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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

NYC Anniversary Trip Re-Cap- Friday


On Friday we woke up and took a ferry to Liberty Island to see the Statue of Liberty. We didn't get to go up to the crown because we didn't book it in time, but it was still pretty cool. We did a free mini-tour around the island and all the history of the statue is just so interesting.

After visiting Liberty Island, we did some shopping in China Town. Then we went to the Museum of Natural History. We really didn't have a whole lot of time before it closed, so we went straight for the dinosaurs and finished with the other impressive animals. You know, the important stuff.

Friday evening after dinner, we took a carriage ride through Central Park. It was wonderful. Our carriage driver told us what all the memorable landmarks were, what movies they appeared in (the fountains and statues) and who lived where and how much they paid for rent (the apartment buildings around Central Park). It was pretty cool to think we were right there where all these celebrities lived and shot movies.
Us in the carriage.
Our carriage and horse- taken by sticking my arm out the side of the carriage.
Bethesda Fountain
These towers have apartments starting at $20 million. Lots of famous people live there!
The beautiful castle at the end of the park.
The not-Friends fountain. Our driver said that a lot of people think this is the fountain from the intro to the 'Friends' TV show but it is not. It just looks like it.

While we were in the covered carriage, it started pouring, so when we got out, we got drenched. The wind was blowing pretty hard so our umbrellas were no help. It put a little damper on things the rest of the night, but we didn't let it ruin our weekend.

We got back to the hotel and fell into bed exhausted from two days of non-stop sight seeing. This trip was certainly one of the most tiring I have ever taken. Even though we didn't stay up all night like I did in high school on trips with friends.

Thanks for reading! Stay tuned to hear all about our Saturday shenanigans in NYC!
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