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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

I live for little moments like this...

Emily at Newlywed Moments and her husband had their one year anniversary last week and she has joined up with several other newlywed bloggers to start a weekly marital advice linkup, "From One Year to Beyond". Since we are newlyweds with our first anniversary coming up next month, and I currently am looking looking for some fun blogging topics, I thought I would join in.

Today's topic is Funny Moments from the First Year!
Oh boy, where do I begin? The beginning, I guess...

Funny Moment #1: For our wedding, we wrote our own vows. We worked on them separately, but we read each other's before the big day just to make sure they were even, if you will. Pearson's vows were very well written and so, so sweet! During the ceremony while reading them, he stumbled on some words. If you know him, this is probably not very surprising. The funniest part though, was how when he couldn't get past a phrase, he stopped {in front of 300+ people, mind you} and said, "Oh whatever..." then picked up where he left off. Everyone {including me} laughed, and the preacher said, "That's the first of many 'whatever's'."

Funny Moment #2: We went to the Bahamas for our honeymoon. On the last night, we did a dinner cruise. I was under the impression that this cruise was going to be a romantic, watch the sunset, fancy dinner type cruise. Nope. It was more of a party boat. Anyway, Pearson competed in the limbo and came in second place! So when the hostess asked for couple volunteers next, of course he insisted we do whatever she had in store. He was on a high from the limbo. It turns out, we were entered in a dance contest... against all African-American, and very talented, couples. Oh boy. Well, we held our own and did what the song said... The winner was determined by applause from everyone on the cruise and sure enough, we won! {out of pity, I'm sure} And what did we win, you ask? A bottle of cheap rum! Hmm... at least it is a funny story we will always have.
The people at our table were kind enough to take pictures
Funny Moment #3: After we moved here, Pearson and I started doing monthly "Mystery Dates." One of us plans a surprise date and blindfolds the other, only telling them a time and what to wear. The next month, we switch rolls. In September, I found a drive-in theater online {I have always wanted to see a movie at a drive in} and told Pearson to just be ready by 6:30 Friday night and to wear whatever he wore to school. We drove to south Columbus with a cooler full of food hidden in the trunk and pulled up to see that we were the only people there and the drive-in was very sketchy and in what seemed to be a shady part of town... We decided to forget it and go home to watch TV. At the time I was pretty mad because we drove all the way there and the date was ruined. But looking back, it is funny. We also found out that during the summer months, lots of people go and it is not sketchy at all, so we are probably going to try again.

Funny Moment #4: Speaking of mystery dates, in October Pearson took me to Lynd's fruit farm to pick apples and pumpkins. After that, we decided to go to Sonic for happy hour. We turned off the car and enjoyed our drinks. When we were getting ready to leave, the car wouldn't start. The engine wouldn't even turn over. Luckily some of the guys who worked there had jumper cables and helped us out. We immediately went to get a new battery and the guy who replaced it was a hoot! He took over an hour to replace the battery and talked the whole time. He told us tons of Army stories and made a horrible situation enjoyable.
Funny Moment #5: This next moment happened in April {hint hint}. Pearson was at school and he doesn't get cell service in the Physics building, so I sent him an IM on Google Talk. I said "I have something to tell you. I don't really know how to tell you and I really wish I could call you..." Then I sent him a picture of a positive pregnancy test that I found on the internet. He called me a few minutes later when he got the message and I didn't answer because my phone was on silent. Finally I called him back and the first thing he asked was "What prompted you to take the test?" And I couldn't keep it up long so I said "What prompted me? Well, um... you see, it's April first and... APRIL FOOLS!!" We stayed on the phone for a little bit and before we hung up he said his heart was still racing. His reaction was perfect even though it is probably one of the oldest pranks in the book for newlyweds who are not planning on having kids for a while.

Funny Moment #6: Last but not least, this one happened this weekend. We went to Memphis for my best friend's wedding. Sunday we got a late start on the 9 hour drive home. We stopped at a gas station to fill up before we hit the road. Pearson had been driving but I was going to take the first leg of the trip. While he was in the bathroom, I took the driver's seat and put my keys in the ignition. He got in the car and we took off. About an hour down the road, I decided I had to stop and get a drink to help me stay awake. When I got back to the car and put my keys in the ignition, Pearson said "Wait, you're using your keys? Where are mine?" To which I said "I don't know!" We tore apart the car looking for them. Finally, we called the gas station and the lady checked the bathroom and all the pumps. Nothing. We thought about it and came up with the conclusion that he threw the keys away. He had a lot of thrash {and his keys} in his hands when he got out of the car at the pump and just threw it all away. There were keys to the OSU Physics building, and Pearson's office and lab on there. So we drove the whole hour back to the gas station and someone had dumped 3 bags of wet soil into the trash can. Who does that? Pearson dug through the soil and sure enough, there were his keys. Then he washed his keys and hands up to his elbows. Again, this wasn't so funny at the time but it was hilarious shortly after we got the keys back.
Us at the wedding :)
There were many other funny moments this year, but I tried {and failed} to keep it to 5. There is almost never a dull moment in my life and I am most grateful for that!

Thanks for reading!
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