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Friday, June 5, 2015

Father's Day Gift Ideas: Minted

 I received a Minted gift card in exchange for this post. All opinions are my own.

You know something that I really love? Community. I love seeing people come together and support each other in whatever the community is all about. I love the accountability it can bring and I love how connected you feel to others.
I enjoy my local communities of Dublin and Columbus. I cherish the community that my church family provides. I adore the Harding University community and the Harding Young Alumni community. I love the blogging community and the Blogilates community.

I even admire communities that I'm not a part of. I just enjoy seeing people support each other. Especially if it is in a competitive setting. Minted is one of those communities. It's a community and marketplace for independent artists. And you know I enjoy supporting small businesses! Some off the stuff on the site is just beautiful!
Some of my favorite pieces form Minted: Georgia on My Mind || Atlanta Map || Zebra From Above
I am seriously awestruck at some of the creativity and talent displayed on their website and blog. They have everything you can think of from customized art and father's day gifts, to wedding stationery and foil map art! It's all so beautiful! I personally love the journals (If you know me, I'm sure that's not surprising).
Just a few of my favorite journals from Minted.
You know what else I really love? My dad. But it's so hard to shop for father's day, am I right? It's no longer cute to make something tacky for him to put in his office, and I don't have kids to do that for him yet either. I remember making clay paperclip holders among other random things that I was so proud of. And yet, I still want to get him something personal and perhaps personalized because he is unique. Generic father's day gifts are no fun and even if he needs it, I don't want to get him a boring tie or dress shirt, you know?
How cute is this shape of Georgia with pictures of my dad in it!
So again, I am so glad I found minted because they have some of the cutest personalizeable gifts and cards for father's day. I actually think this Georgia state print is pretty cool and creative! I was just playing around so I may find some better pictures to use, but I love the look and the idea for Father's Day.

They also have some of the cutest and most unique personalizable greeting cards! So cleaver!
However, my favorite is the below card because it is perfect for my situation. I'm married and moved out but I don't have kids yet or anything so this is perfect, personal, and sentimental.
Yes that is me and my dad.
Be sure to check out some of the great, creative art and stationery on Minted. I guarantee they have something for everybody!

What ideas do you have for Father's Day gifts?
Thanks for reading!
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