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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Wedding Wednesday - Ceremony Decor

It's Wednesday again and time for another Wedding Wednesday post! If you've missed them, here are all my #WeddingWednesday posts so far...
I absolutely loved my ceremony decorations! I borrowed some lanterns from a friend and used them on every few pews all the way down the center aisle. I used ivory tulle down the aisle as well and tied it up wherever the lanterns were with purple and green glittery tulle ribbon.
Here is another, zoomed out picture of the entire auditorium.
Pearson played his guitar in our duet, so before it was time to sing, it was sitting under the arch waiting. Speaking of the arch, I bought that at Hobby Lobby and hope to use it in our yard/garden when we get a house some day. Right now it's in my parents' basement. It was laced so elegantly with ivory tulle and beautiful flowers.
Below is the best picture I could find to show the whole stage up close. Yes that is my brother and Pearson's brother playing like they are getting married. Such goofballs. Anyway, I always wanted candelabras in my wedding because I grew up looking at pictures of my mom's wedding which had beautiful candelabras. So we rented these from hobby lobby and they were perfect. I loved them! The little tables to the side with flower arrangements on them matched the arch. I really like the cast iron look instead of white or off white that you see in so many weddings.
Another detail that I haven't shared on the blog yet was the flower girls' signs. On the way down the aisle, they carried one that said "Here comes the bride" and on the way back it said "Happily Ever After." My mom made the signs with materials from Hobby Lobby.
The lobby of the church building had a lot of flower arrangements on different tables but other than that we really didn't do much out there. The arrangement below though is one of my favorites. Isn't it beautiful! And that is our guest book complete with a pen with a huge feather on it. Pretty great, huh?
I had so many people help decorate everything. In fact the wouldn't even let me see any of it until I had to for pictures. They knew what I wanted. They had an idea at least, so they took that and ran with it not wanting me to have to worry about anything. I am very grateful to them and loved everything about it.

My Advice: Let other people help you and stay out of the actual decorating as much as possible. Plan how you want it decorated at first, but you have plenty of other things to worry about than actually setting everything up. Besides you should be enjoying your time with your bridesmaids and everything. Going along with that, be flexible. Don't be a bridezilla. If something doesn't look exactly how you pictured it, it's OK. I promise it looks just as good or better! 

Who decorated for your ceremony? Did you buy all the decorations or borrow and rent?
Thanks for reading!
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