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Friday, February 13, 2015

Appreciating the Differences in our Marriage

We all have little things that annoy us about our spouse. I mean, it's inevitable when two different people live together and are the biggest part of each other's lives. Whether it's squeezing from the middle of the toothpaste tube instead of the end or something more serious than that, we all have little quirks.

The true test though is how you react to the quirks your spouse presents. Do you sit silently while they annoy you on the inside until you snap one day? Do you nag and complain every time he does them? Or do you appreciate the differences and try to see positive things about him through them? I'm trying harder and harder every day to do the last one. Here are some examples. I'll list the quirk that could annoy me and then the positive aspect I see in it.
Pearson stays late at work almost every night these days... because he's smart, has a vision for the future, and is working hard to get there.

Pearson plays XBox a lot... but he ALWAYS asks if I mind and only plays when I'm busy doing something else.

Pearson talks about UM football all. the. time... because it's something he's passionate about, so of course he follows with all his heart.

Pearson complains often and is very vocal about things that bother him... but I never have to try to guess what's bothering him and after he talks about it, he gets over it quickly.

Pearson cannot multitask very well... because he focuses all of his attention on the most important task at hand.

Pearson loads the dishwasher, folds laundry, and makes the bed differently than I do... but he is very eager to help out around the house.

You see, these things aren't necessarily bad themselves. They're just different than the way I do things. So instead of getting angry or bossy about them, I want to look for the positive and try to see things from his perspective. Who knows? Maybe his way is better than mine anyway!

What things does your spouse do that annoys you and what is a positive twist you can get out of it?
Thanks for reading!
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