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Thursday, February 6, 2014

Cute Jewelry + A Heart for Service

Once upon a time, I hosted a Premier Jewelry party at my apartment. If you don't know what premier is, it's sorta like Mary Kay or 31, but for jewelry. It's a faith based company with independent consultants who sell cute jewelry. They do fund raisers for missionaries, ministries, and other special projects!

A few months ago, I went to a party hosted by a friend of mine and I loved the jewelry. I only bought one piece at that show for money reasons, but I wanted all of it. So I scheduled my own show with the consultant so that I could get some free stuff! A couple weeks ago, that party happened. 

At first I didn't know who to invite because I don't have family or coworkers close by, so that only leaves church friends. I know the girl who hosted the first party through church so who was I going to invite that she didn't? Well, I eventually got over that and had the party anyway. It was a success! {even though there were only 4 people there because it was cold and snowy and people had car trouble}.

My consultant, Ellen was fabulous! She really has a passion for making women feel pretty and "put together" through her jewelry. And she treats her hostesses amazingly as well!

Look at all the free goodies I got...
rose gold "My Heart" necklace // "Lavish Blooms" necklace
"It's A Wrap" bracelet // "Color Theory" ring // "Basket Weave" earrings
The bracelet wraps around your wrist and buttons. Too cool! I have been looking for a statement ring that stands out, but matches almost anything I will wear. I think I found it. I am totally in love with both necklaces and the earrings are perfect! I highly recommend taking a look at premier. I fell in love with the jewelry and the company so much that I agreed to host another party in the Fall! And who knows, maybe I'll become a consultant for a little extra money when we start a family and I want to stay home. But that's a long way off!

Hey fellas (if any of you read this blog), there are some excellent pieces in these catalogs to get your lady friends for a certain holiday coming up! *hint hint, wink wink*

Thanks for reading! And be sure to check out the premier website HERE!

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-If you could have a super power, what would it be?
I would definitely want to fly. I'm a little envious of birds. The ability to just fly up into the sky, observe everything from up high or just to escape a situation, sounds awesome.
-What is your favorite de-stressing activity?
What makes me the most relaxed and happy is just a nice hot bubble bath followed by watching a movie with popcorn on the couch in cozy jammies with my husband and pets. That's heaven. But for times when I need to be a little more productive, I like to do pilates.
-Looking back, what is your favorite memory from when you were a child?
I have so many fond memories of playing with my cats growing up. I was an only child, so my cats kind of felt like siblings. I'd put doll dresses on them and have tea parties, make them dance with me, and go outside and roll around in the grass. That's kind of embarrassing now that I publicly admitted that. I think I just realized where my crazy cat lady tendencies started, haha!

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