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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Letters to the World {October 2014}

Well it's that time again. Time for me to write some open letters to the world. I had a lot of fun writing these this month so lets just get to it!
Dear Husband,
I know we've talked about going to Universal (and Disney) for our 5th wedding anniversary, but I don't know if I can wait that long. Can't we go now?? Harry Potter World is calling my name and I can't stay away much longer!

Dear Mom and Dad, 
This weekend has been so relaxing and refreshing! I really miss you guys and I really like showing off our home to you. I am so glad we've made a tradition of you coming to visit every October. Can we keep it going? I look forward to it every year!
Dear Pip,
Please stop shedding so much! I don't get it. It starts getting colder so you start getting rid of your fur? It doesn't make sense.

Dear Harding,
Are you ready for us? We're coming for Homecoming next weekend and I'm just not sure you're really ready. Are you? I suppose we'll see.
Dear Sadie Robertson,
I have so much respect for you. You have stayed true to your morals on Dancing With the Stars (especially this week). You've not caved to the pressure to be something you're not and something that God doesn't want you to be. And you've shown everybody that you don't have to be someone that God doesn't want you to be to rock the dance floor! You go girl!

Dear Netflix,
Why on Earth would you take 19 Kids and Counting down? Rude! I was on season 5! I love the Duggars and I want to watch them! Not to mention that show was one of the few great family shows that everyone in the family could truly enjoy. And it was 10 seasons long! A ton of people were probably in the middle of watching it. I can think of a LOT of other shows you could have taken down if you needed to take something.
Dear Marauder's Map T-Shirt,
You are amazing! I've always loved the Marauder's map. Maybe it's the creepy stalker in me, but I thought it was cool that you can see the footprints of people in the castle. And those footprints (along with the rest of the words) show up in sunlight! How cool is that? Also, you are one of the softest shirts I own. I am so glad I decided to get you at Harry Potter World at the very last minute even though I had already bought another t-shirt. (The picture above does not do justice)

Who would you write to this month?
Thanks for reading!
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