“Our perfect companions never have fewer than four feet.” ― Colette | Enduring All Things

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

“Our perfect companions never have fewer than four feet.” ― Colette

I lost one of my best friends on Monday.

She was a loyal friend. She always loved me and got excited to see me no matter how long I had been away. She hated to see me upset and hated even more to see me pack a suit case and leave for college every August and January. She played with me when we were younger. She cuddled with me when I needed to be cheered up. She protected me [or tried to] when someone or something threatened.

I couldn't do the same for her.
I couldn't cuddle with her this past week or so when she was sick and hurting because I was 700 miles away in Ohio. I couldn't protect her from the threatening illness that eventually took her life.
But I don't feel guilt. Not really. She lived a long life. A long, happy life. Even when I wasn't there because I went off to college or moved out of the house, she had our mommy and daddy and even our brother with her for most of that time.

Angel, I knew this day would come, but it is still hard. I really miss you, but now you are not suffering anymore. You are a true angel now, not just by name. I love you! Thank you for making my life better. You were a great dog and an even better friend!
Trying out the snow January 2011
Christmas Morning 2010 (excuse my just-woke-up look)
My birthday 2011
Christmas 2008
My dad with Angel in the snow. January 2011
Homecoming 2007
Angel and Gracie trying to swim before they hit the water! About 2009?
Last Summer
I don't have any pictures from longer ago because that was before Facebook, but you get the idea. She was a special one. Have fun in doggy heaven, Angel!

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