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Friday, May 16, 2014

Happy Friday! {Countdown Recap}

Happy Friday, friends!! I've had a pretty great week. No complaining here. We've had some great weather with a few thunderstorms here and there. I LOVE it!
I also love that Rachel from My Wholesome Home has let me write a guest post on her blog today! Go check out my review of a beloved book series!

Now on to the Friday countdown. This week I'm doing things a little differently because I couldn't narrow down my favorite articles to 4 and I couldn't think of a 5th thing I loved. So those two categories are switched. I hope that's OK ;)

5 Articles I've Loved (I couldn't narrow it down any further)
  • This is the cutest and bravest little puppy! (94.9 The Bull)
  • Fantastic thoughts about the Michael Sam situation (Matt Walsh Blog)
  • The sweetest little girl comforting her new born baby sister (Country Outfitters)
  • I am SO excited for this new Harry Potter ride! The cast even got together to shoot more scenes for it! (Complex Pop Culture)
  • A great blog post about how abortion has changes the discussion of miscarriage (ScissorTail Silk
4 Things I've Loved
  • Five TImes August. I discovered him in college when he came to Harding for a concert and I absolutely fell in love with his music. It always makes me just feel better about life. I can't really tell you why, it just does. Anyway, I've been listening to him again this week.
  • #FirstsTotalSocial I LOVED this linkup yesterday. Hellene and Sarah are hosting a monthly #TotalSocial linkup where anyone can link up on any form of social media, not just blogs. Yesterday was all about firsts: first blog post, first tweet etc. You should check out the hashtag on Twitter and Instagram.
  • My Corn Bag. Have you ever used one of these? It's a bag filled with corn (rice works too) and you stick it in the microwave for a few minutes and it is a portable heating pad! Great for stressed out shoulders, a sore back, or menstrual cramps! I've used it for all 3 this week...
  • Snickerdoodle Coffee. From Amish country, Ohio. We seem to have rediscovered this stuff in our pantry for whatever reason and I love it!

3 Posts I Wrote
  • Not all Heroes are Super & Some Use Wants {Tues}
  • Wedding Wednesday - Asking Your Bridesmaids {Wed}
  • Worship God in the Beauty of Holiness - Psalm 96:9 {Thurs}

2 Things I'm Looking Forward To

  • The Harding University Women's Ultimate Frisbee team made it to Nationals and they are playing this weekend here in Columbus! Woohoo! I got a few Harding people to join me for some of the games and they are going to have the best Cheer section they've ever had!
  • I'm going to Georgia next week for work so I get to see my family and friends there again! I'm so thankful for this job in Gainesville, GA that lets me work from home every day and pays for me to visit some people I love every once in a while. Of course, I have to go into the office and work while I'm there, but I can't complain

1 Reason to Smile

  • God is so powerful and it is evident in the creation around us and yet he loves each of us as his own children and takes care of all of our needs.

How was your week?
Thanks for reading!
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