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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

What I'm Up To {March 2015}

Ah March. The month that Spring officially begins. Yeah right... Last year we had snow on April 16th... I'm not getting my hopes up. Nevertheless, it is a new month and that's always exciting. And whether spring really comes this month or not, we are a little closer to warmer weather anyway. So lets see what I'll be up to this month, shall we?
Making: Time for myself. I'm done with being stressed out and busy.
Cooking: More stuff in the crock pot. It's perfect because I never know when Pearson will be home at night and the crock pot can just keep dinner warm until he gets home. BUT I never get anything in the crock pot in time for it to be ready for dinner...
Clicking: Crock-pot recipes on Pinterest.
Drinking: Water and more tea. Pearson has gotten me into it.
Reading: Muscle and a Shovel ...still
Wanting: To get a second car already. I'm tired of only having one between us.
Looking: Tired, I'm sure.
Playing: Trivia crack, draw something, and words with friends
Wishing: It would stop snowing!
Enjoying: My hubby being home while he's sick. The sick part isn't so great but at least he's home.
Waiting: For Spring!!
Wondering: What you are up to! Leave a comment!
Loving: Mary Kay Satin Hands hand cream
Hoping: Pearson quickly gets over this vertigo and that it doesn't continue to come back this bad.
Needing: To get out of the apartment and do something!
Smelling: Yummy herbal tea that the hubby makes all the time
Wearing: Chunky sweaters... still.
Following: the new Cinderella movie!
Knowing: Spring will eventually be here.
Feeling: Healthy
Giggling: At Friends. Have I mentioned that I love that show? Well, just stay tuned for a few more lines.
Watching: Gilmore Girls (When Pearson's not home) and Friends (with Pearson)
Listening to: The "intense study music" playlist on Spotify while I work.
Obsessing over: Friends. We finished season 6 this weekend. That means we've watched 3 seasons per month. But I know we went through 4 seasons in the last 2 weeks so at that rate, we'll finish the series in the middle of this month. Then we can get back to watching our live shows...
Shopping for: Spring
Learning: To not spend so much money
Bothered by: SNOW
Eating: Much healthier than usual
Wasting time on: NOT social media. I've given up social media for Lent. OK not completely. I'm allowing myself to check in the morning, at lunch, and right after work. But whenever I feel the urge to check, I stop and pray instead. If I find myself aimlessly scrolling through social media, I stop and read a chapter of the bible instead. 
Praying for: Several soon-to-be parents that I know.
Working on: My attitude and not caring what other people think of me.
Looking forward to: Seeing Mamma Mia! This weekend.

What are you up to this month?
Thanks for reading!
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