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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

5.5 Out Of 8 {Tuesday Goals}

Hello Loves, 

It is time for weekly goals again. Two weeks ago, I decided that I was ready to get out of a rut and I set some goals for myself that were more than just about our marriage (which is what this link up is really about). You can read that post here. Last week, I gave you all an update on how I was doing on those goals. Read it here. I have some more updates for you today.
  • Read a chapter out of the Bible every day. I believe I will start with Proverbs. Check! I have kept up with this all week. I do it pretty much first thing in the morning (after I make coffee) and it works! And it is a fantastic start to my day.
  • Rinse all dishes and put them in the dish washer as soon as we use them. No more letting them pile up. Big FAIL! I was awful at this one this week. My kitchen was a HUGE mess by Saturday and I spent almost 2 hours doing dishes and cleaning.
  • Pray every night with Pearson whether we go to bed at the same time or not. Another fail. Why can't we remember to do this? We pray together at meal time without even thinking about it. Why is it hard to remember before bed?
  • Have a designated weekly date night. Check! We went to Chipotle for dinner and then saw The Hunger Games: Catching Fire on Thursday! (Yes Thursday. For some reason, our theater started showing it at 8:00 the night before it was supposed to come out. Oh well, I didn't have to go at midnight)
  • Set aside time for blogging every week and try not to spend too much time over that allotment. Sorta. I was better this week about blogging only when Pearson wasn't home, but it still takes longer than it should. I get sidetracked too easily.
  • Cook diner at home as much as possible. And try to be healthier about it. Check!
  • Exercise every weekday, doing cardio and Pilates switching every day. I skipped a couple days, but I worked out both Saturday and Sunday to make up for it.
  • Pick a different person or situation every day and spend some intentional time in prayer for that person. Check. I LOVE doing this. Being intentional about praying for other people certainly helps them, but it also makes me feel better. And I am learning how to pray for people and situations I wouldn't usually take the time to pray for.
So I think I've been doing pretty well. That praying before bed thing is still giving me trouble and I need to get back on track with the dishes, but other than that pretty good.

How are you doing on your goals? Go link up with Amberly!
Thanks for reading!
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