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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Thankful Thursday: My Health

So I think I scared some people with the title of my last post, earlier this week. Sorry if that was you. Some people thought either Pearson or I might have had cancer. We do not. So I thought it would be appropriate to share for this week's Thankful Thursday that I am thankful for...

My Health (and My Husband's)
I am healthy. I mean really. At this moment in time, I have nothing wrong with my health. Not only is there nothing wrong with my health, but I am doing things to be more healthy and stay that way for the first time in my life. Sure when I was younger, I played sports, but that was for other reasons. I didn't spend time every day conditioning or practicing to stay in shape, it was to get better at the game. But now, Pearson and I have started eating better and we are both trying to work out a little every day. Anyway, I digress.

I am so very thankful to be healthy in a way that I cannot control. We both have been blessed with healthy bodies and the ability to exercise. There are so many people who, for whatever reason, are glued to a bed or at least in a wheelchair. Or who have to be fed through a straw and cannot do anything by him or herself. Some of these things are direct results from their actions (smoking, bad eating habits, being stupid teenagers and causing accidents) but some, like cancer, seem to just happen. I am thankful nothing like that has just happened to me or my husband. Or any of my close friends and family for that matter. Well, not recently anyway.

In short, I have four working limbs, healthy insides, and a brain (and some motivation) to know how to keep them that way as much as is in my power. And I thank God for all of these things.

Thanks for reading!
Love, a very healthy, Mrs. Charlene Maugeri
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