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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

When A Flat Tire Strengthens Your Marriage

This week started off pretty typical with neither me nor Pearson wanting to go back to work after the weekend. For me, work was pretty stressful on Monday. Lots of people were depending on me to figure out a big problem, so I was feeling the pressure. I worked till 7 pm {I'm supposed to get off at 5}. By the time I finally signed off, I had a horrible headache and still had not been grocery shopping since I got home from my business trip on Friday {and it was going to have to wait another day}.
Pearson's Monday wasn't going any better than mine. He had to download some software for a class that only works on Windows {he uses Linux} so he had to use a virtual machine. The download took 4 hours and that's on top of all the lab work and homework he was hoping to get done.

So Pearson finally called me at about 7:30 to say he was coming home. I had no idea what we would have for dinner until I found some chicken taquitos in the freezer. I was about to pop them in the oven when Pearson called me again to say he had busted a tire. He didn't have the tools in his car to put a spare on. I didn't feel well and really did not want to get out in the cold, but I sucked it up and drove the 8 miles to him to help change his tire with the tools in my trunk.
Source // Unfortunately I didn't take any pictures of this adventure :(
While we were working together to change the tire, our attitudes slowly started to shift. We'd both had pretty horrible days and the situation we were in was not fun either, but guess what! We were spending time together working on something and helping each other out. It was fantastic!

After we got the tire changed, we decided to stop by Arby's for dinner at almost 9 pm. We stayed at that Arby's for over an hour just talking and laughing and spending quality time together. I kept thinking about how it was just like our dating days. Back then we would go out somewhere, even just a fast food place, and stay forever talking just because we didn't want to leave each other. And I couldn't help but wonder what the Arby's workers thought of us staying so late!

I'm willing to bet that if Pearson had come straight home without any tire trouble, we would have just eaten taquitos and watched TV. I may have even gone to bed pretty early if my headache didn't get better. We would not have shared quality conversation and would have ended the day on a low note after a stinky Monday.
I am so thankful for my hubby and the quality time I get to spend with him on somewhat rare occasions. Here's to making them not-so-rare in the future!
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