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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

An Anniversary for the Books

In case you're wondering, we had a WONDERFUL anniversary!

Pearson picked up a gift for me on his way home yesterday and he could NOT wait to give it to me. I love how excited he gets about these things. I convinced him to wait till I finished work. I only had a couple more things to do and it was already after 5 so he could wait just a couple minutes. Finally, we exchanged gifts. I got him a Miami University polo shirt. I was really proud of that gift until I saw what he got me...
A Hamilton Beach Brew Station! Y'all this thing is awesome! I had mentioned that I wanted a stainless coffee maker because they are better. The coffee never tastes burned and stays hot for a long time etc. etc. Anyway, Pearson went to Target looking for one of these but they were all super expensive and he found this instead. He was so proud that he could get this and a nice coffee thermos for cheaper than the other one. What the brew station does is brews a 'pot' of coffee and keeps it warm in the machine for whatever number of hours you tell it to. When you want a cup, you hold it under the dispenser. I used it this morning and felt so fancy (you already know...). I LOVE it!

After exchanging gifts, we got ready for dinner (Pearson wore his new shirt). We went to Mitchell's Fish Market and it was delicious! We were dressed nice and had a wonderful dinner which almost never happens and guess how many pictures I took... That's right, zero. What? I was enjoying our anniversary without the distraction of my cell phone. But here's a picture of us from a few weeks ago for you to enjoy...
Photo of Couple on Patio
After dinner we went to Jeni's Splended Ice Cream for dessert and we got poured on getting back to our car, but it was totally worth it. We love Jeni's!

And now for the best part of the whole night... When we got home, Pearson checked his email and found out {drum roll please...} he won the Cellular, Molecular, and Biochemical Sciences Program fellowship that he applied for a couple weeks ago! This is a very competitive fellowship open to all 2nd and 3rd year grad students in all the life science programs! At Ohio State, that's 5 programs with probably 30 eligible students in each program. They pick 2 from OSU and my wonderful husband is one of them for this year!!! Oh I am so proud! It pays for full tuition and hefty stipend plus all kinds of other benefits he can put on his resume! He was beside himself and I don't blame him. I am still beaming! Though, of course I never doubted for a second that he would get it.

After we called our parents and he emailed the necessary professors to share the news, it was pretty late, so we played a game of Battleship and went to bed very happy!
Anniversary number 2 = great success! And the celebrating isn't over! We're using our anniversary as an excuse to visit COSI this weekend and I am so excited!
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