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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

26 Random Facts You Don't Know About My Husband

Today is my incredibly handsome husband's birthday! He caught up to me at 26 years of life. Also, he is, objectively, the best human on the planet so I thought you might want to know a little more about him. So to celebrate him, I'm sharing 26 random facts you might not know about him!!!

26 Random Facts You Don't Know About My Husband

  1. He can tell you all about each of the 7 forms of light saber combat.
  2. His favorite color is green
  3. He hates cooked vegetables but loves them raw
  4. He drives to work a different way every day.
  5. He lived in Florida till he was 3.
  6. He can't whistle (thank goodness!)
  7. He is an avid Miami Hurricanes fan.
  8. He beatboxes constantly. He doesn't even realize he's doing it.
  9. He is very passionate and wears his heart on his sleeve. Whether he's upset or happy, you'll know immediately.
  10. He loves seafood
  11. He's my hero.
  12. He played soccer growing up.
  13. He talks way too fast. I've grown used to it but people often have a hard time understanding him
  14. He is the oldest of 4 children.
  15. He got a 32 on his ACT
  16. In high school, he had a job as a soccer referee for little kids
  17. He had 6 surgeries on his eye before he was 9 years old
  18. He is not really a dog person though he is a #FurChildPip person.
  19. He is concerned for my health.
  20. He played football in high school. But only his freshman year.
  21. He has a photographic memory. At least I think so. But he won't admit it. I know it's not really a photographic memory. Like it hasn't been diagnosed or whatever you would say for that. But I think it's pretty close.
  22. He shared a room with his younger brother from when Jordan was born until Pearson went to college.
  23. He loved Apple Fanta almost more than he loves me.
  24. He was never a baseball fan. But I think it's grown on him since marrying me.
  25. His favorite movie is The Lord of the Rings: Return of the King
  26. He is the most handsome man to ever exist
See? I told you he's objectively the best human on the planet!
Thanks for reading!

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