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Friday, December 27, 2013

Wedding Series: The Reception

Hello lovelies and welcome to the last installment of the Wedding Series! Here are the other posts in case you missed them...
And now on to the reception! First of all, the wedding party danced into the reception hall as my cousin announced us.

We took a couple group pictures that we wanted including everybody that was there from each of our social clubs. Below is a picture of everyone there from Harding. All of the couples in the picture below that now have the same anniversary July 14th!
We toasted and cut the cake. Pearson got some on my nose. At least he didn't smear it all over my face and get it on my dress!
Mollie caught my bouquet!
And Wesley caught the garter!
And as we were leaving, the guests blew bubbles at us and rang bells. Then we drove off in our car that the groomsmen so graciously decorated!
My whole wedding experience was perfect! There is not one thing I would change. I have a lot of people to thank for that. So many people from church donated their time and resources to make this day go smoothly and to keep us from having to spend a fortune! There are way too many people for me to list them on here and I know I will forget someone, but they know who they are. And I am so grateful for them!!!

As always, thanks for reading!
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