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Friday, August 1, 2014

What I'm Up To {August 2014}

Happy August!!! I didn't write a currently post last month because I had just gotten back from Canon's funeral and really didn't feel like writing much of anything. But I missed it. For some reason, these are some of my favorite posts to publish. They make me stop and think and reflect on my life at this moment in time. And I like going back and reading what I was up to in months past and seeing how things change. Anyway, without further adieu, here's what I'm up to in August
Cooking: Crock Pot meals
Clicking: Lots of wonderful blogs in the blog-o-sphere
Drinking: Homemade smoothies. Yum!
Reading: The Book Thief by Markus Zusak
Wanting: A basket/bag to go on the handlebars of my bike
Playing: Guess the Emoji
Wishing: It would stay warm for longer
Enjoying: The weather as much as I can
Waiting: For football season!
Liking: My new morning routine with a little stretching/yoga to wake up and spending time in the Word. It's amazing how that little bit can change the tune of your whole day.
Wondering: How The Giver movie is really going to turn out
Loving: Texting my brother today! We don't talk enough.
Hoping: To get out in the sun a little more before Fall really hits
Needing: Jesus
Smelling: Like bug spray and camp fires after all the devos and singing we've been doing outside lately
Wearing: Hoodies. In the Summertime. Gross.
Following: The castings and other sneak peaks into the Frozen story on Once Upon a Time this Fall!
Noticing: More and more students trickling onto Ohio State's campus as the start of the new school year approaches.
Knowing: I need to do better about working out and eating healthy.
Feeling: Cold all the time.
Watching: Merlin! It's so good!
Listening to: The "Your Favorite Coffee House" playlist I found in Spotify. I love it!
Shopping for: A new car since mine was totaled in Pearson's accident last week. I think I mentioned it briefly before, but just so you don't worry... Nobody was hurt. It was the other guy's fault. It wasn't a huge deal but the car was pretty old so it didn't take much to total it. Now we just have to deal with car shopping. We will be a one car family for a while but that's OK. :) I'm thankful for the safety of my husband and the fact that we have way more than we need. And I am actually kinda excited to get a new car. (New to us at least).
Learning: That car shopping really isn't as scary as it seems.
Eating: Pretzels dipped in hummus. Yum!
Praying for: The N'Dioro family who lost everything they own in a fire! They didn't have renter's insurance like they thought. And they have a little 3 year old girl. Please pray with me!
Working on: Sharing the gospel with others.
Looking forward to: Seeing Guardians of the Galaxy tonight!

What are you up to this month?
Thanks for reading!
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