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Monday, January 13, 2014

24 Years. Adult or Child?

So this question has been on my mind a bit lately since I just had a birthday: Am I officially a grown up yet or am I still a kid? I thought I would spend a little time today looking at this a little further.

First, let's start by looking at my last Christmas and birthday presents. Or at least the ones I was most excited about.

My 'biggest' Christmas present was a luggage set. Other than that, I got mostly clothes.

For my birthday, I got a coffee maker and an amazing drying mat. Seriously, this thing is so great it almost makes me want to do dishes!

Now I did get a few 'fun' things like jewelry and DVDs, but there are no more toys. There are no more American Girl Dolls and accessories. I didn't get a bike or a scooter. I don't even get video games anymore.

So, I guess it's official. I'm an adult...

But wait, another thing to look at is how I spend my weekends...

I spent the Fandango gift card I got for Christmas to see the latest animated Disney movie.
I have indoor picnics because it's too cold outside.
I build forts in the living room.
I sleep on an air mattress all weekend with my husband.
I watch new found fantasy mini series' on Netflix.
Hmm... Maybe I am still a kid.

What do you think? At 24 am I an adult yet? Or am I still a child?
Thanks for reading!
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