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Friday, January 16, 2015

How to Love Your Spouse: Quality Time

Since my word for 2015 is LEARN, Pearson and I took the 5 Love Languages quiz again. What I learned was that Pearson's love languages have changed yet again and that people's love languages change all the time. So I want to learn how to love Pearson through all the love languages. Last week I shared ideas to show love through Physical Touch and today I bring you ideas to show love through Quality Time.

Pearson about to "tackle" me (aka pull my flag) in flag football!
  1. Go on a long walk with a topic in mind to discuss like your childhood.
  2. Ride bikes through a park
  3. Spend a weekend away together
  4. Talk at dinner every night with no cell phones or other distractions
  5. Open up to your spouse- if your spouse's primary love language is quality time, then quality conversation is most likely part of it. And quality conversation involves giving and receiving. If you don't open up to your spouse and tell him or her about yourself and your feelings, his love tank will never be full.
  6. Play board games or card games together. Friendly competition can be good.
  7. Sit on the patio or on a bench at the park with no distractions besides nature and just talk. Pearson and I used to do this in college all the time on the infamous Harding Swings and I sort of miss it.
  8. Play a sport or exercise together
  9. Meet for lunch in the middle of both of your busy schedules
  10. Camp out in the living room. You could even go all out and make a fort. Talk about bonding time.
If your spouse's primary love language is quality time, ask him or her what they would like to do with you. The easiest way to learn is to ask. And don't just find time for your marriage, make time! Your marriage should be the very top thing on your priorities list. Schedule time for your spouse and schedule everything else around it. Do NOT do things the other way around.

Do you have any ideas to show love through Quality Time?
Thanks for reading and be sure to come back next Friday for ideas to love your spouse through Words of Affirmation!
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