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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Personal Goals for March

Well well well, if it isn't time for a blog post about my personal monthly goals. Sigh. Y'all I didn't do so well this month. I pretty much failed at all my goals. But you know what, that's OK because I'm not perfect and I'm trying. And I do still love posting about my goals to keep myself accountable. Honestly, if I wasn't telling you all about this today, then I probably would just give up on all my resolutions after the second month of the year. But instead, I am determined to do better this month. So lets see how I did on each specific goal.
So I'm still reading the Bible through this year with the #SheReadsTruth #365DaysOfTruth but I got so behind this month! At the worst point, I was 10 days behind. And I was overwhelmed. I thought there was no way I could catch up but I didn't want to quit. So I started reading entire books in one sitting (or in one workout session but more on that later). I eventually caught up. Actually just yesterday I finally caught up. But I am still a little discouraged because I was reading each day using the SOAK method and really soaking everything up. But when I read so much at a time, I don't think I retain as much. So this month I want to get back into reading the allotted reading each day using the SOAK method.

Anyway, I have kept up with the She Reads Truth Lent Study so far though. It's so very inspiring! As far as the 5 Love Languages Minute Devotional that Pearson and I are supposed to be reading together... The last day we read was January 31st. That's a fail.

Lastly, I've decided for Lent to give up social media because it's such a time waster! However, because I blog and I'm in some important groups on Facebook for blogging and church activities and such, I am not completely giving it up. But I am only allowing myself to check for notifications at lunch, right after work, and before bed. If I am tempted to check at times other than that, I stop and pray instead. If I catch myself scrolling through after I've checked notifications, I will stop myself and read a chapter of the bible instead. So far I've done pretty well with this. And it helps me stay focused on whatever I'm doing at the time as well whether that's working or blogging or whatever.


In February, I added cardio to my workout schedule. I started the couch to 5K program using an app on my phone (C to 5K). I'm not exactly where I should be in the program, but I've done OK. I really enjoy reading the Bible while I walk and praying while I run. I started doing this lately to help catch up on my Bible reading. I've also done OK with Blogilates. I work out pretty much every week day missing only a day here or there if I have a lot to do. But I slack a lot on the weekends.

Speaking of slacking on the weekends, this month I've pretty much eaten whatever I want on the weekends. I mean like ordering a pizza at 10pm or making and icing a batch of sugar cookies and eating them all in one night. Yeah it's bad. So this month I am going to get serious about my health again like I was in January and not skip the weekends.

I'm still reading Muscle and a Shovel. At this rate there's no way I'll finish 15 books in 2015. This month I'm gonna step it up a notch. I'm also still reading Happy Wives Club with the Meaningful Marriage Book Study but I am really behind schedule. So in March, I will finish Muscle and a Shovel, get back on schedule with Happy Wives Club, and start on a new fiction novel. Maybe Ender's Game or The Maze Runner.

I am going to do so much better with all of these goals in March. I slacked in February because it was just a bleh month with all the snow and I had a lot going on with Valentine's day, Pearson's birthday, dentist appointments, Pearson being sick... I could go on with excuses but the point is, I am getting back on track and I'm going to be very serious about my goals again like I was in January! Who's with me? Thanks for reading and keeping me accountable!
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