only person you can change is yourself.

SEVEN || You Don't Pick Your Battles Very Well

And you fight over silly stuff. I don't know about you, but I certainly don't feel connected to Pearson when we're fighting. So fighting over silly stuff that doesn't matter causes pointless pain and drives us apart.

EIGHT || You're too Comfortable

You're too comfortable with each other and your situation and routines. Like I said earlier, you should experience new things together. But another aspect to being too comfortable is being lazy and taking each other for granted. You're used to the nice day to day things you do for each other and you don't appreciate each other like you should. Don't do it!

NINE || You Resent Each Other

Maybe there's something your spouse did or does and you don't think it bothers you. Or you think it shouldn't bother you so you pretend it doesn't. Or maybe you've done something for him or her and he doesn't seem to return the favor or you feel like you've sacrificed more than your partner. And now you resent him. There's no way to feel connected if you have this in the back of your mind all the time. You don't need to keep score and you need to communicate when things bother you.

TEN || God Isn't at the Center of Your Marriage

We all hear this all the time but sometimes it's hard to know what it looks like. I know Pearson and I could certainly do better with this. Some ways to make sure God is at the center include praying together, praying for each other, attending church together, and studying the Bible together, just to name a few. Not only will you feel more connected with God, you'll also feel more connected with each other.

BONUS || You're not Checking in Weekly, You're not part of our Wife Support Community, and You're not using #MyMarriageEndures on Instagram

Yes this bonus point is very much a shameless plug. Or rather, several shameless plugs.

The first one is that Pearson and I always feel connected after we have a weekly couple check-in. Check out the post I linked for more about what we do and for a FREE cheat sheet!
For the second plug, I am a co-admin for a supportive group of wives on Facebook. You don't have to be a blogger or anything to join the Wife Support Community. Just a wife. We talk about marriage and support and encourage each other. And we would love to have you!

And lastly, I'd love for you to use #MyMarriageEndures on Instagram. This one doesn't have a direct relationship to feeling connected with your spouse, I'll admit. But I would love for you to use that hashtag on any marriage related Instagram posts. Especially any posts about enduring life together and overcoming obstacles etc. Join the community!

Are you struggling with feeling disconnected from your spouse? I really think it's a common thing. But it's so easy to change. Maybe easy isn't the right word, but it's certainly doable. Can you think of any other reasons couples might feel disconnected?

Thanks for reading!

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Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Coffee Date Thoughts

Happy Tuesday! I've had a lot on my mind recently so I thought I'd share those thoughts with you today as if we were on a coffee date.

If we were having coffee, here's what I'd talk about...

Today I had an early release at work so I had to get into the office by 7. (Yes I am writing this paragraph at work after that early release. We're allowed breaks). Surprisingly it was easy to get up an hour earlier than usual (though lets be honest, it was more like an hour and a half earlier than usual. I have a problem with over sleeping). It was nice to spend the morning with Pearson (he gets up that early almost every day). And it was even kinda nice to get to work before everyone else while it was still dark outside. And as a bonus, the release went off without a hitch. The whole thing was kinda nice, but I know I couldn't do that every day.

At the beginning of this election (or at least once we had our nominees), I thought a vote for Gary Johnson would be "a vote for Hilary Clinton." Now it seems that a vote for Johnson would actually be more of a vote for Trump than Clinton. And it almost makes me not want to do it. Almost.

Just because I'm a woman doesn't mean that Benedict Cumberbatch is the only reason I'm excited for the Dr. Strange movie. Ugh. I like super heros and Marvel and SciFi too. I care about more than the male actors in those kind of movies. And furthermore, I don't even think Benedict is that attractive. He's a great actor, sure. But he's kinda weird looking.

I'm going to be super busy for the next few months. In fact, every weekend from here to the end of the year is booked solid. I am super excited about this for many reasons. One being that I think being busy again will seriously help my depression and make me happy again. It's the most wonderful time of the year. On a related note, I'm already dreading January and February when everything dies down and it's below zero outside with snow everywhere.

I'm not sure where all our money has been going recently. Nor do I know how we will afford everything we have going on in the next few months. I'm not too worried about it though. I think it will work out. Side note, I got an unexpected check in the mail last week from my orthopedist from back when I had tendinitis in my elbow. Thanks, God!

I am hooked on When Calls the Heart. It's a series on Hallmark Channel staring Lori Loughlin (Aunt Becky from Full House) about a small, western coal mining town in the 1910. The first two seasons are on Netflix. I'll admit, it's not the best quality show. It is Hallmark Channel, after all. But I can't get it out of my head!

I'm going to be playing Cinderella in Worthington Community Theatre's production of A Fairy Tail Christmas Carol and I am so excited! Rehearsals start October 24th and the performance dates are December 9th at 7:30, December 10th at 2:00 and 7:30, and December 11th at 2:00.

I am so tired of my news feeds being filled with political stuff. I can't wait for this election to be over.

I've been wearing sweaters non-stop for about a week now. It's the most wonderful time of the year.

I feel myself getting annoyed when my coworkers eating and drinking too loud. I knew there was a reason I should work from home.

I've been journaling more lately. It's truly amazing how I always feel so much better when I journal. I used to journal all the time. I have several journals filled from my college days. But somehow I've gotten away from it. I need to keep it up.

Why is fast food so yummy? I keep ruining my healthy eating habits. Ugh. Wendy's. Taco Bell. It's always calling my name! I know if I stay away from it for a while, I'll stop craving it. But it's hard to get to that point. Plus it's just so convenient.

Also, why is it so difficult to stay on top of my reading goals? I have all these plans to read and then I end up watching TV all evening. Also, I'll sit down to read and then pick up my phone. An hour later I find myself down the rabbit hole of Instagram and it's time to go somewhere or start dinner or whatever and I haven't cracked my book. Sigh.

So those things are what I would talk about on our coffee date. What would you talk about? Thanks for letting me spill these thoughts. And thanks for being such wonderful readers!

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