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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

What Does Home Mean to You?

Home. That word means so many different things to people. I've been thinking a lot about 'home' lately. Pearson and I are about to go 'home' for the holidays. We just went to homecoming at Harding. But by what I think is a real definition, my home is my apartment with Pearson in Ohio. So I wondered what 'home' really means to me and I've compiled a list.
  • Our Apartment
  • The city of Columbus, Ohio
  • The suburb of Dublin, Ohio
  • F & K Church of Christ
  • My parents' house where I grew up
  • My in-laws' house where I spent a lot of time while we are dating and where I now spend about half of my holidays.
  • The city of Atlanta
  • The towns of Sugar Hill and Buford, Georgia
  • Buford Church of Christ
  • North Gwinnett High School
  • Harding University
  • The town of Searcy, Arkansas
  • Cathcart, Searcy, and Shores dorms
  • The upstairs computer lab in the science building at Harding
  • The science building in general at Harding
You know what's interesting? A lot of these places are places I've lived before or at least spend a lot of time there and I still consider them home. Or at least I feel like I'm coming home when I go back and visit. I've come to the conclusion that home really is 'where the heart is', as cliche as that sounds.

What does home mean to you? Do you have a long list like me?
Thanks for reading!
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