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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

More September Marriage Goals

For the last month I have been linking up with Amberly for her marriage and relationship goals linkup. The last two times I have proposed (to myself) these goals.
  • To change my attitude and stop taking my frustration out on my husband, the innocent bystander.
  • To put away my electronics when Pearson is home and spend that time with him.
I have to say, so far so good. At least from my stand point it is. Maybe I should ask P.

First of all, I have still been pretty busy and stressed this week but I haven't caught myself taking it out on Pearson. And really it hasn't required that much of a conscious effort. Once I made up my mind to change my attitude, it just kinda came natural. 
I have had minimal access to my phone and laptop when Pearson has been around. The only time I would have it out is when he was doing homework or grading tests. That is a big deal for me. I used to have to have my phone with me at night while watching TV. I had to have something to do besides just watch even though that is our time. I'm not talking about flipping through channels. I mean when we are watching one of our shows I am usually either on Twitter, Pinterest, or Facebook. And when I ran out of new material on those, I would play solitaire. I know, ridiculous, right? I am proud to say that stopped this week.

I will have to be intentional about keeping these things up (especially the technology thing), but I am encouraged by how well it is going so far. 
Thanks so much for reading!!! 
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