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Monday, February 16, 2015

Letters to the World {February 2015 - Link Up}

It's that time again. Time for some letters to the world. I always love writing these posts and collecting letters through the month. Sometimes they're funny, sometimes they just allow me to get things off my chest or they're a fun way to let my readers know a little bit of what's going on in my world. Anyway, they're just fun and you should totally read the last letter in this post and join me this month!
Dear Husband,
Happy Valentine's Day (Saturday) and Birthday (tomorrow)! I love this time of year because I LOVE celebrating you and spoiling you. I hope you've felt really loved this weekend and continuing today and tomorrow. Well, I hope you always feel loved, but I like having an excuse to do a little extra.

Dear 50 Shades,
I'm not going to say much here because I think plenty has already been said from all angles. But I want you to know that you make me sad for our society and where it seems to be heading.
Dear Target,
Why are you so addicting and appealing. And why did you have to build another location really close to me. You already had one only a couple miles down the road and now you have another, less crowded, newer and more awesome one a couple miles in the other direction. I see you and have access to you no matter which way I go. I really shouldn't be complaining except that you tend to hurt my bank account sometimes.

Dear Weather,
Can you please choose this year to warm up quickly? As I sort of alluded to in my last letter, we only have one car right now. Life would be so much easier if you would warm up because then I could walk to the few stores close to me or Pearson could maybe bike to school. I guess Esteban picked a bad time to go kerplunk, but all I ask is for a little cooperation from you.
Dear Esteban,
We miss you. You were such a good and faithful car for so many years. Pearson got you in high school and there's a lot of sentiment there. You were old and warn out so we knew this would happen eventually, but that doesn't make it any easier. (And I wish we'd had a little more time to save up for a replacement). RIP Esteban. You're in a better place now.

Dear Bloggers,
This is now a link up! Sorry I didn't warn you before today, but the link up will be open till next Monday so you still have time to write a post and link up. It will be live on the third Monday of every month so grab a button and plan ahead like we bloggers do best!

Who or what would you write to this month in an open letter? Link up below!
Thanks for reading!
From Bisons to Buckeyes: Letters to the World

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