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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Fall Date Ideas

Happy Fall, Y'all! Today is the first official day of Fall and I couldn't be more excited! There's a slight chill in the air, I am making Fall scented candles at a ladies' craft night tonight, a lot of our shows are coming back this week, and I've been watching the Bulldogs and Falcons play for a few weeks now. This is my happy place. Can a season be your happy place? I say it can. Anyway, since today is the first day of Fall, I thought I'd share some Fall Date Ideas with you all. Some we've done before and some I am excited to try to do this year. 
Fall Date Ideas

  • Go to a football game. It can be any game. Splurge and go to an NFL game, dish out a decent amount for an NCAA game, go to a D2 game like my alma mater's homecoming game we'll be attending, or just head down the street to the local high school on a Friday night. No matter what level of play, football is a Fall must-do and the excitement in the air is addicting.
  • Watch football on TV. If you're anything like us, you're probably saying "we do this every weekend. It's not much of a date." Well, make it one! Go all out. Both of you get all decked out in your game day gear. Plan all sorts of football snacks like these adorable "Pigskins in a Blanket" or these delicious looking football cupcakes. Place bets on the scores. Do whatever you can to make it exciting.
  • Pick apples. We did this twice last year, twice the year before already once this weekend at Lynds Fruit Farm. It is truly one of my favorite Fall activities. You have to do it!
  • Bake apple pie with the apples you picked. Baking and cooking together is always fun. I love enjoying a wonderful creation you made and using fresh apples you picked yourself makes it that much better.
  • Pick pumpkins. We do this at Lynds too. Usually we only do it one time though.
  • Carve those pumpkins. This is so much fun to do with your significant other. And it's even more fun if you make it some sort of competition.
  • Make pumpkin pie with those pumpkins. Again, baking together is wonderful and nothing quite says Fall like good old pumpkin pie.
  • Go on a coffee date. Order another #PSL and reminisce about memorable Halloweens from your childhoods.
  • Visit a corn maze. I have actually never been to a corn maze but it just seems so fun to get lost with your love and to work together to find the way.
  • Visit a haunted house. I LOVE Haunted Houses. And holding your hubby's hand so tight it turns red makes it so much better.
  • Throw a TV Premier party. Fall is when all your favorite TV shows come back so throw a premier party. Dress up and make fun snacks that pertain to the show. You can invite other couples or keep it just the two of you.
  • Enjoy a hay ride. Talk about romantic! Bring a blanket and snuggle up together.
  • Visit a fall festival. Walk around, play games, buy candied apples and just enjoy each other's company.
  • Have a scary movie marathon. I'll take any excuse to snuggle up and hold on to my hubby for dear life.
  • Go camping. I love camping and Fall is certainly the best time to do it. Find a weekend when it's not to hot or too cold, go far enough away to forget about your responsibilities, leave your phones at home and enjoy the beauty of God's creation.
  • Drive through the countryside viewing the changing leaves. This, like camping, is best in the Fall. The scenery is breathtaking. But this is much less of a commitment than camping and you don't have to get too comfy with nature if you don't want too.
  • Flea Market/Farmer's market. By the Fall, the local farmer's market is at the end of it's season. You may find some even better deals than usual. And now that the temperature has cooled off a bit, it will be a lot more enjoyable to walk around all morning.
  • Hot air balloon ride. I've been wanting to do this for a while. And really it would be great in any season, but I bet the changing leaves would be beautiful through a bird's eye view!
  • Ride bikes at sunset. Take advantage of the cool air and enjoy the romantic sunset while getting some exercise in as well. 
  • Dress up, decorate your house and wait for trick-or-treaters on Halloween. I never thought I would say this, but sadly, I think I am too old to trick-or-treat now. So I make the most of Halloween by dressing up for parties and living vicariously through the kids who knock on our door. Have fun with it!
What would you add to my list of Fall dates? 
Thanks for reading!
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