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Friday, February 28, 2014

A Bittersweet End to February

It's the last day of February. In a way, this month has gone by fast. My husband and brother both had birthdays this month. We got to see Jerry Seinfeld, spent a weekend relaxing in Amish country, watched the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics, and celebrated Valentine's Day. But it has sorta gone by slow as well because I am oh so tired of Winter and cold and snow. Ugh. Have I complained about that enough yet on this blog??

Anyway, February was great, but here's to a new month!
Lets get on to the Friday count down.

5 Things I've Loved This Week

  • My Chalk Board Coffee Mug I got in Sugarcreek on Valentine's weekend.
  • Snapchats from my brother. Unfortunately, I didn't take any screenshots, but his birthday was this week and he's pretty great.
  • Binge Watching HIMYM on Netflix. Pearson got me hooked. I blame all on him.
  • This awesome 'Home is where the pups are' Phone Background from Venus Trapped in Mars
  • Seeing Jerry Seinfeld live at the Ohio Theatre last night!

4 Articles/Blog Posts I've Loved This Week

  • The Heartbreak of Foster Care (via Daddy's Tractor) This article really got me thinking. It's a good'n but you might want some tissues near by.
  • Contentment and Faithfulness (via The Random Writings) Rachel shares how God is working in her life and changing her plans just like he has in the past.
  • J-Law is Wind Beneath My Wings (via Whispering Sweet Nothings) Shane shares how her and Jennifer Lawrence are a lot alike. I can so relate!
  • 5 Verses to Pray to Grow as a Spouse (via A Beautiful Exchange) This is a guest post from a bloggy friend, Lauren on another bloggy friend, Hayley's blog. Lauren identifies with the struggles to be the wife that God calls us to be and shares some verses to help.

3 Posts I Wrote This Week

  • My solution to dry, winter skin (Tues)
  • If I could have lunch with Julie Andrews (Wed)
  • My uneducated Oscar predictions (Thurs)

3 Things I'm Looking Forward To

  • The Oscars, obvi.
  • Our first (of many) young married couples bible study tonight. We are reading His Needs, Her Needs by Willard F. Harley, Jr.

1 Reason to Smile

  • Tomorrow is March which means warmer weather is (hopefully) around the corner. Though I am not getting my hopes up too much.
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